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Sensitive To Ghosts?


not really much of a story with my experiences however I would still like to share:)

Hi, I have had several ghost experiences in my life, one instance, I was in primary school in cairns and we had a dog which sadly died due to a tick in the head, I just remember the ghost of the dog walking out the door, never saw the dog again.

My family were swimming at a local water fall named milla milla falls in Queensland, we had finished swimming and I happened to look up at the top of the fall and I saw a young blond white girl standing right in the middle wearing a white full length night gown holding a teddy bear under her left arm with blood, creeped me out I can tell you.

I was little older this time I think I was living in port Augusta and I was sleeping in the lounge room with my mum, I happened to wake up and I see in full colour a young lady standing in the hall way looking like wind was blowing her never looked at me, looked happy though.

I was in high school in Melbourne, this time I was in the bathroom and I happened to look out the door into the hall way and in full colour I see a young boy running down the hall way and he actually stopped and looked at me then ran off.

I have not seen any more ghost since then.

Why do I see them in full colour and not black and white?

They are not blurry or dark the only differences To you and me is they are completely see through and obviously a ghost.

I would like to add I did not know any of the ghosts except for the dog.

I have not heard of anyone seeing ghost animals before, has anyone else seen them?

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