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I Could Really Use A Teacher.


I've been told by my elders that my family comes from a long line if Athabaskan shaw women. The women in my family have gifts and we can feel spirits. All my life strange things have happened to me from reading my sisters minds to dreaming the future.

Do I really have a gift or am I just crazy?

My aunts best friend passed away a few weeks ago, I never met her but strangely I could describe the way she kept her hair, the way she would flip her hair back. I knew how she acted, how kind she was. Yet I never met her before!

I described her to a T!

I had a dream about her a month before her passing. In this dream my dead uncle mark came to me he was trying to show me how to speak with other people. I met my aunts friend in a bathroom in my dream and I spoke to her. I can't really remember what we spoke about when we were done she simply vanished.

She died in a bathroom.

What worries me is my dreams have never done this before. Before I could dream of small clips of the future and see passed away family members but never before a dream of someone before they died! There was other people I dreamt of that night including a baby drowned in a tub and a young pale boy with black hair.

What if something happens to them?! What's worse if what if I can help them... I don't know how.

If I do have a gift how can I strengthen it's power? Maybe If I knew how to control it I could help people.

Any advice would be helpful!

There has to be a reason I'm dreaming these things, right?

Thank you.


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MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-05)
Krysta, if you would like one on one email communication and have questions, If I can answer them I will. I am native as well. I understand these things as I have spoken to the dead through dreams and in real time. You can hit my profile and my email address is there. Peace MissCherokee
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-22)
I get dreams like that. You have some psychic abilities. Through your dreams.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-03)
I think you may find that if you practice prayer and meditation by Tradition you will find peace and answers.
In Tradition you will find the dream weave of future and past.

As to dealing with changing a dream we must seek Spirit to assist.

I say this because I trained in the metaphysical community. It was not until I practiced the medicine wheel and looked to the old ways of my father's people that knowledge and guidance came with experience. Most natives are dreamers. We are people who follow the Red road it is much different than the metaphysical and once we walk forward we can not move back. It is a hard road and much discipline. I had to relearn an old language.

What I can say is those stories or what they call fables are Truth and difficult to explain in English.

You are on a good road. The best is yet to come ❤
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-29)
Dear Krysta

Imagine when your mother told you that you will have a new sister or new brother, you participate in all preparations, 9 months, all the excitement awaiting the arrival... In the spiritual world is the same, when a spirit will return from the time spent in a body experience they do all preparations to receive this spirit. Here in those situations you saw or participated in the preparations and recall in your dreams, but was not a simple dream this was really a meeting of spirits, you still linked in your body and them as support for your Aunt.

You are a medium and have one type of mediumship. It is possible you can develop others but you need to do that not alone.

Before doing anything by yourselves I strongly suggest you to study 2 books:


This will help with all your questions and others that will appear in the future.

Good study!
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-24)
Hello Krysta,

All people are born a spiritual side, and all of them have the same potential to develop it. It's just that some are born already awakened, some awaken in time, and some never do, due to the fact they become fully absorbed into the physical world, they disconnect from their spiritual side and true self.

Do the visions you have now feel stronger and more intense? Maybe you are experiencing a spiritual awakening or just upgrading.

When it comes to cultivating one's spiritual side and capacities that come with it, it all comes down to two basic elements:

1) Meditation: As it helps the mind to relax, and "open". It allows you to seek deeper into yourself, and teaches you how to control your own mind and thinking, become self-dicipline and more in control. What it truly means to meditate, is not to empty your mind, but to allow the thoughts to cross your mind without them affecting you. The same pattern must be applied to your every day life. Always be aware but unaffected. It takes time and practice, but little by little you are going to make it into a completely different mindset and way of life:) Small steps build up a long path:)

2) Prayer: As it is going to show you the way to true Light. It will allow you to connect to your spiritual side, your true and inner self which is immediately connected to the Source, God. And when I am speaking of God, under no circumstances, am I referring to Relegions. God is God, the Source of everything, and that's all i'm talking about. Prayer, will also help you dig into your very being, and realize things about yourself you didn't know of. It will help you strengthen your Light and bond with yourself, and that itself, will help you progress spiritually, on a deeper level.

Make sure you always shield and cleanse yourself, off of the energies surrounding you, especially when you prepare to meditate and even pray. The more spiritually awakened you become, the more aware the Spiritual World will become aware of you, and apart from the variety of demons, energies, creatures and beings residing within it and living amongs us daily, you might become more "attractive" for them. Demons enjoy messing with people's head, and other energies can make you sick (physically and mentally) and depressed. This is a general run-down, if you wish to discuss furher and seek more guidance, I am willing to help you out. Feel free to email me, I have my adress on my profile:)

Have faith in yourself and never force anything. Let everything come to you, but never stop trying and being aware and vigilant.

Be safe and keep moving.
Muggle (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-24)
It's easy to say that you're probably having psychic dreams... You're born with a higher vibration than most people. You can strengthen your powers by meditation, practicing energy excersises, and even visualisation. Try googling energy manipulation... And for clairvoyance just use the test given on this website. Hope this helps!

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