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I have recently had some troublesome experiences. First is about my fiancé, he has done some interesting stuff.

For example he can make animals come closer in a blink of an eye and my dogs seem to respond too well to his voice so does my child. He sees people's true intentions beforehand and helps me avoid them. He knew information about me that I haven't told him or anyone else for that matter. He got angry one night and light came from his body three times no I checked he blamed static there was no way that could've been static and he has said that himself. He can also make me sleepy and make me laugh out of now where. He can control his body temperature and heart rate as well as other aspects of his body. He has even told me he has visions.

He won't give me much information as to what it's all called or anything really, I really feel like I need to know since I'm going to be married to him soon.

Ok so about me here lately I've been having intense headaches more like pressure. I can't be in a room with too many people because it's so overwhelming and I get easily frustrated. I can usually tell if someone is ill or in a dark place in life or if they are stressed but happy and I can also tell if their intentions are good or bad. I am a very deep thinker and see things from a totally different perspective. I have very vivid dreams usually nightmares, either the dream has an underlying meaning or small details come true though one time I dreamed of a church shooting the next day I watched the news and it came true. I can see energy reflecting off of object as well as strange colors. My senses are heightened and I've been seeing strange thing out of the corner of my eye and now a light that was only seen for a few seconds out of the corner of my now I can look directly at it and focus on it.

I was hoping someone can give me answers on me and my fiancé and tell me his to proceed and what to expect. Thanks

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Paris411 (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
You are a seer. You see the spirit world. For normal unsighted folk maybe call it intuition. Or insight. You see inside yourself. They arent visions there daydreams or imaginations. You don't talk to angels and demons you think out loud or Praying is usually an acceptable answer too. Etc etc.

Try to explain things in another way for some people. They called me crazy for not being able too.
As far as him
I think it means hes right for you. The headaches and stuff are from stress or maybe fear and doubt.
You'll know if hes right for you by how he treats you now. By most standards you have skitzo. If hes great to you through this hes as great as they get. They tell me I'm skitzy too. They don't see like we do. But they want to help. So don't worry.
If it gets to be too much to handle the meds are basically sleeping pills. So don't be scared of those. Better to take the pills and keep the man then keep the visions and lose a husband. I used to take seroquil then I got my faith back. Now I need meds less.
Till death do you part.

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