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Do I Have Psychic Abilities Or Am I Just Making All This Up?


I'm not sure if I could control wind, rain, and street lights (don't ask), I'm an empath, or if I'm just making all this up.

Back when I was little, every time I talked when I was outside, a breeze would come. The only time that didn't happen was when I told my cousins and brother and we all started shouting in hopes of a paper airplane we made would come down from someone's roof. Eventually, I forgot about it, and went on with life until 8th grade, where I got so lonely I started talking to the weather. The rain and wind always "had my back". Eventually, I learned to control it a bit; however, I could "control" it better when I'm going through intense emotions. When I'm feeling immense burden, a gust of wind would come or it would start pouring rain, and when I'm okay, I could only make a breeze or make it rain slightly harder or softer by thinking of rather painful or pleasant things. They still seem like friends to me, since it feels like they still have a mind of their own. I can also sing to street lights, which I get this feeling of the street lights enjoying it and letting me go. If I don't sing, it's not motivated to turn green. I've manipulated it to turn red and green a few times, although when I'm lacking energy, it's hard to control anything - wind, rain, or street lights. Like I've said, it's easier to "control" things when it reflects my mood. Once I got extremely sad due to realizing that a friend wasn't in my class (I was going through depression and I relied on her to feel better. We had different friend groups at that time so class was the only place where I could meet her). It then started literally pouring outside. When I calmed down, the rain calmed down as well (it didn't stop though). I tried making it pour again, but the best I could do was make it rain harder. Also, it tends to get windier when I'm tapping into my thoughts, and there's no breeze when I'm aware of my surroundings. It's weird, but it's harder to control when I'm more aware.

I've always been empathetic before I could even remember. TV was the only exception to not cry when I see someone else cry because I knew they were faking it and that they were okay after the movie/show. Now, I feel like a sponge. I soak up what others are feeling around me. If they're happy, I all of the sudden feel energetic. If they're frustrated, I feel like kicking a locker. I can't help it. I also have a thing where - especially with art - I can just tell if you put in effort and care. It's pretty obvious when someone's artwork is for money or if you actually enjoyed it/wanted to move people, but it goes beyond visual art. I don't listen to much pop songs because I can just feel their thirst for fame and money when listening to them (unlike aspiring artists, whom I listen to all the time) and when I eat something, I always avoid restaurants and foods made from factories as much as possible (except when recovering from an eating disorder) and always preferred homemade foods. I don't know, they taste ten times better, and I can taste love and passion and care. It's weird. I'm not sure what type of empathy it is but I know everyone's intentions behind anything. However, I can't catch a liar. It would take a human amount of time to learn that you've lied to me. I also can't telepathically know what you're thinking. But if you hug me, I can feel if it's genuine or if you're just trying to make me happy. My feelings of people's intentions have also affected my emotions if it hasn't been affected by soaking up people's feelings (to clear things up, if everyone around me is on autopilot and is sitting in their desk doing "nothing"). For example, if you have the intention of making someone laugh, I can't help but laugh, or at least giggle. It doesn't matter how funny the joke actually is, if you unintentionally tell me that you enjoy people smiling at your jokes, I'll obey your intentions.

I'm not sure. I am intuitive, but I'm more average compared to many intuitive people I've met. I have gone through depression and psychosis, and I'm not sure if this will affect if I have psychic abilities or not. I'm also not sure if I'm just lacking control of psychic abilities or if all of this is a coincidence (I'm mainly talking about controlling the wind, rain, and street lights, because there will be some times where it has a mind on its own and I'm unable to control it.). I've never had a vision or a future dream, nor have I ever predicted an event unless everyone else could guess that the event would happen. Am I truly a psychic or is this just my imagination?

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you have a great day!:)

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anime_nature (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-20)
I'm sorry for not responding. I checked for an email but wasn't aware it could have been in my Spam until today. Anyways, thank you for taking some time to read my immense post. (I didn't think it was this long).

Opollo25 - I'm not 100 percent sure how to answer your question of how to control it. (First reason being I don't know how to control psychic abilities myself and secondly different ways work for different people. One person could find meditating as a way to tap into their psychic abilities and another person could practice over and over until they get the feel.) But here are some things I've heard of that you can try to see if it works:
~Exercise your intuition
~Practice self-care
~Use your abilities for the good
~Make sure you are calm and in a peaceful area
~Open up all your charkas
Hoped it helped!

Paris - I've never really thought about God trying to talk to me. My question is why though. And what is He trying to tell me? It would also be interesting to hear your experience with it. If God is trying to help me, then what do I need help with? I get the intense emotions, but (especially when I was little) when I'm okay, why does it feel like I'm responsible for a breeze of wind? What kind of message is God trying to tell me with an average someone like me?
opollo25 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
Hey I started hearing people I was around thoughts most recently I thought I was going schizo I admitted myself to a psych ward for the last few daysand they told me I showed no signs of any mental illness and I was able to tune into people it was kind of scary cause at certain points around a lot of people it was kind of overwhelming and disorienting I have been having electronics go haywire and I keep trying to tune it out to try and control what is happening any tips on how to control I have been meditating for years I know I can astral project and I have had premonition dreams since a child I am now 28 and moat recently it all has been kind of hard to control I had a nde from getting stabbed in 2012 and that seems to be the turning point of things getting stronger
Paris411 (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
You are psychic. The wind rain and lights thing happens to me too. The mind of their own is Gods mind. He She is trying to talk to you.
Nobody can control the rain only God. Even the weather channel can't predict it. Even einstien couldn't invent a weather machine.
Remember the story where jesus tells the storm to stop.

Its here

God Loves You
Feel Better

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