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Is This Real Or A Dream?


Another day, another way. How many of you feel like things don't feel the same as they used to? The weather isn't consistent, people try not to feel emotions and considered weak if you express them. The places, people, and material things have a different attachment not saying it's negative maybe we stopped paying attention like we used to like the trees, the clouds, the sky. Now when I look at these things they seem odd. Maybe it's good to be distracted one thing remains the same that I know. The worlds still turning and we are still alive. We are all on a giant stage and we all have a role in this play called life. Have you ever thought to yourself what happens after this when it's my time? Did you live live the way you wanted or were you living somebody else's life. Death is scary but so is life and fear is imminent regardless of how tough or weak you really are but never mind negative thoughts that keep us trapped in a bubble... Get up and spend time with your family and cherish all the good things in your life because those good things don't last forever n when you decide to let the emotions or feelings back in your head it will kill you knowing that if you could've swallowed your pride and at least pretend to say things like, "hey you look good how was your day" or "I love you" or "what's wrong let's talk about it" instead of judging, disrespectful remarks and disregard which can cause resentment. Little things like a compliment, a phone call, a shoulder to lean on. Can make the difference for a better universe. No ones perfect different strokes for different folks to each their own. Just a statement of opinion money isn't everything but it's necessary. I wish you can see through my eyes and live in my mind maybe you could understand. Bad does good for bad and good does good for good it's time to have sympathy and compassion so that we can all coexist. We can change our methods not our minds

Take it easy

One ☝🏼Love

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