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Dreams Related To Real Events And Other Occurances


I feel like I need to share this. Sorry if it's really long but this explains a lot of what I go through. I don't share this information with many people.

Ever since I was little I've been having dreams of things that happen. I've lost things before and looked everywhere to find them only to have them pop up in one of the spots I looked a few days later or sometimes weeks. Looking like they hadn't moved at all. My dreams are a mess. I've dreamt of my family being outside in the country playing catch and I walk in through a screen door and turn around to watch my husband playing with our kids and I see a bright flash in the sky. It's like fire. Then I see fire rolling up towards the yard and I yell for everyone to get in the house and it stops at the back door. I'm standing there watching it. It stopped and just went out. I wake up and turn on the tv and I watched the first plane fly into one of the twin towers on 9/11. I had another dream of my brother and I pulling up to my moms house and it was strange because we are really never in the same place at the same time. We had just left our moms funeral so that's why. We walk in and my brother goes to sit down. I'm looking down the hallway and my stepdad walks out to the next room and then I see my mom right behind him. I run up to her and hugged her and said how are you here you're dead. She told me if you ever need me just look up and I'll be there. I woke up crying because I could smell my mom. I smelled her shampoo. I called her and told her what had happened and she told me that she had gone to the doctor the day before and it wasn't good. That her health issues are getting worse and they have. So I'm watching my mom turn into a walking skeleton. I had another dream that I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window and saw people floating around in boats crying. Just everywhere. The next week is when the hurricane whipped through Louisiana. All I could do was cry. I had another dream that everything had gone quiet outside. I was riding around in a car in the passenger seat. When I looked at who was driving and it was me. I was sitting next to myself. Confused. But, I started looking around outside and there were crashed and abandoned cars everywhere! Planes were on the ground crashed near bridges and underpasses. After that is when all of those unexplained plane crashes were happening a lot there for a while. I had another dream that I was walking through what seemed to be a war zone. I looked up and I could see the sky was all smokey and there were people in buildings screaming down because they were on fire. All I could hear were explosions and guns shooting. I was literally bending down and picking up shell casings. I could smell gunpowder. What this dream is linked to I'm not sure just yet. But I'm sure I'll know sometime soon. But like I said my dreams suck. I've seen, heard and smelled spirits. Had crazy things happen lol. I was laying on my love seat one day home alone and something lifted up the end of my couch. It was up for I know a good second. Then it dropped. I got up and looked around and saw nothing. I've been cleaning out my closet before and had clothes and shoes thrown at my back. I've had my dryer turn off and on by itself and the door open and shut. I was laying in bed one night with my husband and I heard plain as day a man cough REALLY loud. I got up to investigate and every door that I had closed was open. Now this happened three nights in a row. I finally was able to wake my husband up on the last night and he heard it too. He was a bit freaked out and got up to look and asked me why I left the door open lol. He knew then I wasn't crazy. I called that next morning like I always do to check on my aunt and one of my cousins answered the phone saying that my uncle had died three days before. He told my aunt that he had a really bad migraine so she got up to go get him something for it came back he rolled over and coughed really hard and died. He had a brain aneurism. Then all of that made sense. I guess in his own way he was saying goodbye. My grandma had been fighting cancer for a while and my aunt told me that she had decided to stop her treatment. I called her and I asked her why and she said she was tired of being sick and hurting. She told me she loved me and that she had to go. A few days later I had been seeing crows all over the place in my backyard. At least 20 or more. Later that morning I got the call that my gramma had died. I knew it was coming. I completely lost it. But what really still gets me to this day is when I got in touch with my grandpa and had told him that I was glad that I got to talk to her before she died he told me that I couldn't have because she was in a coma that whole week. I know I talked to her. She found a way. Right after that about three months later my husbands grandpa gets rushed to the hospital for fainting. They find out he has colon cancer and despite of his age and him being weak they decided to do surgery. Well right before he left the hospital to go home because he was tired of being there he had always played the lotto. He asked me what mine and husbands anniversary was and I told him. Those were the numbers he played and that was the day he died. I had seen crows that whole week up to the day he died. Crows are my sign of death to come. I had a patient that I was taking care of that had a change of condition the night before my shift. They day before she was talking and eating etc etc and I was informed before I got there to only do comfort measures. So that's what I did. I finally was able to get her to rest and I sat in a chair beside her bed to stay close. In the fireplace I could hear a crow squawking down and I told her husband and daughter to call the family to get in town to spend time with her that it was important. After my shift I got a call about six hours later late at night saying that she had passed away. The daughter thanked me for knowing when to get everyone there in time. We had recently moved into our new home and I was hanging up clothes and putting some away in the dresser and got tired and decided to take a nap. I'm laying in bed when I hear a sound kind of like when a broom slides down a wall from standing. I get up and look around and I don't have a broom in there nothing. I open up my closet door and all of the clothes I had hung up were on the floor still on the hanging rod. Still on there. Not one piece of clothing was off of that rod. It was laid neatly on the floor. Now the crazy thing is that in order for that tod to be on the floor you had to have lifted it up and out of the sockets attached to the wall. I used to sit on my couch watching tv and see the same cat run the same course every night from a corner in my living room to the dining room. A tabby. I have no pets. I park my truck facing forward so I can see kids running around and not hit anyone as I'm leaving. Well I got in my truck and I just so happened to look in my rear view mirror to make sure my garage door was closed inside of the garage and I see this man. Dark skin, dark hair just standing there facing the wall with his head down wearing those old ugly olive green military camo. I looked down and then looked back up and he was gone. I know he was there because I put my yellow weed eater right by the door and he was standing right in front of it and I could'nt see it until he was gone. I started doing some homework on the area and come to find out there used to be wind talkers out there training code with code talking. Native Americans. I was shocked. I also thought that it was really cool to see one of them. A few times I've heard people's thoughts and made the mistake of asking them why they said that lol. I get confused looks lol. Go figure they say that they didn't say anything. I've seen spirits at my jobs before and in nursing school. I've heard children from what it sounds like running up and down my hallway and stairs. My husband heard them too. We used to leave our bedroom door open to see if we could catch a glimpse of them. I've had dressers moved around and sounds of things breaking but nothing was ever found. I've been pushed down the stairs and pinched on my arms. I've even had my behind grabbed. I still wake up with scratches in odd places. Deja vu is a big one too. If I have feelings or dreams about someone I immediately tell them in the nicest way possible to help out as much as I can. If I don't I feel guilty. The only bad thing is that I will be worn out for a while a lot of times. Other people's feelings overwhelm me. I know things. I pick up on different energies. My children have been going through the exact same things almost. I have anxiety issues so bad to where I can't be around a lot of people at the same time. I have panic attacks at night laying in bed sometimes to where it takes me forever to calm down and sometimes stop crying. I see shadows of strangely shaped figures. My husband has to hold me sometimes to help me calm down. I've been diagnosed with these ailments and also Bipolar Disorder. I've been told that I'm an Empath. I believe it. All of what has been going on with me explains a lot. I just wish that I could find someone that can relate. I don't want to deny what I consider sometimes to be a gift. I just really hope to find someone that can help tell me what's going on. I get so emotional at times that it causes stress on my marriage and other relationships. I don't want to leave my house half of the time. I'm not comfortable. What am I? Really. I want to know who I am.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)
Dear Nursemfisher,

From all the experiences you shared, I see you have multiple spiritual gifts. You see spirits, you have visions of the future. I don't know if in the past you've been doing anything that's connected to spirituality like meditations for example, but your abilities are strong.
Also, the experience with open doors and house electronics turning on and off are signs of some beings (be it good or bad) trying to get your attention.
Over time your gifts may become more than what they are now. Don't be afraid and embrace what you have been given.


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