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Name Calling In My Sleep Feeling So Real


Recently I was at my work sleeping and I was hearing a guy calling my name in a manner as if he was really trying to get my attention. The way he called I knew already it wasn't urgent but he was just trying to get my undivided attention. To my surprise I just never answered him and I kept ignoring him. I then woke up because he kept calling me. I know it wasn't a dream because I saw nothing but hearing my name calling. I sat up waiting to hear if I would hear my name calling again, I wanted to be sure that it wasn't my colleagues calling me to wake me up. It wasn't my colleagues so I went back to sleep, I then started to hear the guy calling my name again I didn't wake up physically but I believe that spiritually I woke up and opened the door while he kept on calling and calling I looked down from the top of the flight of stairs and I saw a man to the bottom of the flight of stairs looking at me and standing straight to my direction but his mouth wasn't moving so I guess he was calling all the while telepathically but he had no facial expressions. I continued to ignore him and I never answer because I was aware that older folks always told me not to reply to anyone who calls my name in my sleep. I know this wasn't a dream because it felt soooooo real and it was at the same place I was asleep that night. I took it upon myself to research on what it means by someone calling my name in my sleep and it meant a spiritual connection but my question is with who? I also found out that being to the top of a flight of stairs means success. But why was this man calling me telepathically and not just physically,I'm still wondering why he didn't talk and tell me what he wanted when I looked at him, he said nothing when I looked at him he just stopped calling my name. Although I found out the meaning of parts of this experience I'm still not satisfied with in me, I'm just believing that there is more meaning to this.

Does anyone have the same experience as me? Feel free to comment and tell me your similar experiences or maybe if you have an idea of what my experience mean I'll appreciate it very much if you share it with me.

Thanks Much

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starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-28)
No one can know for sure, but the first thought that came to mind is your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. Perhaps it is just a spirit, but I'm not exactly sure if they make contact that way. I would look up spirit guide contact and start from there.

Sometimes when I meditate, I hear voices. Also when I am hypnagognic from just having woken up or am going to sleep. It happened again to me last night. I laid down with headphones on to listen to a guided meditation. Every now and then between the man's words that was guiding the meditation, I caught little snippets here and there of entire phrases, but they were too faint or fast to make out what they were saying. Then I heard a very prominent "Hello..." and then "Hi", and the voice sounded very feminine. (I am a male) This is not the first time I have heard a hello from the voices, and as usual, I engaged in thought "hi, who's speaking?" I never ever get an answer when I do that, but a while back I decided to engage the voices or they might not try again.

I have also heard my name called in this situation, but have not had a vision similar to what you described.

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