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Seeing And Feeling Things


It begin a few years back. A guy known had been found dead. Everyone said he shot himself, others blame it on someone else. I had nightmares of this person for weeks. I couldn't sleep, everytime I tried it's all I seen. It's like I was witnessing what took place. This guy's mom talked to me not to long after this had started. Venting I guess you could say. I told her things about the truck they found her son in that no one knew of but her. She questioned me on a lot. The dreams have started again. But it's not just that anymore. I've been able to look at someone and know their every thought. Went through doorways and brought up a past experience to have them question what kind of person I was. Hate me for witchcraft. I seen things that no one can. I can no longer visit cemeteries where family is buried. Someone please help me figure out how to deal with these things. Scenarios are become more frequent & I'm losing my mind. I avoid eye contact because I no longer want to see into someone, I don't touch anything because I feel things from them. What use to be dreams now seem like nightmares. This is causing me to slack on my parenting & time with my husband & children. I worry, I pray, I can't talk to anyone without getting told I'm crazy. I feel like I'm losing everyone that's close to me because of this. I feel myself becoming bitter and I'm not that type of person. I need to know how to learn to deal or accept this. Or if I need medical help. Please please feel free to comment with anything.

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P1ka16 (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-14)
First off, you're not crazy. Has anything traumatic happened in your life recently - family death, illness, huge amounts of stress etc.? Sometimes when someone experiences something huge in their life - innate abilities will open. You have probably been very sensitive your whole life, but I am just assuming at this point.

Google or look on here about being an Empath. From what you write that is part of what is going on and probably one of the most difficult to deal with (from a personal perspective). An empath is a person who picks up the energy of other people and you can take on their illnesses, emotions, thought patterns, know everything about them, know if they're lying etc. Another thing is when looking for something or somewhere, you can "feel" what direction you need to go. It's difficult to explain. Some call it only intuition but I feel that there's more to it than that. The only way that I know how to describe it is that it's like a compass within your being. The telepathy, I have some experiences with that but not to the degree you are having. I have only one person in my life that this is a regular occurrence and really, I believe that the telepathy is a form of clairvoyance and the voices could be clairaudience. You can google the different kind of "clairs" and read about each one. Anyway, I have had people's thoughts jump me and it is the same "vision" feeling that I have when I see visions when doing Mediumship, which is why I relate it to clairvoyance.

I agree with Anon, try and find a local medium/spiritual meet-ups, groups to align with like minded people and be able to find people that would support you instead of saying you're crazy. You will get the "crazy" numerous times. I typically don't talk about how I am with people. The one fortunate thing that I have is that my mom is the same way, so at least I have that outlet. I don't have the experience of being totally alone in the journey, which is why I suggest finding a group. The "meet-up" site/app is where I found local psychic groups that helped me. Along with the psychic stuff, it also helped me find healthy outlets for my energy with other local artists, writers, hikers etc. Nifty little site, if you ask me.

Anyway, definitely find someone local if you can, sites like these will help form an outlet. Also, start keeping a journal if you haven't already. With kids, I understand it's hard but take 5 minutes a day, every day. Write anything - just write. As cliche as it sounds, meditate. If you have trouble meditating, close your eyes and just focus on keeping it black and take the time out to be on some down time. Grounding and shielding meditations will help. If you use crystals, you can look into getting some black obsidian to help protect you from negative energy and keep you grounded. IF you have gone through a traumatic loss that triggered this, then pairing the black obsidian with an Apache Tear would be beneficial. I wish you luck on your journey!
Anon103 (4 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-11)
Ok here's the thing. You are not crazy. You are psychic from what I can gather. The 'hearing voices,' is telepathy. The 'Seeing things,' is mediumship. And the touching things and being able to tell about their past is 'Imprinting.'

Combine all these together means you have opened the gateway between worlds and you can 'see,' into it. I think that Ghost, Spirits and other 'bodies,' Such as Demons etc. Are wanting to connect with you as a way of telling what has happened to them so they can move on - let matter rest so to speak. Or Worst want to use you to get back into this world.

My suggestion. Go on the websites like this one and find a medium near you who can train you. They will help you to filter what you see and hear and how to deal with the other stuff. If you are willing to acknowledge it that is.

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