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I Am Not Saying There Is And I Am Not Saying There Is Not


But let just say for arguments sake that there were such things as ghosts.

Here's a question for you. Do you think they could come back to tell you that your time alive is up?

Only my mother has taken to wearing a Red Rag on her wrist. Why. Because three years back one of her sisters died. This sister was her favourite and they brought each other up as they lived with one other sister (still alive), and their single father until he died according to my mum when she was 15 years old.

When the sisters grew, my mum immigrated then sent for the sister she recently loss. So, they spent over 50 years near each other in a foreign country. They married and were by and large very happy with life.

My Aunt's husband died. And it was an unwritten pact between the sisters they if either husband died first they would spend the rest of their lives with the other one.

My mum being the younger one, suddenly backed out of the deal. And her husband, flatly refused to have two mature women in the house. Think he thought he would be out numbered too often. Whatever his reason he kept on at my mother until my Aunt moved in with myself and my husband. They returned to her native homeland to die at my nans home.

My mum, could have but did not attend the funeral. Since then she keeps 'seeing,' my Aunt all over her home. She is so worried by it she now wears a red rage to ward her off.

In my mum's belief system. Seeing a dead relative is usually a precursor to that relative collecting you from this life. My mum is elderly and has had health problems. Also, I am certain she feels guilty for not standing up to her husband and insisting that my Aunt lived with them.

I know how she feels. As it was explained to me that when she was younger although they looked after each other the younger one did most of the domestic chores whilst the older ones worked for a living. Hence my mother did not want to be fetching and carrying for my Aunt again. When I had her living with me I noticed that every time, I sat down for more than 5 minutes she would insist I did something or fetch her something. I casually asked if this was how her father and older relatives treat her and my mum when they were younger and she confirmed it.

So, I can get why my mother acceded to her husband's wishes. But now she thinks she is being punished for it. And that my Aunt has come to collect her.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-15)
Hello Anon103,
It has been so long, and I am sorry. But I hope that all has been well with you and yours.
As to the question of distance, it is far easier for spirits to travel quickly than the living. If a ghost k ows someone well, finding the person can be like followimg a compass, and there are far fewer limits.
Anon103 (4 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-11)
Thanks for the input. But I believe my mum is seeing my Aunt. Why well let's just say that there is more than meets the eye on this.

My mother is psychic always has been so am I an my cousin. My mum even got beaten when she was younger for it. As she saw a bloke on a horse who had been dead the past 15 years. She was walking along the street in the middle of the day and he told her to turn around and go home. My nan beat her with a stick for that one as a Christian she said my mum was blaspheming. So if she said she 'sees,' her I believe her.

The only thing is though my aunt did died 9,000 miles away from home. So I suppose in the spirit world distance is no object.
Nightingale (145 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-08)
Hello Anon103,
Your Aunt is probably there, and it seems like a conversation between the sisters would clarify why. Your mom probably need not fear. Ghosts or spirits can come to warn, but I don't know that she is coming for your mom at a time of death.
If any of you have the ability to communicate with her, and your mom might do well to try, it may help.
If not, perhaps a medium would be willing to help.
I wish all of you peace without fear,
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-05)
Hi Anon! Of course there are ghosts. A ghost is an earth bound spirit who does not realise that he/she has passed over and frequents their earthly place of residence until they come to the realisation that they are indeed "dead". (Actually very much alive.) They will then pass on to the next plane into spirit life.
Please read my profile and especially my firs post under the heading:"Inauguration of a Rescue Circle." This will give you all the information you require.
God bless.
shitzu123 (17 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-03)
Hey there,
Before I go any further, I would like to clarify that spirits as well as demons are real, I know this because I have had personal experiences with them. I believe that your mother is actually not seeing her deceased sister and this is because of the huge time gap, although it is possible for spirits to linger about for whatever reason I don't think that this is the case here, possibly your mother has been thinking too much about that situation and the guilt has become strong enough to attract some unwanted attention. Bad spirits and Demons use these negative feelings to attached themselves and feed from our energy. Is your mum a believer? You could suggest that she prays to God and talks about this feeling and asks for some help with releasing it.

If you would like to talk about this further I would be glad to give you more information my email is in my profile so feel free to leave me a message.

Furthermore you can reassure your mother that she is not being punished by her sister.
kyclie (3 stories) (29 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-28)
In my personal belief, there are such things as ghosts but I call them spirits. Ghosts seem silly like those cartoon Disney movies. It could really be your aunt, most spirits do spend their time on earth either with a relative or with a random stranger.

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