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Can I Have Clairsentience?


If you're curious on how to say my screen name, it is gahn-shmee after the Hindu deities Ganesha and Lakshmi.

I would say that I believe I've always had some sort of clairsentience where I can pick up on energy shifts within the room I am in. I've always been interested in the paranormal and used to ghost hunt when my mother had her own team but havn't done so in years. Recently, I've been dealing into paganism and my clairs have started to become more extreme. Here are a few examples of my experiences:

- Our dog passed away in July 2016 and I have seen him almost completely clearly at least 10 times. One time he was so vibrant that I swore he was still alive on my bed sleeping.

- I constantly see my best friend's husband's dead twin when I am over their house. Recently I mistook his dead twin for him to the point I thought my friend's husband was in a completely different outfit.

- A few nights ago, I was trying to get some sleep when I heard a female voice tell me something in my ear. Cannot remember for the life of me what she was saying but I asked my boyfriend if he said something to which he denied. He was watching tv but the only voice on at the time was a male. This situation has happened more than once.

- I normally only pick up on someone's sadness and then often feel sad myself. This can occur whether I am in person with someone who is sad or seen someone on tv. It has happened when people are overly hyper/happy as well but not as often.

- I believe I can see energy outlines (which I believe to be one of the aura layers) of entities in our home. I've seen at least two males in the house. I know they are somewhat aura like because I can also see these layers on my friends.

- Not really an experience but I've had at least two people who do not know each other nor knew me well enough tell me that if I would have stayed in a different state I would have been a full out psychic.

What really am I? Am I making this stuff up? I try not to let my ego get in the way but it's kind of hard considering I feel like I am just psyching myself up for something that is all in my head. I want to develop my skills more but if I don't have skills then I don't want to waste my energy, you know? Thoughts? Thanks.

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