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Clairsentience Or Mentally Deranged?


I don't know if this would be considered Clairsentience, but I will say the story anyway. Lately I have been noticing it a lot more, but there have been countless times where I talk with someone and can tell their mood and attitude towards me pretty much after them saying hello. Along with that the emotions of others have a large effect on me, if someone is tired I get drowsy, if someone is hyper and alert I am alert and hyper as well, if someone is hung over I get a headache and a bit of gut rot. The following story is when I remember it the most vividly, and roughly when it started.

The night before my tournament my buddy and I went out drinking, so I had a little bit just because, but he drank a crap load. So as the night progressed I was sober, but I still had the buzz in my head from whenever I drink half of a 26. So I kind of brushed it off like whatever, but as my friends attitude went through happy, to white girl wasted to emotional state of drunk my emotions got dragged with him. I kind of brushed all that off but it was the next day that really has me questioning "reality". So the next day after my tournament I had a feeling of gut rot and I smelt vomit everywhere I went. I looked around and nobody had puked, I ignored it for the day because by 1 or so the gut rot feeling left. So the day rolled one and it was like any other day, I was excited and hyper like everyone else in the building. When I finally got to my fight things kind of changed. I bowed to my opponent and my feelings went from chill to serious. For me in a tournament I don't get that way, tournaments are supposed to be fun not serious. The fight went on and the guy beat me via armbar. After losing I didn't feel bad but happy. At that time I was blaming it on the fact that I was at the tournament (but looking back now I am very mad that I lost). So anyway after the match I talked to my opponent and I could tell that he actually wasn't as serious as he is in a fight when it comes to real life, heck I never met the guy and I just knew what to say to him to spark the conversation (which doesn't happen offend with a shy guy like me). So the day ended I went home and talked to my buddy (the drunk dude from before) and told him about the day and he laughed at the fact that in the morning he was puking and had gut rot but around noon it was gone.

So long story short in between that day and night my emotions followed that of my drunk friend, then the next day when I smelt puke and had a gut rot feeling my friend was puking and hung over. Around the same time as me his gut rot left. When I fought my opponent my mind went serious and then happy when HE won, and not me. Then finally when I talked to my opponent I seem to just know what to say to him to spark a conversation.

Is all this coincidental and me over thinking and become psychotic or do you think there is something special there?

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lacy (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
You could be an empath. That's the first thing that came to mind as soon as I read the first paragraph.

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