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I May Have Clairsentience And Clairaudience


I am trying to figure out what these gifts are that I have, have had them since I was little and they are becoming more powerful.

Okay so here goes:

I am 25 and female. I do have a simian line on my right hand, am not sure but believe It may have something to do with my abilities, again I do not know much about the simian crease or any psychic stuff at all, but do somehow know that my feeling is correct and it may be tied to emotional thinking/ feeling.

I am confused, do not understand any of it but have been looking things up lately to find out what's going on. I am either psychic or have lost my mind.

I know one of them that I have, is called "clairaudience"

Examples: I know answers to questions sometimes and I can say with confidence that it is the correct answer, even having no prior knowledge on a subject it just pops into my head! Or when someone's lying I know it and I feel chills and a thought just pops up and I think your lying you were at _____. Then I say it at the person is dumb founded and asks how I know. I just tell them I don't know how I know I just do.

Sometimes I hear music. Sort of like an ear worm, but it's not, it's in parts of a song. Such as " it will rain" by bruno mars popped in my head, I looked outside and it was sunny, about 2 hours later it rained. One time I was laying next to my ex and suddenly a song lyric came to mind " you know you have the keys to my heart" I recognized the song as brian mcnights back at one. I still don't know what that meant. With him, I could hear his thoughts but was getting confused because I thought something then thought. Wait a minute, that wasn't my thought. That was his! I can look at him know and sense what he feels and what he says. His love is overwhelming for me but his thoughts are sad and frightened and full of doubts. He can do the same with me. I used have to stop and think. Wait I don't feel that way that way. Those aren't my emotions those are his. I get confused between other people's emotions and my own. I also asked him what his favorite color is in my mind (I thought please don't say blue please don't say blue. Blue is what someone picks when they don't know who they are yet) he said " blue". Man I knew right then he wasn't going to be around this time for much longer. He can read my mind too and sense how I feel also. It really pissed me off. Lol.

Anyway, my ex had disappeared on me and had no clue where he was, where he was living, nothing. He just "ran" because he was scared. One day, at night, I was walking down the street in a different city than the last time I saw him. I sat down on the steps and turned to look at a the business sign. It said Chicago Title. I had a gut feeling but I didn't know why I was getting these butterflies and chills. I start walking towards the bus and a loud almost booming thought came into my mind " he is here. He lives here in this city, he's not far away. He''s near me". It was something I knew not to question, I just knew it was the truth. A few weeks later I find out that he did in fact live in that city, with his new girlfriend who worked at Chicago Title.

I do have strong empath abilities, and don't know how any of this is possible. Its freaking me out.

Example: I had a pain on my left side of my mouth, my tooth hurt really bad. I had the shooting pain a couple times but figured maybe I needed to see the dentist. A day or two after, my left side started to hurt a lot. My current boyfriend (not the ex) who was at work, texted me and said he had a mouth infection.

I texted him and asked him: is it on your left side of your mouth?

He responded, yes, why?

I said I knew it was because my mouth had been killing me for the past couple of days, and not to worey I will take care of you when you get home. I told him to pick pick up chamomile tea and it would sooth the infection. Now let me tell you I have never EVER Drank chamomile tea, nor do I know why I even said it would help. The word chamomile tea popped into my mind and I knew it would fix him up. I then looked it up and sure enough that's what they use the tea bags for.

Almost positive I have clairsentience. I physically feel the pain and emotions of another, and know exactly what they are feeling. I cannot watch the news, I cannot even watch bad parts to the movie it hurts me deeply. I am so sensitive and I can't handle it, it's too much for me. I can't go to crowded areas because I become very very dizzy and overwhelmed, I thought it was just a panic attack of some type but it actually just drains me. I can sense when someone is good or bad, I can meet a person and know the addictions they are troubled with. I don't know how but I can meet someone and know that they have been sexually abused.

I can sense a person's intentions, I know when someone should not be trusted, I can tell a person's character off the bat. I get these cold chills when someone is doing something they shouldn't and are lying to me. I get this butterfly feeling in my stomach weeks before someone will die. My friends mom was dying of cancer I had been getting bad feelings just awful gut feelings like I knew death would happen soon. I finally told her and she said she was getting them too. About a week later her family called and told her mom was on her death bed. We got her a plane ticket and I didn't know the flight details. Or what airport she would be at. I had no idea but she missed her connecting flight, I had a feeling I needed to get a hold of her asap. I was frantic. I closed my eyes and immediately knew to call the airport in wa to have her paged and to call me. Somehow I knew she made it there. She called me and I told her to hurry, her mom didn't have much time, she wouldn't make it there on time and that I was sorry for her loss. She was angry at me for saying that. By the time she made it to the hospital her mom had already passed away.

I have dreams that come true. 3 days after I moved to my friends house, I had a disturbing dream, I called my mom crying and told her that I dreamt my friend would kick me out one week before I got my apartment (at the time of the dream I hadn't even started looking yet) and I would end up homeless, I was really upset and crying. I told my mom that the dream was so real and that I was positive it was going to happen. I just knew it would. My mother told me to calm down and I was just stressed out, everything was fine and it was just a dream. 2.5 months later everything I dreamt came true down to the t. She kicked me out just like the dream, I ended up with all my bags with the sun beating down one me outside homeless just like I had dreamt. The apartment in my dream was the same apartment I moved into.

The night my good friend died I was trying to go to sleep. I couldn't. I had a horrible panic and dread in my stomach I knew something was going to happen, someone was going to die my first thought was to call my sister, T to warn her that something bad was going to happen. But I wasn't sure what it was. I sat there with the phone in my hands trembling. I thought okay if I call her shes going to think. I'm crazy. So I didn't call her. I got very little sleep. I just lay awake crying all night. I chocked it up to a horrible panic attack. The next two days I missed her calls and didn't check the voicemail until that Monday. She was on the other end bawling, she said clint had died right next to her in her bed with my pink blanket on him. He died in his sleep. I was on disbelief. I feel that if I would have warned her I could have saved his life. I just didn't know what my gut was telling me.

I also had a dream that my friend came to visit me after his death. It was real. He was there. I had no idea why he came to see me and not his other family or friends he was closer to, he told me because I would understand. In my dream I knew I was dreaming. I knew he was dead and I knew he was there. When I asked him why he said I just stopped by to say hello I said okay cool, but your dead aren't you? He said yeah I died I just wanted to see you now because I don't think they will let me come back, not for a while. I could smell him it was him. We hung out and talked and finally he said that he wasn't allowed to stay any longer and he had to go. I asked him of I would see him again or at least dream of him again and he said I am going to heaven, and no I don't think they will let me come back, I can try though. I cried and cried he told me not to be sad and that he was happy. Bit still very pissed at his dad lol he made it clear he didn't want me to tell him certain information I cried so much hugged him and then he walked out the front door I turned around for a split second after I saw him walking down the drive way turned back around and he was gone.

I have had a dream of the rapture. I saw a map at a church me and others were gathered at. It was in an odd shape, was divided into four sections 3 of which would be burned by fire. Only 25 percent was not. I was told in my dream that "when they come, tell them you are Christian". I hadn't had religion on my mind at all lately, and yes I am a Christian but not the bible thumping type. I want to go to church but I get so busy and you know. Anyway, The next day I was so upset I looked up the end of the world stuff. Couldn't find anyone except crazy people crap then followed links from google news. I came across the map and just about died of shock. It was the same map on my dream, four sections. Everything. I have never in my life seen that map, or anything associated with it consciously subconsciously. Not on the news not on a movie. The dream was the first time.

Also had a dream of a satellite view of the united states. I was asleep woke up in my dream check the clock on my phone it was 1 something o'clock I immediately shut my eyes (the whole time I was sleeping) when I woke up again (still dreaming the time was around 612pm-620pm. I then got the flash of the map A lot of the map was covered in water along the west coast, only a small part in the middle and along the upper east coast. The map flashed I saw it briefly realized I was asleep and scared and woke up. I went to look at my phone it was dead. I plugged it in turned it on and it was the same time that I saw on my phone in my dream.

This dream I had a scary dream I think might come true. I dreamt of going to visit a friend. Don't know who? And when we walked into the house, something was strange something told me don't go near the room but I was being led near the room. I looked over and saw a man I looked closer and realized that man was murdered. I heard the other man snoring so I don't think he was dead. I just walked in on a murder scene. There was lots of blood. A white man had been killed and another man was next to him sleeping on his stomach. Both faces eerie turned the other direction, there was lots of detail, I don't recall knowing them but the man who walked in the room. With me to show me what happened disappeared all I could think was okay don't touch anything and kept thinking omg, omg. I saw blood on the walls there was a struggle I didn't understand why was there and had walked in on what appeared to be a murder. I just kept thinking omg God please get me out of here please wake me up. I then woke up, I am worried because I have a gut feeling something did happen or will happen. I didn't know any of the people, but someone was killed in my dream. I hope it's just a dream but it scaring me and I am worried sick. I worry.


I know things without knowing, I have no idea how I know them and it startles me. I Have had times where I can actually read another person's mind, which has been verified. I have had experiences where I touch an object and have visions. Such as a loaf of bread at the grocery store I get a flash of an argument etc. I have had dreams that come true of future events, but sometimes they are just dreams and sometimes they come true. I have had dreams of loved ones visiting me after they die. Have gut feelings before a loved one dies but have not been able to control any of my abilities. Sometimes I can predict the future. I get shooting gut pains right before someone calls. I get good and bad butterflies. I can't always tell if my emotions are my emotions or if they are someone else's. It's horrible. I have tried controlling it but it's really hard, I feel like they just happen when they happen. I have a hard time understanding what my gut is telling me, I don't know how to process my gut feelings into actual premonitions. Half of the time I feels these pains and nearly double over and don't know what its telling me. I can remotely find someone. Or get close to finding them. I sit. Clothes my eyes and I can see it in my mind. I need help controlling these gifts the empath part is really hard. I'm not into all that weird crap with chakras. I looked into how to keep a bubble and all that but its not working. My abilities are stressing me out. I don't know how to handle them. Can someone tell me what kind of gifts I seem to have and what I can do?

I have also heard something once while I just got into bed. Right next to my bed on the right, I was looking up at the ceiling shut my eyes for a second (was not asleep I had a lot of caffeine so I was pretty wired) and to my right I felt like a black presence was next to me, it seemed evil. Just not nice. It had a scary voice. I was too scared to look over so I shut my eyes tight praying that the black ghost thing would go away. I heard it say in a scary voice jennifer jennifer go to the orb. I almost started bawling. I don't even know what the hell an orb is but whatever it was I am not so sure I should listen to it. I laid as still as possible hoping it would go away, finally I was like okay, I'm going to look I sat straight up looked over and whatever I felt there was gone. I just cuddled with my boyfriend and was scared shiatless.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hear voices, or talk to myself nothing like that. I'm not crazy, the clairaudience I hear is like thoughts and stuff in my mind songs, sudden light bulb moments or aha moments. Not any of that skitso stuff. I am a normal everyday person. I do not suffer from any medical disease, the only thing I have is and. Not depressed, not bypolar. Not borderline. So if I am not nuts what is happening and how can I determine what I should be using this for.

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soulfull143 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
ALSO just yesterday my roommate asked me what it was like to have a parent living out of state (my mom is in tx I'm in ca) and I told her it sucked and etc... Then she told me her dad was moving to fla, I just remembered it says you're from florida
soulfull143 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
OH MY GOD! I think this is meant to be that I read this.

By the way, my initials are smc and 22 is one of my lucky numbers because my fave number is 4.

Also, signs come to me through songs too. AND for the past week I have been thinking that bruno mars would be my perfect match lol and have been watching a ton of his youtube videos haha.

I have been looking around trying to see what other people's psychic experiences have been. My gifts are getting greater and I don't know what to do about them either. I think yours are stronger. Luckily I don't really feel other people's physical pain but I can sense people's emotions and feelings.

Im going through a situation with this guy who I KNOW in my spirit loves me the way I love him and hes afraid and he told me he didn't have feelings for me, but I knew it was a lie. I can feel our connection and I can sense his essence. I can tell when people are good or bad too. Sad or crazy or lying. I can feel it.

Lately I have been surrounded by death. 4-4-12 was going to be a significant day for me, I didn't know why but I knew it would because it was 4/4 (my favorite number and doubles are also my favorite because I was born on double digits). The number 3 had been popping up everywhere and I was wondering why. I was walking down the st with my friend and heard this man singing a beautiful song and his voice and lyrics. I asked if he believed in serendipity and he said yes and he started talking about vulnerability and courage, what I JUST had been talking about the day before with the guy I like. I asked if he remembered the first time he fell in love and he said yes because his childhood sweetheart claudia had just passed THREE days before. The date this happened was 4/7 so the day claudia died was 4/4!

ALSO, last month my roommate woke me up and told me the owner of the shop she likes was murdered but I was too sleepy to really pay attention. But for the next week I avoided passing in front of the shop for some reason. Then my friends mom came to visit for the weekend and she wanted to buy a dress so I went with her and I had to pass that particular shop. As I pass the shop, I see MY NAME in the window in flower petals. The owner of the shop's name is MY NAME! And her last name starts with a 'C' too! That stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to take a breath! After that experience I knew we were connected for some reason. I then looked into my journal to see what I wrote on the day she died, which was 5/7/12 (exactly a month after I met the musician al... Also there is something with 7s that keeps popping up today).

So I'm looking in my journal and I see may 8 written in blue ink but above that is only one sentence written in black ink and I knew it had to be from the 7th and I wrote it at 2:02pm (significant because double digits and 2+2=4) and it was just the title to the song "Like You'll Never See Me Again" by alicia keys

OMG! And I remember thinking of that song when it was playing, like no! I don't want to die and this man never realllllllyyy know how deeply I love him. The way he came into my life was pure serendipity. That day I said, "now all I gotta do is meet a daniel" because I was reading a book called "my name is memory" and the main character's name is daniel and its about soul mates reuniting after many past lives of not being together. And I go to my class later that night and this guy is in my seat, totally shining! And I had the impulse to sit right next to him but I thought it would be awkward since the whole row was empty so I sat one seat over from him. Then he introduced himself as daniel! Oh my god and I just keep seeing these signs, like they alllll connect to him and I know hes afraid but I think we truly are soul mates... Sigh. That's how my heart feels.

Also! I had the feeling to go to this one cafe but was resisting for some reason, then asked what my friend wanted to eat and she said "onion rings" and I knew that place had the perfect onion rings, so I reluctantly went there even though I knew it was where I HAD to be. So I notice the celtics game is on and we decide to sit at the bar. We strike up a conversation with the people next to me about the celtics and etc and after awhile I notice they're both paramedics. My TA is a paramedic and I asked if they knew her. The lady paramedic was like, yeah that's my partner! They were super cool. That was on a saturday.

On monday I meant to tell my TA I met her friends but didn't get the chance. On either tuesday or wednesday morning she sent us an email saying she wouldn't be in class and that one of her best friends at work had overdosed that morning and she had to process her death. I was hoping it wasn't that lady so I haven't said anything until YESTERDAY, I finally told her I met her partner and other coworker. Then she told me that it was her who passed away. So I took her outside and told her that I think it was meant to be that I met her and I could tell that they were really good friends. I started crying because I KNEW it was meant for me to meet her. And I feel connected to my ta for some reason, and she had her 36 birthday in one of our classes and 9 is a significant number to me also I figured she was born in the year of the dragon, like me. So I know there's a tie. I hope she found peace.

I'm afraid someone around me will die soon and I'm praying that it not be true. I'm afraid. I don't know what to do. I have these feelings but I don't know what to do with them. I've been praying for guidance and asking God to help me use my gifts in the best way possible... But I don't know how. These things are unfolding to me and i'm trying to make sense of it all. I have been trying to express my love for people more fully and clearly so that they know they're appreciated. I feel like something will happen on 6/7, that's the day after my birthday. Only because something happened on 4/7 and 5/7. I hope something good happens...

My roommate is the one who suggested to me that I google "whats it like to be psychic medium" and that's how I found this site. When I read the title of your post about clairsentience, I thought OH MY GOD that's what I think I have! I literally JUST read about all the clairs the other day and watched youtube about them and realized that I'm probably more clairsentient than anything else.

I know that this gift runs in my family on both sides. My grandmother saw the ghosts of our relatives and she had vivid dreams. My great great grandmother on my moms side was a healer/witch doctor in mexico and my mother dreams vividly and has had a few visions and just really strong intuition. My sister has the gift too and she can sense things and dream things before they happen. She can also sense when I'm sad

I hope I can find a spiritual guide. Also, I'm glad I read your post. Yesterday I was freakkkinnngg out about the whole thing with my TA's partner and what it all meant. I feel more comforted knowing that i'm NOT insane and that this stuff really does happen to real people. If it wasn't happening to me, I wouldn't believe it. But it is and I do.

I hope you're feeling better. You're not alone! Even if we're scared together, maybe we can learn to be brave together too and maybe we can share any tricks or tips with dealing with all this that we might find along the way.

Hope to talk to you soon!

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