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Since April of 2008 I've had three major reoccurring themes/dreams that I've dreamed or seen online via ads. Two have come true; The first one came one warm night (I live in NE Iowa) I had a small fan blowing on me while I slept which didn't help matters. In my dream a very large tornado hit a town near where I live it was very realistic I could hear homes being torn apart, the tremendous roar and of course could feel the wind most of the town was left in ruins I could hear the ambulance sirens wailing and see flashing lights all over the streets. That dream and themes related to it reoccurred for about a week. Living in Iowa I accepted that can happen. About one month latter a EF5 tornado destroyed most of town near where I live, afterwards late afternoon/early evening for about two-three hours all I could hear was police/ambulance/fire truck sirens as they raced to that town.

Now skip forward to August 2010 much nicer and I liked very much. I kept dreaming that my favorite NFL team the Green Bay Packers would win the Super Bowl and kept having it for once again a week. Anytime I'd get online some ad about championship trophies would pop up. I quickly liked the idea and accepted it. Well February comes and the Packers won Super Bowl 45.

Now comes the one I've been seeing since April 2011, at first the dreams were vague then they started to evolve as if they knew I wasn't getting it. Then one night the dream shows me what my future will be; Looking at myself in the mirror and I'm wearing a military uniform (US Army to be exact). Plain and simple gotcha, but I've kept ignoring it now the same themes have started. Anytime I get on a website one of the first pictures or ads I see are 90% of the time military related, even on this website. Nearly every site I visit there is an ad related to the military. So is the reason I keep seeing these themes because I haven't accepted what the themes/dreams are related to that it is what I'm supposed to do or am I just manipulating the dreams and that ads related to the dreams are a pure coincidence?

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Zeck180 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-16)
The last time I ever googled the key word "military" or related keywords was roughly when I started to have these dreams (April-May '11). However ever since I told a few people about these dreams and re-occurring themes it seems every time I turn on the tv or radio 90% of the time the first commercial or imagine is related to the military. Though most times I think (course I will) it's just a coincidence.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
If you have ever, so much as even one time, googled anything military related (seven so much as once) those ads are then targeted towards you. So you have to answer that. If you have never ever used any key words in searches related to the military then this could mean several things; war (dreaming of uniforms), that you may see men of military around you or that you become part of the military.

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