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I'm Cursed By A Demon


People just bear with me but when I was really young around the age of 6 I use to live in this house. It's kind of hard to explain it but I use to call it "the line" between heaven and hell because in certain rooms at certain time I would ether feel like I was being watched by either a demon or an angle. Well one night, and this will always haunt me, I was laying in my bed, in my house I didn't have a door and right in front of my bed room is a hall way, when I saw this ugly, hunched over, thing it kind of looked like a little person and it looked straight at me. I can remember its eyes where bright red. It was heading to my parents room until it saw me. Then it started to walk to me. I was hiding under the covers by then. But when I looked in its eyes, and it was only a second, I knew I had to do something. So I started to whisper "demon go away. Demon go away." and when I look out from under the covers it was gone.

That's when my life started to go downhill. My parents started to fight a lot and with end 2 years they got a devoice. I started to see shadows, see visions, and other things. My grandma's house, which use to be a house of joy and safeness became a house that quite frankly scares the heck out of me to this day.

This is how it all started. And I have been seeing ghost ever since.

I don't know what it is but when I enter a house I can feel the energy in the house or even I a certain room.

At school last year we were investigating the rumors about the girls locker room where a girl hung her-self I kept seeing shadows and visions. It was horrible, what they did to that girl before she died. They tied her up and slammed on the lockers. There was so much emotion in that one room. Pain. Anger. Hurt. Then I saw her. Not in real life but in a vision. She kept trying to shake me. She was screaming at me. Saying "tell them! Tell them!" I almost cried. And if you knew me you would know that I hardly ever cry not even at funerals. When she was saying tell them she meant my friends that where with me. They knew that I could hear spirits and until that day no spirit could touch me. But she did. She pushed me out the door. When we walked out my right hand was shaking so badly my friends thought I was having a spasm attack.

Later that day one of my friends that was with me, Wendy, said that she thought that Courtney, another girl that went with me, had been possessed in 7th period. So I asked Courtney about it. She said that she couldn't remember that whole class period. She said that Wendy said that she acted weird that whole period. The kept saying that her name was Sylvia and that she hated me because I didn't help her and I was the only one that could understand her. That day ended and we haven't tried to contact her again.

I'm going back to school in august and I'm terrified to go back. I'm only 13 I need help! Please send me some advise. I'm not lying and no one in my family believes in ghost, so I'm afraid what this ghost might do to my friends and family.

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Lilylove1 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-24)
If you ever see them, rebuke them in the name of Jesus, first rebuke the stronghold of the spirits of insecurity and inferiority. Then every time you see or hear one of them, say "I rebuke you the name of Jesus, leave now all unclean spirits." The girl was just another fallen angel pretending to be the girl. They are all fallen angels, stay strong and pray to Jesus to send his angels to protect you after you rebuke the devil. Many times these things begin because of a form of abuse, have you experienced abuse in your life?
Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-05)
All of you have very different opinions but naturally whichever one agrees with another depends on them. Also, its amazing how you all have such detailed explanations about your beliefs. Thank you for showing me such diverse points of view. ❤
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
The little person you saw in that house is a negative spirit it brings trouble to anyone who are naked spiritually (your outer shiny gold aura is not present).

With the girl in your school, she wasn't the real girl. She is another spirit cloaking/pretending to be her. A naughty female spirit will usually do this LOL even in my country also. A dead person's soul is locked in God's hand because they don't belong to earth anymore. They have their own place in the other world.

About the vibrations on your right hand. Those vibrations will change depends on what being you encounter. Are they strong or weak? If they are strong energy being, you hands will shake like crazy! This happens because of the friction of your aura and their aura. If they are weak, your hands will vibrate just subtly. Strong and subtle vibrations doesn't always mean they are creatures from the other realm. This is only a sign that there is an occult energy near you.

Those can be spirits or occult objects. If it is an object that is invisible with human naked eye, you can manifest them (ONLY IF YOU CAN, If the energy is too strong then you can't).These objects can be stone, sword, dagger or jenglot (I don't know the english for this). Hahaha just skip this part. This is the advance level in spiritualism.

Back on how to protect yourself and anyone from these beings. Simple. Just ask God for divine protection. Everything you need is with this guy - called God. God is occult. Scientists who are trying to prove the existence of God are dumb. They are trying to prove something which can't be perceive by the 5 physical senses. God is occult. Spirit is occult. Satan is occult. Devil is occult. Angel is occult.

Even me I'm still confused like hell how come there are two realms in one existence. The Faerie and human realm is one realm. They can see us but we can't see them with ordinary eye sight.

I have one solution for being disturbed by these negative spirits. Only negative spirits that you can expel. The good will never be.

Get into the mode of seeing entities. Read this God's holy word "La illah ila allah" it's in Arabic. Go to YouTube and listen how to say it correctly. Even though I'm Chinese with no religion (but have one God just like yours) but still I say this holy words. Why? Because it worked! When you finish the line, in the unseen world you will suddenly emit a gold shiny with rainbow color aura surrounding you. Any negative spirits nearby will flee like crazy. That flare you emit burns them like crazy. That's why I told you turn your spirit vision ON! Hahahaha. They will run like hell.

When your thought is positive, positive energy spirits will attracted to you. While the negatives step aside.

When your thought is negative, positive energy spirits will get mad at you because this beautiful world is made by God just for us, human and you are scared of darkness or anything. Dark room is just a room with no light - what's so scary LOL. Positive energy spirit is the reminder of all human of their God. While negative energy beings will be happy and laughing watching you scared by them.

Remember this: Whenever you are just remember your God. You will be save from any harm.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-02)
I'm sorry to hear that you are having a rough time with life. First of all, the little ugly person that you saw may or may not have been a demon. And, you should know that you were born with the ability to see the spirits and other entities. You handled the situation perfectly. That's all you need to do is tell them to go away. Remember, you control any interactions with the spirits/entities. Not them. In regards to the girl, many times a spirit will live the torture incident over and over. And because of that they are not able to go to their eternal resting place. All spirits are aware of which humans can see them. She probably wanted you to share her story. If you should see her again silently in your mind tell her that she has passed on and that is is time for her to move on. As you get older you will be less frightened by the spirits. It just takes time to adjust to your ability. If people only knew how many spirits and entities are walking among them they would be in shock. In regards to demons and bad spirits hears what you do. Only think positive thoughts when interacting with spirits. Create a positive environment. Do not dwell on negative incidents. Demons don't like happy people. I understand that you have been hurt in your life. But, you can't allow those negative thoughts to rule you and make you who you are. Negative thoughts tend to eat you alive if you let them. Believe me I know. I at one time in my life only focused on the negative as a result of being hurt by others. But, when I decided to forgive those who hurt me I turned around and became happy. Bottom line: Negative thoughts/actions attracts negative entities. Positive thoughts/actions attracts positive higher frequency spirits/entities who can keep you safe. Remember, keep love in your heart and you will be ok. Take care.
Dreads (2 stories) (111 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
I'll leave religion out of this since you asked nothing about that. But you have to answer this question, is it truly a curse to see something that many people cannot? You aren't afraid of it, you're afraid of what's in it. Psychic abilities are kind of like a rollercoaster in a short comparison, you have 2 options. You can either go with it and enjoy it, or you can let it antagonize you and you'll be ripped apart by the blessing you've recieved. Try meditataing and communicating with higher vibrational beings and you'll be able to enjoy your gifts instead of hating them. Right now you're at the lower spectrum where all the demons and other malevolant beings are.
mkmode (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
i under stand what you all are saying and my realigen dose believe in sinning but no one on earth is evil. I do try to foccus on the positive and I have let God into my life I was babtized and confest in frount of a chirch. Believe me I know hes helping me get better spirtry and physicly, hes helped me alot. But Rosetta you were blessed. He can't help me in a snap I mean he could if he wanted to but he hasnt. Your right that even if I try not to think about it still pops up. I have had so much negitave in my life before I found God it leaft a scar on me. Probly for life. I have tryed to move on, believe me I have tryed, but its hard, you know? And on top of that I have been going to chirch secnce I was 1 month old, and there is a lot of negitivety, but thankfuly there's a lot of love and I'm not afrade of going to hell and being excluded from heaven becouse I read the book, sing in chirch, and I belive. Its just, its like I have a curse on me. Where ever I go whoever I tuch pain always fallows not far behind
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)

My point was that the negative is part of the doctrine of most religions and is ingrained in people from a very early age. It is much more difficult to free yourself from those negative beliefs, especially if you believe you will be "sinning" to do so. (sin=another example of ingrained negativity in organized religions)

So, yes, you can focus on positive, it's just IMO so much more difficult with a foundation of negativity.
Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
sorry if I intruded into your conversation.
I hope I'm not being rude or nosey or anything.
Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
I know. But that doesn't change the fact that even if you do focus on the negative when it pops into your head or someone speaks of it yu can just as easily chane it into something positive. And like AutumnBella said, bring GOD into your life. But also trust and believe in him and he'll solve your problems in a snap. He did it for me. He can do it for you.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)

I may be overstepping, but based on your other posting, your religion is a big part of your life. And that can be good, focusing on love.

But there are major parts of religion that focus on negative. For instance, where, at the age of 6, did you get the concept of a demon? Was it church?

The idea of those who are "evil" is predominant, or those who are "different" being excluded from "Heaven". I have never understood how a God based in love would exclude anyone--but there isn't a major religion that doesn't teach this.

If you can take the protection from your religion but leave behind the fear and judgment, you will be more able to expand your abilities and not be constantly drawn to the negative. Whatever your thoughts focus on--that's what you will attract. So saying, "I do not want evil"--brings evil. It's like "Don't think of a blue elephant." Your brain/consciousness does not understand NOT. It pictures (and brings about) what you focus on, and if you focus on negative (and not wanting it) you will get it anyway.

This is just my opinion. Even if you don't totally agree, test it out in your own life.

AutumnBella (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-01)
bring god in your life. And things won't be so scary or evil. God will protect you if you let him. ❤

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