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This dream has the same basic principles through out, but each dream is very different. When I was 3 I had lots of nightmares regularly about his werewolf figure, who had his werewolf form and his normal wolf form. He'd visit me, scaring me, telling me horrible things and killing my family and stuff in my dreams at the age of 3. The last time I dreamt of him when I was 3 he said to me "I'll be back in a few years! See you soon".

So when I reached the age of 7, he came back, I was in bed with my sister at the time because of house moving. So I went to sleep and he appeared, said hello in his wolf form, and started circling the bed laughing and kept trying to bite me. I tried to get off the bed, but he tried to get me and laughed saying "look how scared they look" to his other wolf friends. So I woke up quite upset as he tried to kill my sister in the dream.

Then when I hit the age of 11, he came back yet again! In my dream I remember vividly we were driving in the car and there was a diamond shaped yellow sign saying "beware of wolves". So we got to the hotel and mum was unpacking, so dad offered to take us to the arcade while she unpacked. Had a great time, got back and there were deep scratch marks on the door! Dad said to us "wait outside", so me and my sister did! Then he was in there for ages so I told her to wait outside. I went in and there was blood everywhere! The wolf was there with someone's head in its mouth, he laughed at me and dropped the head. He ran for me and just as his teeth were about to sink into my neck! I woke up!

The reason I'm saying all this is because every couple of years he seems to return and just wondering why this is happening? Why does he speak to me and torment me like this? And why these horrible dreams, I'm not even a violent person!? Also I'm 16 now, just wondering if he is going to come again soon? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)

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Declan (2 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-13)
Thanks guys I've made a new account but I am draconis1296 I squashed it all into one big story. All my experiences give it a read. And thankyou again I still haven't dreamed of that wolf again yet. So maybe the problem got sorted what ever it was.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-24)
hi ever since I went to my grandad's funeral I had been haunted by him for 5 years only from the age of 7- 11 years old. I used to be so frightened I just used to see a graveyard everywhere and us keep visiting and at he end he come back to life and run after us it was so scary it was like I see him and try get away but my family won't see him only me. There's nothing to worry about I don't know why its repeating but just stop thinking about it get over it and you stop dreaming about it trust me!
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
17 years ago (2007-05-25)
Why do reoccuring dreams happen, because ususally you didn't solve the problem. Thats what your subconcious is telling you, it is literally screaming at you and telling you to fix the problem. Whatever problem you have its been her festering for quite some while, and your finally "awakening" to it, I say you should see what is happening to you. Then the dream might go away, or atleast... Persay shift?
whitney dampier (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-21)
i have 3 stories on here... And on there other ghost story page... I have the same thing happen to me... I'm 14 and ill have a dream a month later or even a year later it will happen again its like a chapter book. And ill remember having that dream when I'm dreaming it... Sometimes they come true for me. BUt my advice is to not ignore them... The werwolf might be representing somthing. ANd satan may be trying to scare you. Trust the lord he can help you threw anything... You have a gifft like me I understand what is happening to you... Email me if you like winny_whit [at]

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