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Soul Drifting


I'm not an american or any thing near it so please excuse my english. About 14 years ago at the age of 8, I experienced something that might be translated as a swift fly inside my room while my body is laying on the back, being fully awake. It was at sun dawn.

I felt like I'm about to fall of my bed vertically head first (assuming that gravity suddenly shifted), in that moment I fell out of my body and made a loop inside my room while seeing my self lay there as my body less conscience flew very fast (about 30Km/h) without control, in a direction that seemed like trying to escape the room and a weird feeling of disappointment when returning to the ol' vessel.

I can only relate this experience to the visual illusion that can over take the mind into floating feeling that can be reached while meditating. So while it all looks 100% real, it may as well be all fake and my brain just taking it to the weird side. During my life, I had 3 more similar experiences going on and would like to know if any one else had occurrences liek this in their life so I can define what happened. That's why I don't write them until someone else do, to make it easier for me to handle.

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Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-29)
your making out this is something to do with a jinn I think WHY? Or am I wrong?
Artistawake (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-22)

I read this and wanted to comment because I experice this phenomena weekly. I have continual out of body experiences in which I sense that I am leaving or exiting my body through swift movements or slow acting vibrations and humming noises... Eventually the will to let go of your own body allows you to travel freely throughout percieved space and time. Its quite interesting I've been having them since a young age as well. Viewing my physical body while outside of it and traveling beyond. Its frightening as bodily paralysis takes over once the concious mind tries to fight the sensations...

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