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Ouija Board, Clairsentience, Paranormal (?)


A few I made contact with an Ouija board. It was a birthday present (I know, bad idea). After a few months of talking to it almost every day, it asked to 'go in communication through head', mind you, I was beginning to start having a psychotic episode at this point, so many of the things I might mention later on could very well be caused from that. Anyways, I started seeing dark figures, a weird monster, goblin looking thing that was always on my staircase, even a weird zombie looking thing in my bed (I could feel it moving and it's heat as it crawled under the covers with me) and said "do not be afraid". Of course, I freaked out and told my parents. This time I also saw a man with a knife standing in my doorway they woman dressed all in white with the knife sticking out of her chest. I got help and was prescribed medication for a couple disorders. I was baptized later that year and now, five years later, I'm doing much better. It may sound stupid, but I believe that I am an empath and clairsentient. I feel that negative energy tends to attach itself to me and follow me. Are there any ways to block it? Wheat should I know about myself now that I've been in contact with an Ouija board? Am I somehow... Different after? Asides from having the psychotic episode? Also, something inside the board helped me to detach myself from it, basically saving my sanity... Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Why does it sometimes only take one person to make the thingy for the board move, and other times, you need two people? I gave the board away to goodwill. And I realize now, that was a mistake, but I feel like whatever is following me has no relationship with the board. I don't live in the same house that I used the board in, anymore. In fact, I feel like whatever is following me has been watching me my entire life. Any help, advice, or answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-29)
Dear un_average

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keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
Oujia boards are just another tool that can be used to connect with entities on the other side or different plains of existence, etc. For whatever reason, oujia boards are much easier for negative entites to use and get a grasp of. Depending on the entity trying to communicate through the oujia board, the amount of people needed varies.

Because oujia boards are a favored method to communicate by negative entities and because you allowed them to speak into your head, I'm thinking that you may have unintentionally opened up your energy towards entities dwelling on a lower vibrational level than you.

That's not necessarily bad but it's not necessary great either. Being both a Clairesentient and empath tends to amplify what you feel from energies surrounding you. As in, not only do you feel the emotions of a person or entity but you also are feeling the reasons why they are feeling that way, etc.

As for blocking negative energy out, you have to close your energy off from them. Think of closing/opening your energy like a door; you can shut a door just as easily as you can swing it open. You got to lock your door and only give the key to opening it to positive beings you see fit. In other words; close off your energy, only allowing for positive, higher vibrational energies to get you to open your energy up to them.

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