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This is my first time here. I will be as detailed as possible so that you guys can really know what I am experiencing but please feel free to ask questions.

This all started in 2014. I decided to do a documentary film, I am a journalist by profession, on a very violent group. Most reporters shy away from that group fearing their safety. Around the time I started pitching my story idea to various documentary studios in New York and else where, I started to hear voices in my head from people I know. Please remember that these voices are in head and not through my ear and that they only call my name. They don't talk to me nor do they talk to each other. And the voices are from people I know like my niece, my brother, a girl I love and so forth.

Ever since, every time I am about to do something wrong, I hear the same voices, sometimes just one, sometimes a few call only my name. For instance, the other day I was buying a lottery ticket and I had selected 59 as one of the possible numbers. But just as I was going to buy the ticket, I choose 60 instead of 59 and I could hear the voices again. As it turned out, 59 was the lucky number and the voices were trying to warn me from selecting 60.

The problem is that there is no way for me to tell what these voices are trying to warn me about? I hear them often which means something is wrong in whatever I am doing at that moment in time but there is no way for me to pinpoint what exactly is wrong so that I can rectify it.

With a person who is clairaudience, the voices guide him/her by speaking in full sentences. In my case, the voices in head (not though my wear) just call my name. I know they are trying to warn me but it is very difficult to identify from what?

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empathca123 (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-13)
I have a couple questions. These voices you are hearing from loved ones who have passed away? Or are they still alive? Its rare but it could be your spirit guide using voices he knows will get your attention.
Bluetiful (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-12)
Cool your username came to me last night (Eagle, but in Spanish). I will read and reply to your post soon. Just needed to comment that. ❤

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