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Shadow People? I'm Not Sure What They Are!


This is long, but only a few incidents I've experienced. These started when I was a kid, and I'm now almost 40 years old. At what point does it stop, if ever?

Since as far back as I can remember I have had dreams with demons. One is eerily similar to what's shown in the movie "Insidious," so much so that the movie seriously creeps me out. I have dream diaries from when I was a child and would have the nightmares and until I started having the dreams again, I'd completely forgotten about them. I've always had vivid full color dreams, and suffered from night terrors as a child. Recently they've begun again and it's coinciding with increased psychic visions and activity. I will describe what I see in these dreams and tell you one example of it "crossing" into consciousness.

First of all I am a truck driver and own my own company, so I travel constantly. My home base currently is in Idaho, but I deliver in all of the lower 48 states. The incident with an entity crossing from dream to reality occurred in Nebraska at the rest area in Sidney at mile marker 68 eastbound side of I-80.

The dreams/astral walks I've experienced since childhood:

The first always starts the exact same way. I'm walking down a hallway that has wooden floors and very close cramped walls beside me. The entire scene has a red hue-like the red filters used in filming to wash a room in one color. I'm both in my body and watching myself walk down this hallway and cannot stop moving forward. A sense of utter dread falls upon me as I move toward the end of the hallway. I know it's there, it's ALWAYS there, right where the hallway bends to the right. It waits there. It's body is wrinkly and a palish pink color-like baby's rosy pudgy skin. It's got excess skin like it was overweight and quickly lost the weight. The eyes are horrible! There are no eyes. You can see where the sockets should be, but instead it's like the eyes have been cut out, and the skin has grown over the empty sockets scarred from the eyes being removed. The mouth is the worst though. Before it realizes I'm there again the mouth has been sewn shut with long stitches crisscrossing. It's completely bald and naked. The legs are wrong too. It's like flamingo legs, where the knees face the wrong way. It stands there in the corner, waiting until I get about 300 feet away. Then it turns to face me. It knows I'm there. I can't stop walking towards it. It faces me and begins screaming. It opens it's mouth, ripping the stitches out exposing row upon row of sharp razor-like teeth-think rows of shark teeth, but much MUCH longer. It screams and mashes it's mouth... Then it starts running towards me. Immediately I do an about face and run. I know it's getting closer. Just as it grabs my arm I wake up. I know it's in the room. I'm covered in sweat from running. My feet hurt from running on pavement. My legs burn like I just ran a marathon, and it's in the room. I typically tell it that it must leave NOW forcefully and it backs off. It never leaves right away, ever.

The next was me standing outside in the woods. I adore being in the woods, and it's been my escape since childhood from all the people crowding me. I like my solitude and being with nature. I feel comfortable in the woods, so this one disturbs me the most. There is a creature, and the best way I can describe it is Anubis, but with a cats face instead of a dogs head. It has long bushy black hair, and it can grow it's FINGERS-not just the fingernails, but also the actual fingers. It has extra long arms disproportionate to the already tall body. This one chases me. It ALWAYS chases me. The problem is, when it chases me, it catches me! When it does I inevitably wake with scratches, bruises, and bite marks. This thing is pure nasty! He has recently made a re-appearance as well, and I'm not sure how to get rid of him. This is the one that actually crossed over into reality, a few times.

The first incident happened at the rest area I mentioned earlier. I shutdown for my mandatory 10 hour break at the rest area in Sydney NE and per my usual got my chihuahua Moose ready to go walkies. I had a creepy feeling, but ignored it chalking it up to being tired. As I got out of the truck it felt like I was being watched. No big deal I thought. I'm in the rest area, there's bound to be some creeper watching somewhere, and we'll just lock the doors tonight. I get out with Moose and start walking her, but stay in the light because I'm truly feeling weird. There are two sections for truck parking at this rest area, and I was in the lower parking (overflow) because it was late night/early morning around 02:00. Moose stops on the hill to do her business and I look up admiring the stars. As I look up I notice what looks like the shadow of a giant statue. I tell Moose "I don't remember a statue here" and she glances right at it. All her fur stood on the back of her back in a ridge and she started the aggressive chicken scratching that chihuahua's do when they're mad with her back feet. I tugged her leash and said it's ok my fat kid let's go to bed it's just a statue. I had the feeling of being rushed as I climbed back into the truck, turned and said "I don't think so" then slammed the door shut. I then went to bed, but when I got up and walked Moose again I glanced back up the hill expecting to see he statue in broad daylight... There is no statue. What I saw was the Anubis type creature that had grown to an enormous height and stood there like a statue watching me, and waiting.

On another occasion at the rest area in Chehalis WA on I-5 southbound side, I was staying for a reset. (A reset is 34 consecutive hours truckers are off duty so we can have a full 70 hours to run again.) It was late at night and this is a gorgeous rest area with trees and even a small stream close to the truck parking. I kept feeling like something was watching me from the tree line in front of the truck, but Moose needed walkies, so I had no choice. I was guarded, on 100% red alert watching and listening for any sound of another animal so I could scoop Moose up and jump back in the truck if it was a bear or wolf or other large predator looking for an easy meal. Moose did her business and again I felt like I was being rushed from behind. This time I pivoted and stood my ground. I wasn't going to run and this thing was going to stop harassing me, whatever it was! I turned and could sense something there, but didn't physically see it this time. Moose looked directly at it though, and I said you're not allowed to come near me and quit trying to scare me. It's not going to work. I felt it come to an abrupt stop, almost like I'd slapped it. Then Moose started that low growl that means chihuahua business. I knew I wasn't imagining it. Again I told it to back off, but then sensed it trying to swipe at Moose. As I sensed this, she flinched like something tried to hit her. That was it. This dog is my world, and I think of her as a child. I charged. I walked straight towards where I sensed it was. I was pissed! "Don't you DARE try to hurt my Moose!I'll end you." I shouted as I advanced on this unseen force. I honestly don't care what it was, it wasn't going to hurt my fur baby! This dog IS my baby... She just has more hair LOL. It retreated back to the woods, post haste.

We got back into the truck and this thing, whatever it was stalked the truck all night. At one point I saw a shadow that looked like it had red eyes peering at us from the woods. No it wasn't taillights from a car. The car parking is on the other side of the building from the semi parking lot, and the woods are directly in front of the parking area-the highway is behind the trailers, so it wasn't traffic either. Moose was on guard all night in the truck and I couldn't get her to come to bed all night. She sat in her seat (the passenger seat) all night watching it. I got up in the morning and she hadn't moved from the spot all night. She got a couple extra cookies that morning.

The third and final is the most disturbing though. I've been given a paralytic drug and am laying on a table. I can see a man with broad shoulders, wearing a dark yellow/euchre colored t-shirt with a butchers smock on over it. He's wearing bluejeans too. He's got a scalpel. I can't move, scream, cry, beg, I can't do anything except lay there as he begins to carve into my abdomen. I can feel everything. A noise startles him, and as he begins to leave to investigate I wake up. I'm wondering if this is actually a premonition and not a dream. I've had them before and they come true. I'm just not sure who the person is, or how to stop it from happening. I couldn't stop the little girl from getting attacked by the wolf. I only knew it was a state that started with an "m" from the license plate and the father had put the girl in her booster seat, then walked back into the house to get his briefcase for work that he'd forgotten. When he walked back inside the little girl was attacked by the lone wolf.

What are your thoughts on these occurrences, dreams, and astral projections? What do you believe they are? I've encountered shadow people throughout my life, and wonder if they're manifesting in different forms to feed off the energy.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-12)
Part 2, Sorry I got called away and did not finish my thoughts and post. Some psychics have an ability I describe as traveling. It may not be the main stream definition or pronoun but, it is the name I have given it. Under certain states of consciousness I get visions awake and dreaming. I drop in and out of 1st, second, and third person forms of vision and experiencing. I have the ability to stand outside of the interaction and observe or look through another persons eyes or view of what is happening. Sometimes I can directly interact with a person or entity. I think you may be experiencing a form of this gift. Sometimes it is hard to control and can just sort of happen when you don't expect it under extreme fatigue or a weakened state. IE. Extremely tired or inebriated or affected by heavy prescription drugs. Ever heard of somebody taking a sleeping pill and sleep walking? With my abilities I myself need to keep my wits about me and stay away from recreational substances. I don't drink to excess either. I have taught myself to tune out or dim down my reception or sensitivities to what is around me most of the time. The entities you were describing all run toward the darker or lower negative frequencies and energies. These will strive to attack you in a weakened vulnerable state. The things you described are not shadow people and I have witnessed or come in contact with these entities except pinky.
The tall entity in the woods you spoke of has been given many names and mostly haunts or hunts vulnerable or young souls or people isolated by themselves. It morphs into different forms described as the thin man, hat man, tall man, wicker man, crooked man. All descriptions are of a humanoid form and perceived as male. I witnessed one night in the woods hunting, a large form in the light of a full moon in September one year. The entity was blacker than the shadow of the trees it was walking in. It looked like a sort of walking tree like thing with spiky branchy shadows protruding off of it. It turned to look my way and kind of changed into a black Smokey misty cloud and dissolved. It new I could see it and I could feel it's hatred toward me. I was not dreaming and it freaked out my dogs and they actually sort of closed in around me to protect me and started growling and the hair stood up on their backs. I have had them do the same thing when coyotes are to close around us. I did not imagine it and neither did my dogs. I can tell you that this thing was tall like 14 feet or so. I only saw it once and never after that. In my mind I was telling it that you don't belong here and that I was not frightened and would hunt it down if I saw it again. I don't know why that came over me but it did. If I tried to tell this story to the average person they would call me nuts. Unfortunately I was alone in the woods at night with my dogs and no one else. This entity is pure evil and is fed by fear even when it comes from animals. It's only afraid of God and light for some reason. I was carrying a 1 million candle power flash light that I use to help me locate my coon dogs when they tree a coon. When I saw the shadow creature move I flipped on the light and pointed it in the direction it was moving. It immediately stopped and changed direction. When it came into view I started praying and it vaporized. So that is how you deal with that entity.
There are many things that go bump in the night and some are even out in the day time. Not everyone notices them though. You are not crazy but, do learn to control your fear. Learn how to project love, light and positive energy and they will avoid you. People in this world will not notice or believe what is right in front of them sometimes. I told a game warden years ago that I came across a mountain lion in my area while hunting. He called me crazy and a liar until I showed him the tracks.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-11)
First off I feel kind of a kinship with you,
I have many gifts and it all started in childhood. As a child I tried telling my mom about the people and things I would see. I always felt protected somehow though. I did always feel different from other kids. Things did not turn bad until I got to be about 10 or 11 though. Then things turned dark and I started to get attacked and had to learn to defend myself. I have many stories and experiences and have learned many things. I grew up in Nebraska in a rural area and can tell you all kinds of information about entities, creatures of the night and things that defy logic. I am a Christian but also am forced to deal with the paranormal. I am about ten years older than you are but experienced about the same childhood growing up and just pretended not to notice things so that people would treat me as normal. You can click on my name and read posts from the past.
I am sure deep down you already know what you are dealing with if you are true to yourself. No you are not crazy and yes sometimes if you are alone a long time and have not had enough sleep your mind can alter perceptions. I have seen strange entities day and night, asleep and awake and in a deep trance state.
Some of what you are seeing is a combination of things. There are ancient spirits, demons and entities that have been described in legends by many different cultures. I believe there is some truth behind some of the legends. There have been animal mutilations in the area around me that could not be explained away. I have investigated some really freaky stuff with no explanation. I had come across some horrid beast I could not explain one night while coon hunting and it tried to kill our dogs. I an 2 others were awake and saw it and I was not dreaming and it was real. I will describe it as a devil dog that was pitch black with red eyes and came out of nowhere and left as quick as it came when we shot at it to save our dogs. It was near the size of a pony. So yeah that stuff exists.

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