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My Experiences That May Or May Not Be Psychic


Over the last few years I've had a few strange experiences with things you may label as psychic. I'll start with the weirdest: Last year I had just finished cooking dinner with my mother and my dad was taking ages to return home from work so I just said to my mum "perhaps he's been involved in a car accident?" We both just thought no he's probably just stuck in traffic and that I'd jumped to conclusions but when he did return home almost half an hour later than he should have been I asked him why he'd been so late and he replied with "I was involved in a car accident", shocked I asked him what had happened and if he was okay (he was absolutely fine just shaken up) I was horrified because both my mother and myself knew that I'd suggests this almost 15 minutes before he came home! The second experience was about 2/3 years ago and it was bright and sunny outside so I went outside and started talking to my ducks & Guinea pigs and decided to sing, it very quickly began to rain and I thought perhaps it's the song? So I changed the song and while I was singing it the rain stopped and it returned to sunshine (this has happened a few times to be honest, but it doesn't happen every single time I sing). The third experience is a bit not very psychic but I'm going to share it anyway (a few times this has happened), I was craving and craving this one meal for dinner and I was constantly thinking about it all day at school and oddly when I got home this exact meal that I was thinking of was sitting deliciously on the kitchen counter when I returned home! Last summer I took down a picture of my cat comical named "Pyewacket" and the very next day he was hit my a car and died. I had a dream that my toothbrush battery power would die and I'd have to charge it up to brush my teeth, the next day it happened. I stopped dreaming months before that dream and after I dreamt it again I didn't dream for another couple of months until I dreamt about my very recent friend (who yes is a boy and no I was not at all attracted to him before I dreamt about him) and in those two dreams he either kissed me or lay next to me and talked and ever since I've been constantly thinking about him! Now all these experiences I am very sure are just coincidences but I am posting just to see what you're opinions are because once before I've mentioned this on another site and I got told I was Clairsentinent and may possess the ability of atmokinesis, I am not sure whether this is true but that is why I am posting to share my experiences and to see what you think. I think it may be helpful if I mention in my family there are people who can read tea leaves, make healing potions and concoctions, do spiritual writing and have premonitions! Please no horrible or judgemental comments as these do hurt people's feelings and please no bickering amongst yourselves if you have nothing of interest to comment about please do NOT bother commenting xx thanks in advance!

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-10)
Yes you have a gift. You predicted your father's car accident. You predicted a lot of things. The tooth brush battery dying. The meal that you pictured in your mind. You mother made that very same meal that day for you. Yes your cat picture that you took down. Indicated he was going to die. Those are signs when that happens of a psychic really.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-05)
Hello Morgan,

I read your story. It's possible that it was your psychic senses that made you think those thoughts. But it's hard to say because these events you wrote about were far in between. I would do two things if I were you. First off, be observant of similar events which look more than a coincidence. As thers occurances pile up, you have a stronger case. Secondly, you can also play a more active role in this self-investigation by asking simple questions about your near future in meditation. That would give you another and more immediate method of validating whether or not you have a psychic ability that has awakened.

I hope that helps you.


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