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I Believe I May Have Psychic Spiritual Abilities


I come from two sides of very spiritual families and blood. My mothers side has priests and pastors. My fathers has gypsies, psychics and I have Zuni Indian in my blood. For as long as I can remember even as a child and I'm 22 now, I've had abilities to feel good and bad presence around me also see the them.

I've told friends about my dreams when I was younger that were exactly the same as a situation I was in at the moment from the smell the feeling the place and words. I knew for a fact it wasn't deja vu.

But as I got older I felt and saw more evil spirits presence around me. My dad taught me raike at a young age also but I would help people a lot even though I knew I shouldn't have because I was taking in negative energies because I wasn't fully experienced. But anyways I know I'm rambling, but because of these negative presence I flipped a switch that made me stop feeling the GOOD & bad.

A man checking my chakras and everything. He said I had blocks in my knuckles and every joint. Usually it's supposed to be joints. But I still have a almost sparkle white like aura that surrounds me with purple and blue.

These abilities kick in every once in awhile now. But I want them back I couldn't handle them as a child, I want to experience these abilities to there full potential.

Lately at my work I feel something distracting as if something some sort of spirit messes with me. One moment it will right in my face and ill see it then its gone. Then there's these positive signs I get all the time when I'm having a dilemma some sort of sign pops out and I'm relived calm and have a solution.

Last but not least I feel like I can see and feel evil and angelic spirits in people. When they feel and look evil there hair look spiral and spikey, sharpish teeth, eyes that feel wrong. With the angelic I get a calm energy and everything about the person glows. But both of these is like a foggy glass over them that shows the true spirit.

Am I crazy?

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owlspeacewings (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-29)
Thank you so much, its exactly like you said in not really focusing and everything is blending. I will definitely start meditating!
jesselynn1027 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-25)

I do not think that you are crazy, but I do understand 100% where you are coming from with being able to feel the angelic and demonic people. I don't see them like you do in your perspective, but I can touch someone and my mind will race, either good things and peaceful things, or demonic and things that are just wrong, and a burning sensation.

I also had the same problem with losing your ability (not fully but it just kind of blends with everything) I realized that what I had to do is pay attention more. I was overlooking everything, and forgetting about my abilities. I then started to meditate every night in the dark, outside, no lights around and at the peak hours (2-4 a.m.) it seemed to help me find myself and keep myself aware of everything going on around me. For you wanting to have back your ability to its fullest potential, I would suggest try meditating. It worked for me, and I understand not all Mediums are the same, but it might help. Give it a try

❤ JesseLynn 😊 Have A Great Day!

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