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Esp, And Madness Are Not Mutually Exclusive


For much of my life I have had emotional problems, and issues with mental disturbances. My diagnosis is OCD, with depression and anxiety/social phobia.

With that said, Western Culture so loves to dismiss anything beyond the realm of the normal as fiction of the mind. This makes it enormously difficult for those with mental illness, AND those with actual spiritual/psychic problems to get help with resolution.

This is because mental illness and spiritual/physic phenomena are not always so disconnected. Many cultures, and religions fully accept this fact. Traditional Shamanism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and many more.

Regardless of what you believe, having an active spiritual life can bring about transformation of our mind, habits, and past actions. These transformation's usually involve getting over old ills, ways of thinking, emotional hurts, or other karmic debts we owe.

As you can imagine we can get sick. Physically and mentally. I specifically want to talk about the harm that can happen to those with psychic abilities of some sort.

Because of our own spiritual & emotional naivety- possessing psychic ability can be harmful to many people. Most of us lack the judgement, wisdom, concentration, and training to deal with these sorts of phenomena. It's especially tragic for those in western cultures, as our culture is inherently spiritually immature. We do not in general have understanding, wise people to guide us.

Many misunderstand psychic ability, and those who have it are generally immature, and self taught. We figure it out as we go, collecting wisdom where we find it, but overall we're left to our own devices, and because of this many get sick along the way.

Those with telepathy must figure out for themselves how to deal with the input. The input itself can make us sick, because it can cause issues with our self-perception. It can also get tiring, and the input can cause anxiety, frustration and fear. When we reach critical levels of exhaustion, there is nobody there who can help us out. Doctor's do not believe in psychic abilities.

The same is true of any other type of ESP. Those with psychic abilities often are visited in their dreams, and have very strange, long drawn out dreams or experiences in their sleep. With no help they are left on their own trying to figure out how to get a full night of sleep. Left on their own to deal with the residual emotions, and memories of those dreams and trying to make sense of them.

Then there are demons. Our own, and of those around us. Literally and figuratively we ALL must deal with demons, but it's quite another story when they can harass you because you are more sensitive.

These are all examples of ways those with ESP can become sick. So how do we become well? That is a difficult question, and varies individual to individual. In general it's by taking a break. By letting go of trying to figure things out, by not making use of abilities. Letting go of thing's that cause of harm, grief and suffering. If that means giving up on our abilities, then that is what you must do.

In Buddhist thought psychic abilities are thought to be a burden, and as something to let go off. It's a distraction from our spiritual path. In my own life I have found this to be true. The more we chase after these experiences, the more we end up suffering.

Most (if not all) people with ESP, can not control it anyway! So what is the point trying to 'train it', or becoming obsessed with it. For most of us, we can no more control our esp than we can control when we fart.

We all must be children before we can become adults. This applies especially well to spirituality, and for many of us our spiritual life is very much tied into certain psychic experiences. So this make's it very hard for us to let go of them even if they are making us sick. Don't let it happen to you.

All I wanted to convey here was that it's not a one way street between madness and being psychic. Psychics get sick too, and our culture is largely responsible for this childish way of thinking. I hope this helps someone at some point, though it probably wont.

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