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Esp With Marijuana And People Sort Of Hidden Message


This an ESP experience i'll try to explain in the best way what its happening to me.

Im a daily consumer of marijuana and this experience happened with sort type of people not anybody just kind special people more awaken I would say.

It started with my neighbors and the first experience was with LSD we took it and then we went party and all stuf (I consumed before a few times, so it wasn't first time) then we came back to apparment and were just talking about music and stories and then its was like my thoughts were in them like they where practically listening to me and reacting perfectly with my mind so I was freak out and just went out there, the next day I remembered everything and I express them and they had no clue about it and they just said "it was the drug men"

After a few years later I was smoking weed with my girlfriend and we were talking again normally and suddenly it started to happen again like in my girlfriend just talking something and in my head I had this thoughts about sort of a message that she or it wanted to give me I don't was freaking scary shiat but somehow I knew it wasn't something bad you know? I mean I was scared like shiat but she always look peacefully. So the thing is I'm just trying to figure this out and try to explain to you guys.

Its like she was no my girlfriend I mean she was obviously but in that kind of trance I was I remember hearing his words but also was focusing on she and her reactions was perfectly synchronised with my thoughts like she (no my girlfriend that other person inside) was trying to give me this message and waited patiently that I saw her? I tried to focus only on that and she started to continue his message but if I went back to the normal conversation she loose it to so I focus again and then when I was on that kind of trance she continue giving me this weird message I never were to far I always loose it.

A few months later we were living together and one day we smoked marijuana and I was chatting and telling something a personal story or something and she freaked out because she was looking the same thing I saw in her like giving this message that its perfectly connected with her thoughts and she came up with that and I was excited because it was not all in my head.

And then become real and no my madness. And then we were to excited about it and we were just not saying words like, I mean a sense sentences just completing our thoughts.

Does anybody had similar experience?

This was 100% real and I would like to create a theory about it because its really hard to get in that sort of trance and honestly I do not know what's behind. I have a few theories to discuss but I never have found something similar.

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wat123 (41 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-26)
Either way upon further inspection I found out that LSD can cause Auditory hallucinations, which basically includes hearing voices.

This could be because of the Psychoactive drug LSD after a prolonged period of use.
But to ease your mind, most people hearing voices don't need any psychiatric help but it might be caused by intoxication of the brain thanks to LSD.

I think it would be the best idea to include all possibility's. I don't know the exact details of your experience so I'm uncertain how to find an answer but I hope that my data might help you in your search.

There are a lot of groups that believe spirituality and drugs can be grouped together but on this website the use of drugs to stimulate spirituality is not encouraged.

I think using drugs and spirituality together in the safest way is the way of entheogen which you might want to look into.

If you really want to research this experience, you might want to keep at least someone in the room clean so that their mind is free to see if these voices indeed travel by mind and if the voices are actually the correct ones.
Good luck with your research and be carefull.
wat123 (41 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-24)
So basically you would be communicating on a higher plane?
Mayby because the weed makes it easier for the mind to sync with the spiritual world/higher plane? Since you would be in a meditation-like state thanks to the weed.
I guess it might make the achievement of a meditation-like state much easier for non-spiritual/psychic people.

Most people take hard work over stimulants though, training for years to achieve new spiritual enlightenment. It is a healthier way but it would take a lot more time and dedication.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-21)
My thought is that in any state of relaxation, our innate psychic abilities come to the forefront.

As humans we do what ever we do.

The only problem with drugs is that people
Who have no family history of Multiple sclerosis can get that disease. Weed is laced with chemicals, it also
Produces depression and can lead to suicide.

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