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I was 17 turning 18 with a 3 month baby y girl. Called leah I dreamt that she would die I took her the hospital and they said she was fine 2 days later she died this is not the first ever vision or dream or what ever there called to come true. 10 yes later I'm a fully trained medium, j have ma y experiences from having contact with the devil he came threw my friends face to me he was here to take souls to the other side and I was he destiny my house was that active with spirit n portals but doesn't surprise me as I live on n old cemetery which is situated on a cross over of 3 ley line, x I've been taken by 4 star seeds to the akashic records I have an amazing ability of reading people from moods in general to serious illness such as cancer which has not yet diagnosed, I have all the clairs I see,feel,and hear spirit x I can trance write remote view change faces in no1 special n I've suffered great traumas and synchronicity in my life I also can read peoples mind and for see the future help me... Sometimes it's a hard gift to live with I'd like a normal life sometimes x my children see hear spirit too they have visions that come true it's a beautiful gift but a hindrance... For example how do u tell a complete stranger they've gt cancer get to the doctors or you've had a vision about someone dying and not tell them x I've also been visited by all the arch Angel's and the four dragon for those who dnt know dragon energies are really hard to work with as they only work for the Devine oh n to top it off I have rhesus negative blood x thanks any help would b greatly appreciated.

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Newbeginning (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
I too thought I had all of these gifts. I found out I was oppressed by a demon who have me the gifts. They left after deliverance.

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