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Uncontrollable Esp And A Strange Form Of Telepathy?


I never had this problem as a young child, although I did have repetitive déjà vu almost every day and it got to the point it'd bother me. When I got into middle school this stopped to my relief, but I started having another problem like the déjà vu incidents. It happened rarely when I was middle school, but now in high school it happens all the time. I can sense things before they happen, not see them, but I feel them. I know what people are going to say before they happen, what people are going to do, and other things such as these. It's strange, because every time it happens I feel this wave of energy flow over my body and in my gut I just know it's true. I can't control it though. It happens at random and sometimes it will stop for a while, and then start up again. I've tried denying my gut feeling of what will happen next, but it's right anyways, and it hasn't led me wrong yet. When I was in middle school this only happened just before I'd think of an idea, and as this strong energy-like wave came over me I knew I needed to sit down and concentrate to figure out my idea. I figured everyone was like this, but I started asking my friends and they hadn't felt anything like it before.

Now just this year I started having strange incidents like this, and maybe it's all coincidences, but it happens so often that I'm starting to doubt that it's all just ironic. I can't read peoples mind, but I think I can push the things I see into people's mind. Not words, but the things I'm seeing or am imagining in my mind. People keep doing things after I do them without any knowledge I had done them first. Such as I see a haircut and am positive I want to get it, but a week later my friend shows me she got the exact same haircut although I never told her about it. I watch a certain movie, and the next day someone close to me has watched the same exact movie because they randomly felt like it. I have a dream of my cat getting hit by a car, and the same night my brother has the same exact dream, except I saw it more clear than he did. I'm thinking about a TV show and the person next to me starts talking about that show. Maybe these are all coincidences, I'm really not sure, but it happens all the time for me. It's seriously beginning to bother me, because I can't control any of this and it feels like everyone can read my mind or are taking all my ideas. I don't know what to do anymore or if any of this is truly real, because it's not big enough for me to know for positive.

Can anyone help me as to whether you think it's real or not, and if you know what I should do?

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Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)
Well I agree with ladfyhawke. You can easily connect with people without a problem. You don't even have to explain things to them and its kind of amazing. About your premonitions, you will figure out a way to handle them as well. Keep yourself peaceful by meditation.
Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)
The belief that we are all hooked together in this reality seems to be proving itself to you. Being linked can be very positive if you are living a positive lifestyle. There will be more ability comming to you... Its a good time to start creating the world around you like you would like it to be.Forgiving,generous,playful,responsible to the tasks needing doing. You are experiencing the beginnings of empathy and possible telepathy. You can reach inside your friends deeper than most... Be careful you can also hurt deeper as well. Learn from your higher source and invoke protection for you and those around you, it is an exciting time for young people... Also a time of many influences, so caution because you have the ability to sway opinions toward the light... Or away... Blessed be, Ladyhawke ❤

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