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Ever since I was really little I have been seeing and hearing ghosts. I have seen ghosts staring at me in my closet, I can tell when they are around me, and every house I have moved to someone has always been there. I see either their whole body, just parts of their body, I see orbs, or nothing I can just sense them. I am not sure if the orbs are demotic entities or angels. I would appreciate if you could conclude this information. I can sometimes at night hear them doing something that sounds like the dishes. I am minding my own business and all of a sudden sharp pains go through my chest or something good happens to me. I can feel when they're around me. I sometimes feel threatened like they want to hurt me. Just recently I was in my room and I turned my music up really loud. I felt pain in my chest and felt someone with me, it felt as if someone was mad. I have a picture my mom took of the family and by my head you can see a head just staring at me. You can't see a face, but you can't tell it's a head. They have played games with me and they have helped me. They follow me everywhere I go. When I am at school or the store I can sense them around. They even call my name sometimes. I am the only one who experiences the such happenings. My mom won't believe me so I am just asking for someone else's opinion. I don't know what I am, but by a few people I have been called a medium. If I am a medium I don't know how to help the spirit. I would really appreciate it if someone could possibly help. Thank you.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-15)
You sound like a sensative working mediumistically.

There are so many discarnate souls around and even
Souls whom come with messages of love,peace,hope
Which come in orb form.

With sensing negative, it has to do with souls whom
Were the same way when they were alive.
In reality they are just lost.

For myself sensing them has always been in my stomach. A few years back my stomach seemed to be a
Place were they could be stored until I could
Meditate and had more strength and time to help them
Move on. My stomach let me know when things
Were about to happen, but also let me know when locations were haunted. This has never changed during
The years.

As Ladyhawk has mentioned: you are sensing alot
Of spirits around you. She also mentioned gaining
Knowledge of protection as well as releasing.
Protection comes in many forms and will depend on
Your own beliefs.

Releaseing your own energy when working with spirit
Is important as well as balancing your own energy.
You may wish to ask whom ever you work with if are
You called to Spirit Release.

Spirit release is when you feel a presence with you
And it is an earth bound soul of a person whom is
Dead. Some of the feelings are thoughts and also
Emotions of that individual. The feelings will identify were they were at during their life.
As your saying you can see them and hear them.

Good Journey
Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-14)
From what you are telling me I see psychic sensitivity that also has personal issues arising. The process of changing from child to woman is very intense. Remember, living souls pass through us as a gate from one reality into this one as a life form. Our 'frequencies' are often crossed by others. But most folks are too busy inside thier own heads to hear or feel them. I feel stress in your life and would like to know if you have talked to any one about the pain you are having. Psychic experiences are different like we are, they can be very taxing on the body and mind. Releasing the energies to your higher power and accepting protection from harm may release some pain and make it easier to focus. Directing your thoughts and feelings to God can help you see if there is anything you can do or say to help these souls in pain... I believe you to be beautiful inside yet troubled... Souls attract to like souls so if you can 'get your house in order'you may be able to help them find the light they have been seeking instead of rambling around from like soul to like soul...they,like you are searching for a longing desire... Blessed be, Ladyhawke ❤ Happy Valentines Day

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