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Energy Feeling And Controlling In Hands?


I have shared one other experience on this website, I didn't think I'd post again, but this is so strange that I need help figuring it out. This has never happened before, but I think I have been controlling the energy from my hands? Although I've been researching I haven't read much, so excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject. You know how you can sometimes feel energy if you put your hands close to each other, well, it's like I can control that and make it much stronger. The harder I focus the more forceful it becomes or the more I can feel this tingling, cold sensation around my hands and it feels like air is coming off skin. I can especially feel it coming from my palms and in between my fingers. Sometimes if I collect a lot of energy then quickly push my fingers out I can feel it blow off my hands swiftly and finally slow down.

Maybe it has something to do with body temperature, because I'm good at making my hands freezing, while making heat come from them is much harder for me. Although sometimes when I focus the energy I do find that my palms will feel freezing, but the tips of my fingers will be warm. This is where it gets freaky, if I get enough energy, focus, and put my hands near something that is dangling loosely it will begin to shake and turn slightly without me actually touching it. I can't push objects that are sitting on a solid surface, but if it's hanging from something it's easier. I've also tried this with water running from the sink, and the water will begin to flicker and push from my hands slightly. Then I tried fire, but something different happened. It took a lot of concentration because the heat from the fire seemed to be push my energy away (as my energy is generally freezing cold), it was like two magnets pushing from each other, and after I took it away from the flame and I focus again the cold energy came rushing back twice as fast as usual.

I'm beginning to think it is a temperature thing, but at the same time the whole making things move makes me question this. I have one last weird experience, and because of it I think I can absorb energy or temperature maybe, like I can push off cold energy and absorb warm energy (sorry if this sounds stupid, I don't have the right vocabulary to explain this). So I can take heat from my body without touching it, if collect energy in my hands so they are freezing and I hover my finger over my skin and focus I can make the heat go into my finger. Like I feel the energy going into my finger, the inside of my finger sometimes even starts to twitch, and if I do it too long it'll start to burn. Then after a long while I will look at my arm and there will be a white spot where I took the heat from (the whiteness fades back to normal eventually), if I do this over a cut the cut will sting and burn really bad even if it's scabbed over. This may seem kind of funny, but I get hand eczema from the cold weather and when I focus and get my hands freezing I will watch the eczema start coming back onto my hands and my hands will begin to sting and itch from it. I was actually shocked to see I can control my eczema.

This kind of feeling is the kind of feeling I get when I experience ESP, which my ESP is uncontrollable and happens at random, but whenever I get this gut feeling something is going to happen (which it always does) I feel this wave of energy roll over my entire body. It's the exact feeling I feel in my hands, expect I can control it in my hands. I can actually push the feeling on my hands to my wrists and arms, but I can't make it stay there, and the same if I concentrate on one body part, but it only stays in my hands. (I don't do any form of drugs or take any medications, I don't mediate, and I have never taken any form of classes for any of this stuff.)

Anyone have any idea's as to what this could be? If anything, do you think it's temperature control or energy or both? How can I control it and get better? (I'm open to hearing anything right about now)

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just_a_person (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-13)
I'm the opposite I can absorb and release heat from my body and hands fairly easily. I am able to go in negative degree weather in a t-shirt and jeans because of this. (my friends also have banned me from commenting on the weather). But, I don't just feel the energy when I focus on absorbing or releasing heat I start to see these colors and depending on the color and feeling I get from surrounding energy I will use my energy to pull the color towards myself. I can't absorb or release cold, but I am able to take heat from others and make them cold. If anyone is interested in telling me what this is called please do.
mediv (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-09)
May also add to the part where I describe the feeling:

- It may also feel like air has weight.

And the sound (spark) I was talking about, was only appearing when the pressure was unfolding on my head, it has never appeard on other body parts. Happend like 3-4 times of total, never heard or experienced it later again.

I do not want to suggest this, but the reason I have this pressure in my head was by exercise. I will describe it to you people, but I strongly recommend not to try this, because it hasn't benefited me much other then being a victim for my own actions.

- Put a finger in your palm.
- Pressure the finger to your palm and keep it there for a few minutes.
- Release it and try KEEP the feeling of your finger still pressuring the same spot.

Perform this... Ewww... I did it maybe 5-6 times within 10 days and it never went away! The feeling will go away, but I went at the school where I was during class (maybe even 12-14 hours since last exercise), the pressure just reappeard during class and never went away afther that (I honestly have no clue why). But I do remember the feeling and the sound very clearly!
mediv (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-09)
All I can say that I'm one of you people:)

I had this energy feeling since I was 17, experienced it first time through a random movie, when I was folding my hands in faith that I've heard it is "warm hands" in my familiy. I got abit crazy at first because never felt anything like it before.

I can describe the feeling as:
- Warm (sometimes cold)
- stretchable (can be felt over distances as 30-50cm)
- Pressure
- Like Magnets swiching polar's all the time
- Like your body is under water, every motion is feelable.
-> Now, this is going to be a hard one to explain, but here we go: I've notised a sound connected to this feeling, for me it was a soundable sprak on my forehead, it lasted for a breif secound and was like fragments of a firework that spraked above me.

As this happened a "new area" on my head started to feel this "new" pressure, it wasn't active over my whole body to begin with. It was a warm and lovly feeling, however it came with a price! Whenever I'm stressed it evolves to a minor headache, it feels like some muscle's stress (NOT INSIDE MY HEAD) outside my head or right upon my head is (stressing or whatever) pressuring really hard in a way uncomfortable, I tok a CT scan of my head tho. Nothing came up by this...

So I began to train on this as I went to bed, I've explored that this "feeling" normally happens during sleep all over the body and for some reason some people can feel it in a conscious state. I do not believe it to be inhuman to feel this kind of thing, but I do believe it's a part of a relaxing state for the body during heavly relaxing or sleep (As some people may feel they fall or float even fly during dreams).

To add...
Im so happy I'm not the only one that can feel this, doctors has no clue what to make of it. And to be honest, I do not now the use of it either, I'm just looking for answers:)

For people that feels it strongly in their hands, I'd strongly recommend practising it on your stomach sometime, at least I had an experience with that feeling a growing magnetic pressure over it. It hurt'ed on 3 different spots, felt like an Ice dagger was stuck in my stomach so I kept going on pressuring those spots for like close to 2 hours, in the end I got rid of 2 of the 3 spots. It felt like a knot that unwrapped itself when the spot dissapeard, it was kind of wierd but it didn't hurt (I was too tierd to takeout the last spot that felt like a knot:)

I've registerd only for sharing my view of this, cheers for posting people and I hope you'll find more answers then me:))
jameswiding (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
Hey. I was practicing with a bowl of water and an objecct floating on top. Trying stuff like thread hanging. If you can see auras imanging a colorless aura like a ball of focus around an object or a corner you want to move. Try throwing an object and catching an object with a blind fold on. This will force your brain to autotarget the ball through a means other then your eyes. Which is why we keep an eye on the ball. But you gotta spend time practing and. I could say why this stuff works but then I'm preaching. The pulling sensation is colesence like dust in space. In fact if you can astrally travel to a dust cloud in space you could use this cryokinisis to form star systems. Tell me I'm wrong and nuts. Hahaha.
Judge (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-10)
I have the same but my fingertips tingle when I do it. I have onece given energy to my brother and he (for lack of a better word) shot it back at me, I later got a head ace. Its weird because it varies between hot and cold, and sometimes I can make a faraway branch of a tree sway. If I imagine macking a line of energy while in a car or something. I can come back in a while and regain the energy. The first time I felt it I was sitting by my window holding my hands together imagining my self making an energy ball. I guess I was. I feel as if I can make anything out of this energy. But I can't make cuts sting.
peachy8898 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-26)
When I read this, I started crying because it's almost identical to what I feel...It's so strange that I would become afraid of it because it's so present, and I didn't think it could be in my control until I finished reading your post.

I feel the same cold energy in my hands, and sometimes if I feel detached from a situation or a feeling of being distant from reality I'm unable to form my hand into a fist. I get really tired and my head feels lulling and I usually lie down. I feel most comfortable when I keep my palms open and arms on opposite thighs while meditating. Sometimes when I meditate very deeply I draw my arms together and I feel the weight of holding something heavy in my arms, like a small animal or something...

I even have eczema in the winter and I experience the flame thing as well. It's hard for me to consistently hold a lighter for a long time because I'm so sensitive to heat. I also get heat strokes easily and extremely bothered by the sun in general

I want you to know that you arent not alone, and I think there must be an explanation for this...:P ❤
ragefan (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-10)
interesting I understand what you mean something similar happens to me when I get angry or I focus on a part of my body I lose sensation but can still move it perfectly but there's always servere tingling but instead of cold mine is hot and paper crumbles without me touching also things tend to break and move away from me it kind of wierd.
Christiep221 (2 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
I may be off here please forgive me. But I'm a registered nurse and my mind always goes in this direction. But if this is something strong that is staying and you are enjoying... You can be very valued as a spiritual healer. Have you considered that? I'm a hospice nurse so I've seen many sad but amazing things I couldn't explain if I tried. Even if "healer" sounds a bit intimidating... Sometimes healing this way is giving comfort that medicine can't. Healing spiritually can be the most loving gift you can give... Healing doesn't necessarily mean "curing" it's comforting. It's bringing peace. And if you can do this with energy in your hands this could come pretty naturally to you. If you haven't thought about it or even if it didn't occur to you... It's a very valuable gift. Working in hospice I promise you that sometimes just a calming of the spirit can fix years of upset and let people pass relieved of regrets. It's beautiful... Think about it;)
GeMiNiii (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-15)
[at] CaughtInMyHead

Very interesting. I am going through the same thing.

When I medititate, I tend to put my palms out in front of me and just picture the energy flow through my body, to my palms and I could like feel the energy coming from my body into my hands. Very fascinating. I have shown my mom and she put her finger right in the middle while I was making it, and she got shocked! She said it just felt like static. I have it a little different, you say that your hands get cold? Mine get warm, but that's okay, were all different:)

And like calvinvalerian said, with that... Rather disturbing post... That's Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis
Two very awesome gifts:D
Javelina (67 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)

"And my last gift is Psychic Seduction:D I'm able to telepathically implant romantic thoughts into a woman's mind whom I love."

Listen to me kid. What you are talking about here is about as close to rape as you can get. Stand back dude, or I swear I will take you out.

Jav 😠
Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
[at] RookDygin

AWESOME post... I honestly read it, at least five time
...damn those air bender... 😜
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)

I've been away for awhile... And I was going through some of the experiences I've missed and I came across your comment here.

I normally toss a BS Blankie on 'Atmokenetic' people... Or people who lay claim to lots of abilities... But I was going to ignore yours until I read this... (quoted so there is no misunderstanding)

"And my last gift is Psychic Seduction:D I'm able to telepathically implant romantic thoughts into a woman's mind whom I love."

I have never been very good a tolerating an individual who lays claim to taking away an individuals 'free will' and that is just what this 'Ability' you lay claim to does... If you can actually do this you are manipulating the thoughts of 'romance' towards you in the mind of your 'Victim'...That's right I said VICTIM because by doing this you have take away a basic right every living Human Being has... The right to choose for themselves.

It's bad enough that with all the 'AIR BENDERS' in the world we have Droughts/Floods and Crop Failures but for you to go around saying you can 'Manipulate' another individuals thoughts towards you is something I find down right disgusting.

calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-20)
I have this ability too. Both Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis plus Telekinesis exactly the same like what you have described.

I can switch between heat and cold just immediately like an on off switch. Through my own experiment of trial and error, it's more effective to produce heat when you radiate your energy. When I say radiate it means activating the invisible magnetism energy within your hands.

When you're good with the warm energy, you should be able to feel the warmth inside and around your hands.

When you want to make a cold energy, it's more effective when you just focus your hands to become cold without letting the magnetism energy activate.

The magnetism which made the hands warm. Just focus to the feeling of cold or breeze-like sensation.

And also I have this subtle vibrations at a very high speed on the surface of my hands which appear just at my will.

Now Telekinesis. At the first month of me becoming telekinetic - it's sooo damn hard to control the direction of a psi wheel. Until today I got it right.

How to influence an object to go to the direction you desire?

It takes practice to feel your mind becomes one with an object. This thing is seriously difficult to explain. I couldn't find any other words to describe this. This subtle sensation is just beyond human language.

Ok, when you do telekinesis correctly you should feel the bouncing back of the energy you send to the object and back to your brain. The sensation isn't physical (which makes it difficult to explain). It is just a feeling of "I know this thing will move to this direction right now". This is what you should be feeling when you do it right.

Yeah, hell it is so difficult to explain until you feel it yourself.

And one more thing with telekinesis. You will be able to move a person's body or limb at your own will 😁

And it is far more easier to move a person than an object!

I'm also atmokinesis. I made my city got rain showered for 3 weeks now hahahaha.

I can't see ghost. My abilities are not spiritual but rather center around elemental (interconnected with nature because I love nature).

I can also heal someone with my energy. I'm one of those HSP (Highly Sensitive People) which are natural healers.

I'm empathic too. Because of this I become negative intolerant person. Whenever I feel negative energy I feel drained. And also I'm able to tell if someone is happy or sad or bored or sexual just at a glance.

And my last gift is Psychic Seduction:D I'm able to telepathically implant romantic thoughts into a woman's mind whom I love.
zephyrsong (2 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-06)
I have almost the exact same thing, the energy's much more concentrated in my hands but if I focus on parts of my body I can direct the energy there. I never remember my dreams either, apart from a handful that either turned out to be exact visions of the future (never conseqential things, id just dream of a situation in which I wasn't watching myself do things, I was actually experiencing them and then a few months later id find myself in the exact same situation and when I find myself doing the things I was doing at the point in time the dream started id know exactlu what was going to happen next) or they'd be incredibly vivid dreams of impossible situations that I think are clues to something, not sure what though. Either way, the point I'm trying to make is that because I never remember my dreams, the few I do remember I've never forgotten, and one of the earliest dreams I had recurred through most of my childhood and it was of me pushing my hands together as hard as I could and never being able to make them touch each other because there was always an invisible force like a rock keeping them apart. It was only when I was a lil' older, obsessed with comic books, and started praying for the ability to affect the weather that I realised that for me, whenever I do focus on the energy in my hands, the wind always picks up and it feels as though I've called it. It might sound crazy, but over the years I've found that not only can I call the wind, I can affect the immediate weather around me and I've on many occassions had great fun doing this just to contradict the weather man, or to make the weather suit whatever it is I'd be doing that day I.e. If I know I'm going to be outside all day I'll focus on it being a sunny day and in less than an hour the sun'll come out. This brings me to the questions I'd like to post though. Firstly, do you ever find it difficult to shut the energy off? I find that the second I think about the energy it's there, flowing out my hands and the only way to make it stop is to clench my fists and to think about something else or else it goes on all day ultimately leaving me drained unless I make an effort to draw energy in from the universe, but even this is only temporary. Secondly, and this is more of a statement really, but even though I underdtand that affecting the weather is more a matter of sort of nudging things in a certain direction to affect the change you want (it's hard to explain properly but for me it's like I call the wind to bring or send away clouds and then just keep feeding energy towards that goal and allow nature to take it's course from there) I would like to know if anyone knows how or has any ideas on how I could possibly make the changes happen faster. Thirdly I'd like to know if the energy originates in your hands or somewhere else? I feel a well of energy in my chest (possibly the heart chakra), feel it slightly running from there to my hands and then it's almost as if it dams up in my hands just waiting to be released (if not, maybe it's an idea to just focus on the energy, kind of just feel it and try find it's source so you gain a better underdtanding of it?). Fourthly, when you say you can make hanging things move or change direction, does the change happen quickly and is it always in the direction you want? Because I've tried doing the same and eventually I do get things to move, but it always requires a ton of focus and though I get the object to move, it's hardly ever in the direction I want. An example of this is when I fold a square of paper from corner to corner, rest the centre on the tip of a pin, and try making the paper rotate. I can never get it to rotate fully, and more often then not I just end up "blowing" it off the pin. Maybe it's just a question of controlling the amount of energy I use to try moving the objects instead of just allowing it all out at once, but I've never been able to control that, it's always all or nothing (on a side note, I've noticed the amount of energy I can "control/manipulate has grown to be much more than I ever remember being able to "use" and I'd like to know if you've noticed the same?). Lastly, and this is directed more to the people commebnting who might know more about this, but if in fact what I do is energy manipulation, which really does seem like the best explanation so far based on the evidence, it seems that I've "specialised" (can't think of any other way to explain it) in using the energy to manipulate the wind. I've always felt an affinity to the wind, and whenever I feel a strong wind blowing I feel energised so it would make sense if the ability to manipulate the wind is my gift, but I'd like to know if I could still use the energy to do other things, and if it will always be much harder than manipulating the wind/weather which has always just come naturally?...Sorry to high-jack your post and ramble on about my own experiences, but I'm hoping you might be able to find meaning or a lesson in something I've said for yourself whilst at the same time hopefully getting some answers myself:). Love and Peace:)
PowerHound (3 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-25)
Energy manipulation, in my own opinion is a good stepping stone to the spiritual and psychic world, I had beginner learning experiences like yours mentioned and I have actually posted some on here too. But the more you pay attention to the energy inside you and around you, the more you can see the world were supposed to see. Its a precious gift.
wakingwillow (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-25)
I feel energy vibrations everywhere, from people, plants, rocks, and so on. Energy often feels like magnetism to me, like if you hold the north and south poles of magnets together. In this way it is pretty easy for me to move a hanging object, spin it in one direction stop it, spin it another direction. I think that in this way your moving things makes sense. It is fun to play more with this. You should play with a pendulum. Using the same feelings you might have fun playing with the smoke from a fire (as with water from a faucet) if you are sensitive to temperature as well.

My hands are much more sensitive than other parts of my body. Energy is easier to direct/feel if I hold my hands close to an object. I hope my experiences help you understand better and give you some fun exercises.
Niteo (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-25)
There was a famous Russian psychic, Nina Kulagina, who had apparently had this ability... Http:// You can find quite a bit of info on the topic when you look up her name.
777lucky777 (1 stories) (25 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-24)
I can absorb energy, and control it sometimes, it gives me a headache if I focus too much of it to one point though, but I feel it, its a cool wind around my hands, zig-zagging inbetween each of my fingers. The other day I was toying with the energy I was collecting it then releasing it, then a guy put me in a head lock I touched his chin, he went blind for 2 days. I didn't even mean to. Also, I seem to collect more energy threw emotions, so music is a strong energy boost when I listen to music I can draw energy from the words and viberations and it feels like I have a thicker aura.
Gerry (1 stories) (87 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
No, she dosen't remember any of it. But once she did astral travel.
Gerry ❤
valentinebaby (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Gerry Thankyou for your comment about your young daughters experience. Does she still experience such things? Just curious. Because in my family I know for atleast the last 4 generations we have all passed it down to our daughters. Our ESP.
Gerry (1 stories) (87 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Valbaby, you never answered my response to your story? I am just curious to know if you got it. A response is not needed. ❤
valentinebaby (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
I know one day I tried it. I thought myself with a FEVER. Well guess what? I took my temp and it was 101. Well enough of that because this took away any and all strength I may have had...
kittykat6 (4 stories) (45 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
It sounds like you may be gifted in telekinesis. That would explain your ability to move things without touching them. As was suggested earlier you might also have cyrokineses, which would explain you're ability to make parts of your body colder. What I think is most likely, though, is that you might be a psychic healer. A healer is someone who can manipulate psychic energy. Healing powers are called reiki. You should look it up to get more information. Some people also believe in chi (or ki) which is said to be an energy that surrounds everything, and you might be feeling this.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Yeah, even before I tried pyrokinesis I guess my body naturally heat me up this way naturally without thinking about it. It still annoys my parents since they think I have some problem with me because tempature doesn't affect me as much. And I naturally love heat.
Luzon (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
I'm like shapeshifter78. This ability allows me to stay in colder temperature easier and longer than other. It might be 48 degrees outside and I'll just feel it as a breeze.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
I can do the exact opposite. My hands are normally cold fpr some reason though I can easily heat them up and warm by body. I am more of a pyrokinesis/fire person.
jodenx12 (70 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
I say you have cyrokinesis which is to make temperature cold. One good tip to try it out is by taking a hot shower and visualizing that you are in the freezing waters of Antarctica. 😨

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