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Esp And Auras?


I believe that I have ESP and possibly the ability to see auras.

It starts out when I was younger. Eight or nine, I think. I would get these weird gut feelings. They were always different. Some days they were random thoughts about old friends, or a certain number gnawing at the back of my thoughts. I'd think about my aunt, come home and she'd call. I always thought it was coincidence. However, déjà vu closely followed. I get it so often, it drives me insane. I get quiet and sometimes even a little annoyed. That feeling that I've been through this before, or that I was expecting something to happen, it happens just too much to be coincidence.

I'll give a few examples. When my little brother, my father's ex-girlfriend and I were at the mall, we stopped to eat lunch in the diner area. There was a little kid not too far away, he was maybe two or three and he was throwing a fit in his little cart he was in. I'd kept glancing at him, mostly because he was crying. It wasn't too crazy, but after a moment, I felt the urge to stare at him. I did, and then my stomach felt funny for a moment, and then he puked all over himself. Immediately, the feeling left me, and then I felt disgusted, mostly because I'd just seen him puke. I think about it now and I realise I may have predicted him being sick without noticing.

I live in a different state from my father and his side of the family because he and my mom were divorced when I was six. Anyway, I don't keep steady contact with my relatives there. We aren't very close, and honestly, I don't mind. I hardly ever talk to my grandmother who lives up there. Once, when I was in elementary school, I could hardly focus on my school work at random parts of the day, because parts of her phone number [mostly the area code] kept popping up in my mind, as well as memories of her. When I got home, she called me. It doesn't seem too big, it was no death or anything, but the same style has happened with many relatives.

I also tend to pick up on other people's thoughts without thinking about it. I could be thinking about music, or artwork, or something I've just finished reading, and out of nowhere, I get this overwhelming craving. No laughs, but it's usually something sweet. However, it isn't always that. So I'll mention that, and someone will turn around and say that they'd just thought of it as well. The crazy part is, five minutes ago, I wouldn't have wanted it.

I also think I might be able to see auras. When I look around and I'm thinking or relaxed, I tend to be able to see dots, and flashes of light. They're not usually coloured, but I've been told that they aren't always coloured at first. I'm almost sure it isn't "after-images" because these are different from the things that cause after-images. When I was younger, I saw more colour in these flashes and shapes, but then I lost it for a while, and now it's coming back. Well, I wouldn't say it ever left. I've always noticed those thin veils around the shapes of objects and people, but I thought it was my eyes and the light playing tricks on my mind, or that everyone could see them. If I concentrate hard enough, I can make the veil stronger, but I haven't tried looking for any colours yet. Could this be an ability to see auras?

Any help or advice would be lovely, thank you for hearing my story. Also, I'm not going to go into details because it says it doesn't post dream stories, but I've had a few dreams that seemed a bit odd. One was about a crime scene, another about what I think was the assault of a young female, and the last was of a shooting. But then again, they were probably just vivid dreams. Thanks for reading! I'd love to discuss things in the comments.

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alette64 (3 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-08)
This story freaked me out a bit, because you sound exactly like me. I have deja vu a lot too. Once, I was reading a comment online, and I got this strange feeling in my stomach. It seemed like I'd read it before but something seemed weird, so before I read the rest I turned away and thought about the rest of the comment, which I could remember easily. When I turned back, the comment ended exactly how I remembered it. But then when I looked at the top, it said it was posted thirty minutes ago. I hadn't even been on the computer for thirty minutes. There was no way I could have seen it before.

I'm fourteen years old now, but when I was thirteen I started wondering if I could see auras. I'm still not sure if it's just my eyes seeing things, but if I focus on someone I can see a veil around them. At first it's clear, but when I focus more it gets thicker and turns into a color. If I look away, it disappears. Is that like what you see?

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