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Seeing Auras And Attached Spirits? Help!


I'm writing because I have no idea what to do with the experiences I'm having, I have always been able to see and feel spirits since I was a kid, I see ghosts on a regular basis, but lately this changed.

I think I might be an empath from what I read and researched, as I can feel a lot but also lately I have been seeing colors around people from what I can understand they are their auras and some times I also see blurry figures around people. I can feel the kind of person and color they have even before they turn around the corner so that I can see them. I also feel an energy that flows within me that can repel evil stuff, I can kind of make it explode if I don't want spirits to be around me (its the best way I can describe it).

But this one time. This one thing that happened to me that had me blown away and actually scared for real as I felt that my insides were going to explode. I was walking down the road and I saw this guy... With this thing attached to him... Daemon like disfigured figure coming out of him literally coming out of his chest, attached to his back hanging on to the guy, he seemed to have 3 long fingers stuck into the guys skin. It had a dark energy flowing trough as well, it was kind of blurry, melting and stretchy (I cannot really find the words to describe it better)... Something was coming out of its mouth back into the person... Its really messed up.

Does anyone have any idea what this can be? Any insights about this ability I have am I an empath? I am trying to research but I'm not finding anything that covers all this.


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