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Coincidences Or Abilities?


I found this website thanks to the other ghost stories website (where I have some stories) but I'm here to ask some questions.

Ive always considered my self having something more than others, I have always been able to see spirits since I can remember and sensing there are spirits in others houses I had no idea about and turn out to be true when I would ask if they ever see something, but I never had some guidance on how to empower this since my family are all skeptics. I also feel when people are lying about their feelings and when people are sad I can always tell when something wrong is going to happen and most of the time I'm right, I also had occurrences where I feel a spirit and ask him something in my head like flicker the light and it would happen for real but it seems kind of weird so I brushed it of as a coincidence, I also tend to "dream" but it seams very real mostly when I dream of my grandma who passed away long time ago, and also I have a lot and a lot of dejavus.

I really want to learn and control whatever this is and maybe even get better at it is there some one who can help?

Ive heard there are multiple kinds of 'mediums' not all are the same my first thought was maybe I'm an empath that needs some training, because clearly I can't control what I perceive and most of the things I perceive are tied to some kind of spirit or ghost (some whom I know and some I don't have any idea who they are)

Please if there is some one who can guide me to things I can do to help me see thing clearly, and maybe if I sense a spirit I could know what to do or what to expect of it, that would be brilliant

Thanks xxx

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bruwx (2 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-18)
hi jodenx12 I really would like some kind of guidance, and if you are willing to help me I am really gratefull
jodenx12 (70 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-31)
As you seek help bruwx, I would like to provide you with mentoring of your abilities. Though if you accept my help just be aware that you will set yourself to embark on a new journey in life and when you begin to see things more clearly, it will change your life. Also as a Guardian of our Father I will guarantee your safety and will always do what I can to protect you, but only if you accept. Contact me when your ready.

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