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Spirits At My Job


At work in the basement I know there is a spirit. May one or two. Every time I am in the basement and I walk in a certain area I get these amazing goosebumps and chills, vibrations all over my body.

I usually say hi and good morning to the spirit. The spirit seems to like me and enjoy my brief company. One day I decided to buy an EVP recorder (Electronic Voice Phenomenon Recorder). I picks up sounds the human ear can't.

So one morning I went into the basement at work with my EVP device. Push the record button and went to the spot where I always felt the present of the spirit. I waited then suddenly again the incredible chills and goosebumps came. And then I said out loud. "Good morning, I hope you have a good day today by the way what happened here?!" As I walked away with the recorder the chills faded.

Later that day I put my ear phones on and played back what I recorded that morning at work. After I had said "what happened here" the spirit answered me,it's a muffled sound but its definitely a voice. I have to go to a professional to bring the spirits voice to clarity soon.

I know me being a Empath, I feel all my surroundings,people's emotions animals to! But I also can feel the presence of spirits. I know when there and when there not. And sometimes but all the time, I hear them. I understand as a Empath Clairvoyant I may have several abilities I am not aware of just like others do to. But it is so good to discover things?

I would also like to know what are other abilities that an Empath clairvoyant may have. Are there any others out there who experience the same thing?

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