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Pulling A Doll Out Of My Dreams Into Reality


I did this twice as a child at around the age of 8. I had been obsessed with the thumbalina doll and wanted one badly. Our family was struggling. I was painfully aware as a child that we didn't have much money and groceries were valuable. The dream (s) occured in the summer months. I'd dreamt one night of playing with the Thumb-balina doll happily in my dreams and when I woke it was in my arms. I thought maybe my parents had given it to me after I'd fallen asleep, but that didn't correlate with how my family behaved or with the fact that we didn't have money for extras. This was less believable than my having brought the doll with me from my dreams. I layed in bed & played with it for hours. I remember thinking I'd have to hide her because I wouldn't be able to explain how I got the doll. I fell back asleep & when I woke, the doll was gone. I'd brought the doll back from my dreams about a week later & then was never able to do this again with the doll or with any other object. I knew I'd brought it from my dream, but felt ashamed and embarrashed & afraid I would get in some kind of trouble. Later as I got older, I would fall asleep every night & leave my body. I'd explore the neighborhood, souring above all the homes. I would explore all the building that interested me, by floating through the walls. I was connected to my body with a long thin, golden cord. I never wanted to return to my body, but I was always pulled back by the cord. I'd tried many times to sever or cut the cord, but it was incredibly strong and would not give at all. Around the age of 17 I realized others didn't "dream" like I did & I could no longer leave my body at night.

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vant (9 posts)
7 years ago (2013-09-01)
Astral Projection is a great ability, is it not? My experiences are somewhat similar to how yours are. You mentioned this "cord" I have never heard of anyone actually breaking it. My guess would be that if someone actually managed to do that they would probably be "dead". If you comprehend what I am trying to get at.

jodenx12 (70 posts)
7 years ago (2013-09-01)
I find that amazing that you were able to Astral Projection so well without any training. I see that as natural talent in you. My thoughts of that gold string was that it was a way for God letting you know it isn't time for you to leave your physical body and if you were it could have been dangerous in many ways. Though I am proud that you are still standing today and were able to share this experience, though have you ever saw something you didn't want to see?

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