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I'm a psychic for starters and I had a weird vision that made no sense to me at all. I would love some opinions about what it could mean. I'm 16 years old and I know this is a "tender" age for psychics. But I would like to say that I've been psychic since I was about 4 so I know what I saw, I just can't process this vision for some reason. It was that random.

I was meditating to a point that I fell asleep. That's when the weird vision happened. It was a woman draped in black satin. She was extremely beautiful, like an angel, and her presence was very overwhelming (in a good way). I remember her telling me her name but it's all kind of foggy now. She told me that she goes by two names, it depended on the person. I can only remember the initials of the two names, one was N.B and W.B.

Unlike many of my visions where I'm able to walk and talk in, I wasn't able to in this one. She told that it was fine, so she would do all of the talking. I clearly remember what she said to me,

"You're one of us. One of my daughters, in fact. You're one of the chosen. When you have your visions I see them as well. At the age of 16 you have impressive powers that attract many, I can only guess what powers you hold at the age of 25."

By this time she was swirling her hand in a silver bowl filled with water. Looking at me she knew I had questions but she only told me one thing,

"The vision of the child, he's yours. You'll also be coming home soon."

That's when the vision ended and I woke up. One of my white candles was burning, and I never lit it. The vision seemed to last only a few seconds but my clock said it was 1AM, I meditated around 9PM.

This has been my strangest vision and I can't make any sense of it. The women knew about all of my visions, that was pretty creepy.

She knew of the man in my dreams, the baby, and the impatience of the man in my dreams. At first I had no clue who the man in my dreams was, until I asked my spirit guides for a hint. They lit two red candles that were side by side, and the word knight echoed in my head. I think that maybe the man was/is my twin flame. That's what I think maybe. I'm wrong since I'm so young, but that's what I think about that. Although the whole knight thing still confuses me.

I would love some advice of the vision I had of the woman and how my current visions are going to affect my future. There are some parts to the vision that I did not mention in here because I would rather talk about them in private. This is like a big riddle to me.

Thank you~

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Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
7 years ago (2013-10-19)
oh also I meant to mention...
The silver bowl with water... Water is one of the easiest forms of transmission or gosh I can't explain it properly but water flows WITH things rather than against.

Silver bowl, this might be a stretch but in auras, silver is the colour of very high level creativity and the feminine side of us, guided by higher power. It is shown on the right side of body above the body. It's a very positive colour.

Btw often guides do not think it's important for you to know their name so I wouldn't get caught up in trying to figure out her name. If you recognize her as a teacher, accept her and be patient with what you learn. If you are a psychic from a young age, then you are already open and she is guiding you to higher abilities/information. Take it at your own pace.

Those are my impressions:)
Again, good luck to you ❤
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
7 years ago (2013-10-19)
Hi -
Just a few impressions for you...
The black satin dress - black tends to represent the mysterious or unknown.
If you are female then she would I think is representing yourself, your higher self talking to you, explaining the things you do not understand or need to know, she is you but a higher you, the one who sees all. Past present and future of your spirit if you understand that. To me it sounds like you will soon go through a transformation.
The black dress can also represent the death in a sense of the old you.
Not sure if that sheds any light but very interesting. So keep an open mind, don't get too caught up in the meaning of it all, just let things flow. Also YOU probably know better than anyone the meanings behind it all.
Good luck
❤ ❤
RJeffrey (5 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2013-10-17)
Okay... I've had many dreams,visions, and stories told to me by my spiritual partner/twin. Here's what some of the stuff you've mentioned would mean to me (I'm still learning):

Unsure of the name-memory fogged-possibly two names you choose from: Stuff in my dreams go like that sometimes, either means two-in-one (the TWO of you), or two views on the same thing.

Age 25: I'll keep it short. This is extremely important. I'm told by spirits that I died at 25 on September 1,2012. Well I'm still here but my life has changed spiritually off the Richter scale. I'm not 25, I'm in my Thirties, but my twin told me a story where I was born in Italy in 1987 back in September 2012. Obviously 25 was the big point. I'll tell you more if you want, its long...

Age 16: I was shown physically, a step ladder describing my eternal path. It had 16 steps after the bottom part where I tried 3 paths and chose one always. There's more...

Silver: A silver lining on all this mysterious stuff we deal with!

Yeah my twin is impatient too but he's really cool and I think we learn together what our Father is having us do this lifetime.

I also see myself and many others in my dreams (odd) I look like different versions of myself (I just feel it in my dreams) my hidden knowledge is described as a young child...

White is GOOD. Red is POWER. Biblical yet you must think "outside the box" for the hidden meanings to this all. Your events give me a sense of a cool future for you...

Nine- Divine, One - We are ALL ONE
Yeah, I (guess, but who am I) see a lot and feel a lot, if you need more interpretation I'll try to... Peace.

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