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I have for the longest time had dreams about people I am close to passing away. This is troubling to me as people do pass away.

My nephew 2 years old died from a fire. You see before he was born, I began dreaming about a farmhouse and a child's ball rolling down some stairs and then a door to those stairs always slamming shut locked and ending my dream.

This came and went for a long time. Shortly after he was born so was my second son, and after his birth I dreamed one night.

This time the door did not slam. I remember being upset and this

time a playpen was present. I threw this ball up the stairs yelling Not the kids damn you. I turned with a child in my arms and ran outside.

People just people were there and then this house exploded into flames.

About 2 months later my nephew got ahold of a lighter and a fire broke out. He lived 3 days more but was burned to severely to survive. This dream never returned.

There have been plenty more over the years. My dad was a very odd pre death dream and to this day I am uncomfortable with that one.

The latest was while cleaning, I got a sudden wave of horrid sadness I can only describe as being able to taste the color gray.

Impending sudden shocking doom.

This time I called my mom. I wanted a witness that I felt this in case it came true.

She said it was probably her cousin, he had cancer and we knew it wasn't good.

I told her NO it's not expected it's going to be a huge shock...

Please remember this call so I know you believe me.

Two weeks later we left work for the holiday. Christmas was Monday of the following week. I got home had dinner was watching TV and the phone rang. It was my second oldest son barely able to speak.

His father, my ex husband had ran off the road hitting a tree and passed away.

See he and I were friends. He after 20 years divorced still loved me. I realized along time ago I had made a mistake, and I always thought that once my youngest son had grown that in someway he and I would reconcile.

He called me over the years, always saying he still loved me and always saying when your ready come home.

I remarried soon after the divorce and had a son with my new husband. During these 20 years I realized I had dismissed the one person I should have kept.

Always thinking I had time things would work out.

I do not like this dreaming and I try to dismiss it. However when you dream these things and more often than not an event very similar to the dream occurs after, you question this.

For instance a dream of red goblets and turkey put my mind on a holiday the following Christmas week my grandmother passed.

My father I dreamed was at my grandparents home on the porch there were 3 men and my grandfather.

He had passed 4 years prior. These men all looked pale except for dad. He ran me away telling me he wasn't leaving, but I had to go. Go home you don't need to be here. I mentioned this to knowone and my dad passed away 2 weeks after via suicide.

When I mentioned this to my grandmother she got an old photo album out and ask of the men.

It was them. Uncle's who I had never seen or was to young to recall seeing. All had passed several years back my grandfather's brother and uncle's.

While dreams often mean one thing or another, mines seem to mean something IS going to happen.

Once my grandmother called out of blue to ask my mom if I was ok?

Sure why wouldn't I be she asked to speak to me a bit unusual for us to do.

She said she dreamed of me and then said you dream too don't

You? I had just began having the farmhouse fire dreams which came and went for around an entire 3 or 4 years. I quickly responded with NO I dont...

My grandma was quite possibly the most religious southern woman around and it shocked me she would believe in these things much less discuss them to me. It just wasn't her way.

This leads me to believe perhaps it's more than coincidences...

My last dream was in 2017 the loss my ex husband.

Perhaps there is more to it than I have knowledge of...unsure

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Dreamer0863 (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-21)
No your not going crazy.
The things I have mentioned trouble me too.
Like you said it's a feeling of guilt of the incident.
Like if only I had not dreamed it it wouldn't be
Reality is it would have been regardless and I kind of think maybe it prepares us in an odd way for what's coming.
Chanda (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-08)
I don't know if it's just me or everyone around me. But I can predict death of my loved ones. I predicted death of my brother who passed away when he was 4 years old, predicted my dad's death 2 years ago suddenly out my mouth saying this time dad is going to pass away. Then predicting my granddaddy's death when he was already fine out of hospital. I predict and grandaddy passed away same night. Not just this it has been 2 more cases of prediction which came out to be real. I feel so guilty for what I said. I always think that I'm responsible for their death. I have kept myself so much inside captive. Is it just me or everyone else here? Or am I going crazy

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