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I am 20 and live in a dormitory. I was always fascinated by entities and demons and myths and mythology. Though even I believe that god exists I think he only likes to watch and enjoy the miserable lives of people on earth and I refuse to look up to him and pray to him. Anyway so this is my opinion I hope no one gets offended. I just wanted to let you know.

So today, as I was completing my journal, my shoulders muscles started to get stiff as they always do when I overwork myself. So I decided to take a break and just stopped writing and sat up straight. I wasn't dizzy or sleepy. Suddenly I felt someone kissing me. It wasn't a small peck but a long kiss. I was startled and so couldn't do anything. I just sat there as I was before, like a statue. The lips lingered over mine for more than a minute.

I experienced something like this before when I was in school, almost 7 or 8 years back. One day when I came back from school. There was no one else at home. I looked for the remotes to switch on the TV. I found them and just as I lifted them I felt a someone slapped the hem of my frock down. It didn't touch me just my frock. It was a very stong slap which made a loud sound too.

I don't know if I should connect these two incidences cause what entity will follow me all the way to college and after so many years. I don't think this as a bad experience that I wished I never had. In fact I am intrigued by it. I hope they show themselves to me. Atleast I would know because of whom I am experiencing this.

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Lyro (468 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-12)
It's possible that this could be another person, not a spirit. As you didn't really describe what the kiss felt like, from my own experience, I've felt something similar. In my case it was a cold feeling on my lips, it felt like you do when your leg or arm goes to sleep. That numb feeling but really cold. I've felt this a few times, but if someone is trying to connect to you, and wants you to feel their lips to yours, it's not impossible either. Do you know anyone else that is, well, into everything spiritual as well? Anyone else that you know that may have feelings for you to want you to feel that?
~ Lyro

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