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I have plan to pursue my MBA course and planning to enroll this month of October here in the Philippines, which I have started to search in the web a university which is affordable in tuition fees, and some advised of my colleague in work that in his previous work he has been a professor and mentioned one university located somewhere in Philippines with affordable and cheap tuition fee but he did informed the exact name until he resigned in our company. This October 06. 2015 I have a outlined some university which fit to my budget and personally visit this school, since this is my first I locate it through inquiry and information coming from the local community, as I have found the location and the university, there is no strange feeling so I directly went to registrar office to gathered all the requirement needed after that as I passing through the corridor hall and standby-by in-front of university by looking the school vicinity this start my strange feeling which I recognized as I looking in the front of the bldg, the gate, the position were I am standing, the people, I was here before but this is my first time visited the place, it was my dream months before as I have recall.

This is not the first time I have experience this kind of incident, way back 2005 before I have work in the hospital in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, in my dream I am standing and looking some part of a bldg, colors which is clear picture in my dream, on the same year I have given a chance to work upon arrival on the said hospital our accommodation still under construction located at the back of the hospital and temporary we are shelter and stay in prefabricated container van. And when this bldg. Finished months later, after my work duty as I went home and saw this bldg. I was surprised the way in my dream it happen in reality. Some became reality when I have clear picture in my dream, what does it means, sometimes I can interpret the meaning of my dream. I have consulted this to paranormal person or medium she said that I have a psychic abilities and she also told that my 3rd eye some time its open and sometimes its close, want to develop my psychic abilities and open my 3rd eyes permanent need your suggestions. Than you

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-09)
Opening the 3rd eye should be done slowly.
My personal thoughts:Discipline.
Aim to self develope and maintain positive vibrations. Maturity is being an observer who who walks in hope.

When it is opened it outdated and we are down loading information.

Meditation/contemplation practices help us to opening up.

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