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Guidelines To Another Reality


I've come to some conclusions as far as how PK/to works for me. In order to get results in this other dimension one has to have some basic but very necessary tools. I say necessary because I have learned that, for me at least, "slipping" into another dimension takes these concrete, firm and unwavering tools/techniques. As you read this want you to know that these are first hand and real techniques I have seen work in this other dimension. What I write is real and without exaggeration or non sense. Everyone is different when it comes to getting in touch with a different reality or dimension, so this is what worked for me. I will be very general, he techniques I have developed have evolved from both psychokinesis and telekinesis. I have found that to get results whether trying to move an object or bringing out another reality takes basically the same belief system. So whether your trying to read a photograph to get info on a person, environment or event that occurred or trying to get an object to move you need these basic necessary techniques. 1st you need centeredness, meaning all attention must be centered on yourself. No outside distractions, some might need ear plugs or just a quiet environment and as you get better and not confident in yourself you will be able to firmly tune out any distraction with practice. 2nd step is believing firmly and concretely in what you are trying to do or see. At first our natural human mind, its beliefs and doubts will not allow results. Even if we think we are fully in the zone and our belief is strong, our subconscious will still stop results. That's why I think step three is very helpful. Step 3 turn imagining into belief. Imagine without doubt how your scenario might look. If you want an object to move, imagine it moving, picture how it would look and then expect it to happen. If you want the spirit of a person to manifest imagine certain things for example if it was an incident that happened in a certain era of time, imagine that era of time, fix your mind on how it felt at that time, begin to see and feel the movements in that scenario. Now as the results become real do not and I repeat DO NOT be surprised, act confidently and assured so your results aren't then washed away by emotion or doubt. Step four, absolute steadiness, once you get results maintain that same strong centeredness and belief. Do not let anything distract or surprise you. Don't try to hold on to what your experiencing just with authoritative confidence know that you are in control and what you want will continue to happen. I have learned that in maintaining these experiences there are things that will dissolve the experience and these are a few of the things. Trying to hard means that you are struggling to believe, it means that your losing your experience but your grasping to hold on to it. Constant thinking will dissolve your experience, only think of what you want to happen and then firmly believe it and THAT'S IT, there is no room for other thoughts in this arena. Train yourself to block out all other thoughts especially thoughts that question what you are experiencing and if you happen to have doubtful or intrusive thought that interferes with your experience just confidently and calmly keep your mind fixed on your objective and shrug the thought off, let it make no emotional connection.

I'm sure there is more I can write but I've written a lot and if someone wants more info I can write more.

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Mada7 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-30)
what did you experience? Please, read my story, maybe we can help each other out. Did you talk to people? There and here?
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-28)
Hi, I think these are very good guidelines for any kind of psychic work. What you said in step 2, about our ego gets in the way, and even after we get that under control, the subconscious steps in and gets in the way... Yes that can be very disheartening. It's like getting past the firewalls (ego) only to find that they've tricked the computer (subconscious) into thinking there's a virus. That's why a lot of my development and meditation focuses on subconscious work. I am also glad that you acknowledge the importance of imagination in seeing results. I wish more emphasis would be put on that, also because I think accessing your imagination is a great way to training the subconscious into relaxing and letting these things happen, which in turn allows your ego to do the same.

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