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Another Premonition


I'm back with another wonderful story. Just this past Friday December 2, 2016 I had yet another premonition. I had a dream that I was in my room, in my bed, with my husband and our two beautiful daughters. All of a sudden I heard a cell phone ringing. I then tell my husband,"babe, are you going to answer that?" He said in response, " babe, that's not me. Check over by your side of the bed." I reached my arm from behind me and under my thigh and found a cellphone. I've never seen this phone before. It was a flip phone. Who even still has those. I opened the phone and seen a number calling. When I seen the numbers I remember telling myself, "remember these numbers, write them down when you wake up." As soon as I kept repeating myself I woke up. I jotted them down and told my husband the dream. I told him to go to the store and play the numbers. I then texted my mom, my mother in law and my aunt in law. They all played them as well. The numbers were 625-4546 on the caller id on the cellphone in my dream. I thought my wonderful husband would play cash 3 and cash 4 but no, he wants to be greedy and just play powerball. The aunt in law plays the cash 4 but only uses the numbers 6254 and she played it all ways. Her husband plays the cash 3 but uses 624 instead. When the numbers came that time to play the cash 3 winning numbers were:625 on this past drawing December 3,2016. Talk about being upset at my husband. Laugh out loud. I was just in complete shock along with everyone else. I never did find out what my mom played or my mother in law but neither one of them won. I hope I can do it again. What do you guys think?

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EmeraldRose (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-31)
I believe that the number is (or was) an actual phone number from the town I live in in Missouri.
bacicam (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-09)
next time play the numbers yourself so you don't have to be disappointed in your husband if your vision didn't work for him.
LadyWonder (3 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-07)
Well I sent my husband to play them and he did it as powerball. If he would have played cash three or cash two we would have won. Thats why I put him in the doggy house for the night. Lol 😁
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-07)
I would try it why not. Go with the numbers you are dreaming of.
See what happens.

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