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Plane Crash Premonitions


There was a time in my life for several years where I would have very detailed premonition dreams of plane crashes. It was horrific. I could always tell that they were premonitions and not just dreams/nightmares. One example was when I had a dream that a 747 exploded killing everybody aboard. When I woke I knew with every fiber of my being that somewhere in the world - within weeks - there would be a Jumbo 747 that explodes in the air killing every passenger and crew.

I told my then girlfriend and my mother about it. They basically shrugged it off understandably but I was vigilant watching the news and already upset that I knew there wasn't a single thing I could do about it. Sure enough about two weeks later on July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 - a 747 - exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 230 people aboard.

Another time I had a premonition of an airliner that crashed in a wooded area. In this dream I actually walked into the broken fuselage, pulled a curtain aside and there were all these people sitting in their seats staring at me, stunned. I tried to tell them their plane had crashed and it was time to go to the Light, that it was going to be okay. The very next day the news top story was of a commercial airliner that had crashed in a wooded area not far from a neighborhood.

I could usually predict the carrier based on the livery (color scheme) I would see. I would know it would be an American Airlines or UPS, etc. I hated these premonitions because I could never understand why I was tuned into them and not given enough information to do anything about it and even if I did have adequate information who would I call? Who would believe me? Worse, who would think I myself had plotted the disaster? "So tell me, how DID you exactly know this information before it happened, hmmm?"

I remember after the national tragedy of September 11, 2001 I was shocked that I didn't have one of my premonitions foretelling the profoundly sad day. Especially something that shook the entire planet. Then one day it hit me like a bag of bricks.

I suddenly recalled the dream I had when I was a little boy. I was walking in a huge city looking up and admiring all of the tall skyscrapers when I suddenly saw a commercial jet that looked aluminum in color fly over the top of me, out of my view and then a massive explosion! Thinking back on it, I brushed it off as just a scary dream and thought nothing more of it. Why that premonition took decades to manifest I'll never really know.

It's been years since I've had one of these premonitions - thankfully. I guess I was tuned into some level of reality that opened me up to imminent disasters. A mystery I may never quite discover the answer to.

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RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-04)
Hi Aros,
I see by your title "Fields of Sharrot", that I have commented on your post's before. I have been re-reading the psychic posts mostly for entertainment, and I'm beginning to come to the conclusion such that most people who are sensitive will receive somewhat random bits of information with the exception being, where it regards someone with whom they are emotionally linked. I had a vision about a friend announcing "I'm in a car wreck." which happened some weeks later. Young people seem to have premonitions more directly related to their school day for example. Yet, when newly elected president Trump was on his way to China I got this "gut" feeling of something bad happening. The feeling persisted from a Saturday night into Sunday morning. By Sunday morning I had decided it was not about the president. What happened was the church shooting in TX. (As near as I can tell, this was 'it'.) I had no inclination of "who","what", or "where", something was going to happen, just that "gut" feeling.
Why am I saying all this, I am beginning to come to the conclusion that sensitive people "pick up" things, until we understand more, somewhat randomly.
Pranet008 (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-14)
I have had many premonitions, usually positive. The only negative one I remember was when I was reading a novel and fell asleep on the sofa. I saw my house and then I walked away and into another neighborhood I never even went too and don't know the way. It was quiet when suddenly a fire started raging in one of the bush behind the house. Days later, top news, California forest fire started by boy with matches. I was stunned, in shock and just confused. The news showed the exact same neighborhood from exact same angle.
Aros (3 stories) (12 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-19)
Hi LightMight,

Thank you for your comments. I certainly share your frustration! It always drove me crazy that I could do nothing to prevent them, similarly to your bridge collapse premonition. I often wonder what the point is? If we are given the gift of foresight yet can do nothing about it, why see it at all? My current hypothesis is that we are all connected and each one of us (to varying degree) has the ability to tap into that collective consciousness that resides outside of space/time. Tragedies are like ripples (think a proverbial pebble dropped in a pond) that move out from its center concentrically.

It is those ripples that are easier for some of us to pick up on. They are not meant to contain the solution to the imminent event, simply that is is going to occur.

Thanks again and take care!
LightMight (1 stories) (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-27)
Hi Aros,

Your premonitions are extraordinary and a bit frightening!

Similarly, I've had several of my own experiences since childhood, yet usually they involve my family and/or friends. One in particular though happened in an area that I've never been to, with people I've never met. It was a series of visions that happened while I was on my commute home from work one morning in 2007. The visions were of people driving over a bridge in traffic, then complete chaos erupts when the bridge begins to collapse. The visions were so horrible that I took the next exit (off ramp) and drove to the nearest parking lot, so that I could park and pull myself together before finishing the drive home. That afternoon, I saw national news that a bridge collapsed in downtown Minneapolis, with many injuries and several fatalities. I have no idea why these visions came to me; I don't know anyone who lives in Minnesota and I've never traveled to that state (I lived in Washington)...

The other thing that bothered me about these visions was the fact that there is no way that I could've helped or warned any of the people involved, so what was the point of having these premonitions if they served no apparent purpose?

What I find to be frustrating about the premonitions I've had, is that when I've tried to warn the people involved in my visions or dreams, I'm usually not taken seriously...

Take care!

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