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My Mum's Premonitions


This happened in 2005 when my mother went to Oman and was working there as a Nursing Professor. Around a week before 13th February'2005, my mother went to sleep at night around 1AM. She had a dream where she was at her Parents' home in Delhi, India. She saw her father, her first eldest paternal male cousin and one of her uncles sitting together talking to each other and laughing. Now the weirdest thing was she could see them in a bright glowing appearance and they looked very young. They all looked as if they are barely in their 20s and yet, they exchanged few words to others and were all buddy buddy with each other in the dream. Then the trio turned towards mum and my grandpa said only one thing "Shob thik hoye jaabe ma." (It means everything will be alright my dear in Bengali). The dreams ends there. My mother wakes up and feels a bit odd. She gave a call back to my dad and then called my granny. Everything was alright at that time.

Now cut to 13th February. I went to hospital to visit my Dadu (grandpa) who got admitted to a hospital after relapse of Pneumonia within a week. After seeing him at the hospital, when we left, the roads were stuck due to traffic and muddiness due to rain. It was raining so hard that my brother missed one of the turns which leads to our home and came back to the same point which was near the hospital. It happened thrice and finally we ended up at home. The moment we reached home, our phone was ringing and I picked up. I still remember that it was my dad giving us the bad news that I lost my Daadu. He passed away between 6:30 to 7PM. Then right after that call, within next few minutes my mother called from Oman asking me if gramps is okay. I told her to call my aunt who was there at the hospital. Of course, she finally got the news and within a span of less of than 12 hours, she got the visa and flight ticket on a weekend when everything in the ministry was closed. There was a person whom my mother personally knew, who worked in the Visa and Immigration Office. He got all her papers filled and submitted and got her flight tickets... Everything happened smoothly when we didn't expected. Personally even today, I feel my Daadu wanted his first born girl child near him in his rites and this is the reason without any hassles, she got into the flight that evening itself.

Now my mother actually had a premonitory dream or experience before my gramps even passed. A night before 13th Feb, my mum was on the brink of falling asleep in front of her TV, when she felt a hand rubbing her forehead and then caressing her head. The entity sat beside where her head was on the couch and told her it would be alright. I will always be with you. My mother realised that it's her dad's voice telling her and she had a tear rolled down from one of her eyes. She woke up and wasn't feeling well for the entire night and the following day as well. Of course, her first dream eerily came true which she never thought it would. Her closest male cousin, the eldest one whom she saw in the dream I mentioned in the beginning of this post, passed away after a week from my Daadu's death. Then two more weeks passed away and the uncle whom she saw in the dream, crossed the rainbow bridge as well...

A couple of months later, she had another premonition dreams where she saw her maternal aunt. Her aunt passed away within the next two days. We never saw that coming. But she passed away peacefully. In 2014, in a dream my mum saw my aunty, her own sister asking for rice and fish as she is craving for food. My aunt was already suffering from Neuro endocrine cancer for the first few months of that year. The doctor already informed us that the cancer is in Meta stage so we knew that she doesn't have much time left. So a day later when she passed away, my mother said the first thing to my uncle upon visiting my aunt's place in Jodhpur for the funeral rites, that to ensure that food is kept beside her body. Usually we keep fruits, incense, honey, and other stuff in our Buddhist funeral rites but this time, we also kept rice and fish as well for the peace of her soul.

My mother always had a strong sense of instinct ever since she was a child, but her premonitions became stronger after her father passed away. She even tells me that there are times when Grandpa still visits her in dreams. So I told her that he is her guardian angel now. I got such an amazing smile from her and told her maybe that's what he meant when he visited you in dreams even before leaving the mortal world. I was in a dilemma to write this post or not. There were tons of reasons for not doing so but then something kept telling me to do this in my mind. Writing this brought tears to my eyes as well because I indeed miss him. I miss his voice and sometimes I feel that he is truly not gone. Also I had requested the story to be published both in psychic experiences and YGS as well, as I was bit confused where to put the story in which category. If it gets published in any of them, its alright then. But something tells me that it would be in the psychic experiences. I will get to know once it gets published though...

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