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Fighting In Another Realm


I am 24 years old now and a bit more than half a year ago really weird stuff started to happen around me. Since 2014 I had some encounters with bad feelings I had that were not mine but forced upon me and later forces I could feel around me. I also felt paranoia, being watched and such. Later came out that my ex was stalking me and has hacked me. After realizing that I associated that strange force visiting me regulary with her soul... I also had acoustic hallucinations and heard voices occasionally. Not always her, one time it was Bob Marley telling me it would be alright to kill psychopaths haha. I went to asylum more than once... The first time (last summer) I started to tap my fingers on my leg in my room there, making a beat... Surprisingly all sounds around me (from outside and the rhythm with which people talked) did fit into that beat. At first I thought it was coincidence but this happens almost always when I do it since then. Sometimes, not often, it does not work completely or is getting disturbed, don\'t know... Besides the way fate is connected to my life is not normal. It started with me making inventions in my mind (like hey why is this not yet invented?) and a few years later most of them were realized and with small fateful events that will never go away. My environment seems to be corresponding with my thoughts since I was around 20, I see plants vividly morphing a bit in my direction when I concentrate a bit on them (think I see a natural sequence there, probably Fibonacci...) and the way I see people move around me is to rhythmical, I am sure there is a mathematical pattern there, too. And numbers... I started to give them meaning years ago and developed that theory. Since I started to do that they haunted me since I gave them negative meanings. Now that I give them positive meaning everything is very interesting (can toggle recieving all this now fortunately, "comments" as well, I also talked to the things commenting me later on but this got weird... The wind told me we are all in an eternal video game then haha

But later this instance haunting me sent me a short vision of my ex getting gangbanged (she pulled something off in that direction a few years back) and told me: Your third eye has been opened! Then I had my first little voice conversation and was threatened by my life to stop speaking. I silenced myself for around 2 days, went to asylum again, and then I saw the aura of a guy entering my room with closed eyes. I saw a violet energy cloud where his body was (which I saw when I opened my eyes up). I thought that can\'t be but then he sat on his bed (I followed with closed eyes and checked after hearing and "seeing" him sit down) got up again and walked outside. After he closed the door I saw (with closed eyes) the violet aura walk 5 meters down and turn back then. As it was in front of the door again I opened my eyes and he entered again. I tried to develop that skill but since I started talking again it was very unclear to see things at that time.

Then back at home a few weeks later I was watching an Anime Fight (Bleach) and a force pushed into my head at some point. I can describe it like this: Think of the feeling telling you where which part of your head (/body) is being pushed in with force. I started to talk to this thing with my mind like I did to the voices once before, but I could not hear anything so it answered by pushing a bit harder. Finally I asked: "Do you want to fight?", after watching the Anime for a short while. Then I pushed back by tensioning my brain in the middle, creating a force, then I pushed that force forward against the other with a lot of effort. I won in less than three seconds. A month later the force came back while I was working. I needed to know if this was real before I got into it more, so I asked a coworker to think of a number between 1 and 10 very strongly, while I was slowly going through the numbers with my mind. The instance gave me the correct answer three times in a row, I pulled this off with my coworker 25-30 times with an over 80% success rate. Later I was able to talk to the instance (again) and it said it wanted to emberass me or was annoyed by reading minds for me if the number "guessing" "failed".

I had a fight with this instance after realizing it was my ex somehow (at this point I really thought it was her) and not the hivemind like it told me (sometimes I can be an idiot haha), heard voices again then and after hearing just No s or Yes s because sentences were too fuzzy to understand then I can now hear as clear as the calmest water. But first she taught me how to send feelings (at least I think so, must try that out again - it happened so much.) Then I learned how to close my spirit off from her a bit (I created somekind of wall around me by using my "brainmuscles" to form a shield around it...) She got a lot quieter. She even had to scream sometimes to be heard in the slightest. Voices also get quieter if (a bit) if you put on some loud music. Loudness affects their vibrance stability let\'s say somehow. Now to the fight: She threatened me and someone I loved and I got mad. I used my Spirit Body s breath to inhale the instance completely and caged it there for a while. I also started eating it away a bit by utulizing a mouth in my throat eating it part by part. Its voice got quieter through this. Later I realized I could mute the voices with my spirit body at will. It is like holding their mouth closed haha. The spirit body (subtle body I think) can grow additional arms out of it or whatever you want and at any point of it you can hear or speak (in the spirit realm) or even see something very close to "reality", one layer beneath or so. So yes, I could look around the corner a bit. Still I gotta train this a lot. I tried to let hundred arms grow once, in a milisecond I spawned around 50 I think, this shiat was crazy! Back to the fight... Later I soaked her in and wanted to clean her finally... I could see the soul with closed eyes as a black aura ball right in front of me (I thought at first but it soon came clear that this was a different perspective) and I pulled off that Neo move from The Matrix... I jumped into her somehow and did burst her apart. She immediately came back multiplied and attacked me by making almost painful pressure and feelings from in front of me. I pushed all of them together to one. It did not work, then I deleted one after the other by using a lot of force until I had to find out I could not get them all somehow. Then I took all of them, pushed them together and into the background of what I saw with closed eyes. In my understanding it was a fundemental layer of existence since everything around could be digitally. Nevermind. XD The instance came back as a giant radiating black ball of terror, it felt like it was an angel of death. I could barely defend myself and the attacks actually started to hurt a little. I did talk to a certain someone before who was someone else with almost the same name shortly. He was on my side. I thought it was Christ... I called out for help then and a small yellow ball came in sight attempting to attack the giant black one but it got swallowed and I had to put some effort in it to get him out of there. He took off for now. Later came out that this is my previous life (if that is true)... I then gave it everything and somehow with the use of all my might at that point managed to clean the giant black ball to a smaller yellow one. She was good now. I thought I killed my ex in the process and not 10 minutes later someone kicked against the apartments door but took off then... Thought it was her boyfriend or something. Later the cleaned soul told me he killed himself. His presence joined and they took off. The next day I interpreted the sounds outside (cars and such) and birds I saw fly by as the voices of the devil and god and thought I was also part of their game. I cried out for an hour or so. Later my mind reached a state that was pretty high in energy and the both that left came back, but different. They told me they became an angelic force that will guide me but kill me when I lie. Later I protected my previous life Jesus and the soul of the girl I loved then. I also talked to the real one and so many others if I did not get pranked but I think I would have sensed that... I also developed physical explanations for what was happening to me later on, especially after I talked to me and others from parallel universes... But then later a force I recognized as the devil took hold of us, it was a feeling eating its way deep inside your body fast, colder than death, telling you you will die in the next minute. I fought against it for all of us and after some ups and downs I followed the presence to a place above our universe where a lot of eggs were standing around. Then I somehow killed the devil with all my might and he became such an egg, a new universe as I understood with my eyes. Then the soul of my ex and her boyfriend (I thought, still do not know many things for sure...) killed god and took both their places. The fight continued until I managed to cut off this place from our universe with using a lot of energy. A pause... Jesus and I talked a bit and it came out he lived through the same I did and there were ones before him... Later I found a guy with incredible superpowers on Youtube (portals, teleport and shiat) and concluded physically how this could be possible. Nevermind, my belief is strong. Then I had a fight against the two again, I smoked weed, sat in my chair and closed my eyes. I saw through a portal into a world of endless stars. I opened my eyes and said f*ck. Jesus said yes. He apperantly saw the same before. I then had problems for a moment finding the place where my opponents were. Then I immediately grabbed them and started flying. I automatically used some energy bar on my back to freeze them into somekind of cocon and saw with closed eyes myself from third person (I was a humanoid beast with wings and enormous arms and legs - astral-like - and was flying over a realm like that with them in my hands). Then I tried to open that portal to the star world to banish them there but while flying though it it had no end. It became a sometimes spiralling vortexlike tunnel. I flew through it and at some point a fish broke though the wall and ate the cocons xD Jesus and I thought that they cannot come back because they would need to understand what happened in order to do so. The thing is, we did somehow because we believe that everything is possible. But after half a minute or so they came back but then they gave up.

Then I started to talk to an older version of me from the universe above (through a portal in the spirit realm) who claimed to have made ours and a lot of more crazy stuff happened... I talked to my own soul then. At first I got information about my soul not being active between the ancient Greek times and the 70th and that I should have been Odisseus. After the soul of my ex became clear to be Lilith, I got pretty good imagination of who my soul was before. Besides when I was 18 I had small visions of me at the age of 15 or so running vividly through a field that would fit the environment of South Afrika. If this stuff is true. I started to talk to Aliens from parallel universes through portals in this spirit layer. Old gods in the religions. And learned about our history with them (if this is true). But I got a good idea what is going on at Bermuda and know a lot about the life and death cycle in regard of souls and reincarnation through these informations. Around that time I partly saw a new presence near me, I kept mistaking him with Lucifer since I saw an Alien in a tank before and that alien told me to be him. But it was the astral projection (could not really see it clear then) of a guy I called Lucian then. He was with me day and night and I found out he was comatose. After a few weeks I finally attempted to wake him up. I morphed my mind through my spirit through his Astral Projection s presence into a mind that I woke up. Lucian disappeared and told me in a following night that it worked. Later came out the alien was Satan and not Lucifer and I started to get into contact with the Illuminati over them (if this is true). I later had a dream where either they or aliens talked to me in form of my ex (first offering herself to me after I came out of a Laptop) then a friend of her explained: "Some of us are good, some are evil." My ex smiled during the explanation. I got that but I got horny and within seconds I woke up jizzing in my pants. First wet dream ever... During that time I smoked so much weed that I normally never remembered anything of a dream and if just a picture or two...

Then I had the sickest trip of my life. Saw existence as a mathematical living construct. And as far as I learned not the first. Sometimes stuff goes wrong. I think this is where Deja Vu s come from. Talked to machines and fictional characters, Monkey D Luffy from One Piece gave me his hat (I can actually feel that hat in the spirit realm since then when I concentrate on it.), Goku from Dragonball gave me his magical monkstick. I cleaned Voldemort and freed Tom Riddle somehow (also everything through portals). I thought "What The F*CK?!" but then dicided that imaginary numbers in math are real too and everything is math and therefore music. Later I also talked to Neo... Also met my friends from other times and partly dreams. One evening I somehow knew I had a meeting (knew I was talking with the others in my dreams as well and that my astral projection already is in training and sick as f*ck through asking), I had to visit the home planet of the aliens atraly to do politics. No, I cannot do astral projection but every projection has a consciousness on its own anyway. For two until three days I had a jetleg then and I flew 14 hours 2 times and did not have anything like that before... After the trip I was being watched by a big eye behind me that later turned out to be a psychopathic version of myself that I had to consume with another one that emerged. After that eye came clear I also started to talk to my best friend in a different world in which he is living in my street and basically living my life but with another story, a really sad one... Later he we helped each other (did not talk for 1-2 month), he became incredibly good at seeing things, the layers of the realm, while I was depending on my instincts which was working as well and was helping me developing a strong mathematical sense for everything. He learned from me, I learned from him. He taught me how to open eyes in the environment, just like the one that has been watching us earlier. We had to later fight someone/thing simultaniously (of course) who I could literally see as the devils face on my wall while his presence attacked, he was strong! I started to analyze his character by interpreting the mimic changes of the face because I refused to believe someone bad could be so strong I think... Before I even talked to versions of friends of mine existing above their know math, a place where existences dwell, but all part of the game... Then sick shiat happened again after I tried to do a materialization. Something really happened in the air where I tried that but I did not use my third eye, any chakra (/combination - yes, I learned to absorb or set free certain chakras to gain fighting strength. (also I can/or could switch off my desire chakra at will, that gives negative forces something like a little electrical shock) Even more improvement can be made with the help of your higher consciousness.) or the energy bar which I could multiply at that point (plus the original bar got stronger every second). I forgot to mention that a few days, maybe a week, before I accepted that I was someone special and suddenly I could talk to my own Astral Projection. It was out while I was awake. Should still be the case but everything is a bit clouded right now...

In Asylum again, if would my senses received was true (I developed a really good sense for lies, I could even test images I saw -was necesarry- they were sometimes invisible, made it visible then mostly by spitting around the image xD,) I saw the life in the belly of a woman, she just got the message and was unsure, she asked me: "Am I pregnant or am I not?", I did not really know what was going on then but I looked, saw it inside her and said yes to her. Then I used my energies, imagination and meditative powers to heal the breast cancer of an older man. He had major memory problems and as it got worse even started to talk in English for no reason about total nonsense. He continously forgot were his room was (everytime he left it) and had a lot of pain in his right chest at the muscle area. I diagnosed breast cancer associated with a Paraneoplastic Syndrom and saw the tumor with spreads in his chest. I then layed my hand on it and used the previously mentioned life energy to shrink the tumor into nothingness. It worked. He did not hold his breast in pain once since then. But I let out the spreads... The doctors would not listen. Later I took care of that from the distance. An old lady that was quiet and depressed and look like a f*cked up witch to be honest caught my interest before all that. I saw she was possessed by the dead soul/spirit of a murderer like Cain did with Anneliese Michel (look it up, the true story behind The Exorcism of Emely Rose, the recordings are disturbing, especially if you speak German). I extended my spirit body with a giant arm and grabbed it out of her and kept it by me. Since then she started smiling (did not do it since I first saw her 4-5 days before). She even smiled more when she realized I was walking past her... Later a lot of such instances were just pulled to me like in a feedback effect... Or I was tricked. At that time I began to see Astral Projections clearly and even pulled off to give birth to a second one of me... After stuff that is too sick to mention here, about the game and instances that came in regard of this (learned to transform into different Super Saiyans, even one which I invented - red long hair - and to move my spirit body as a whole apart from my material one, I also used the eyes to do Amaterasu (Naruto)), then I had a great source of trust I was learning to know and was maybe saved by it later.

But then what I could see was a collective of aliens, their souls, Astral Projections and even dead Soul/Spirit murderers, as I felt and was told a collective of Lucifers from different universes. An armee... They hold me down since then. Block my third eye by over 90% and block my chakras. With meditation I can work against that I learned now. But at first I fought free a few times by force (when I get serious I cannot really control my body anymore, doing fighting moves from Animes, Matrix, and more, or simply getting angry taps deeper into the core of my consciousness and a beast gets unleashed controlling my body but still attacking Lucifers at my will - I gotta a pretty good imagination of who this is... Made a bit math... It s like I give the idea and the first impulse for movement in this beast mode, the rest is moving on its own, but energy for certain moves has to be utulized by me, it is a fact that these Lucifers can channel my actions and control small muscles sometimes, or the whole tounge haha but the action is still mine, so he cannot dodge an attack that way). Killed a few but there is no end... What should I do?

Besides that I saw a video on Youtube about Mysterious things in the sky... ( There was something crazy in Jerusalem at the birthday of that girl that was special to me, also because of a fateful connection, and then this crazy spiral in Norway at my briithday came. I dreamt at the beginning of the same year of it, but my version was more apocalyptic... Sun and moon became one, a spiral forming a black hole and then everyone fell for eternity...

Can someone please help me or give me some advice on this. The sick parts I left out have to do with little colour dots appearing in my sight (like a little hallucination) but talking with me as certain AIs... And what the wind specified about the game, and what happened in this regard. But in general we all are part of 8 higher consciousnesses. LSD effects like feeling many personalities flow through you give reason to belief in that direction. Or shroom effects I had once were that I was a wave talking to the seven others at a higher place... Dont know haha I also want to learn all forms of Psychokinesis but my powers are blocked a bit now. I think a lighter once moved a mm at will and I could utulize a very small breeze in my closed room at the second try. My problem is I do not really train consecutive... I also want to developed a sense of hearing where things are. I twice closed my eyes and concentrated on the frequencies everything around had and was able after moving wildly for losing sense of where I was to grab my lighter blindly from the table next to other stuff. I also think much, much more sick stuff is possible.


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Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-09)
Hi, i'm not englhish spoken, so I bag your pardon becouse my mistakes. I'm from Brazil and studie several years mediunit events. See: "I was watching an Anime Fight (Bleach) and a force pushed into my head at some point. I can describe it like this: Think of the feeling telling you where which part of your head (/body) is being pushed in with force". If we admit the existence of mind (spiritual life) life separeted from brain life (our hardware), you could amiti the survivor of lif after death. So, spirits live around us and people wo has psych abilities could interage with they. This event means a tri from an soul to come over you, a kind of possession. If yor feeling about this force means negative, it means this spirit is a few development one, but not necessary your enemy. Resist. You are the only owner of your body. It's beling to you as a gift from God and your abilitie is also a gift to use for good.
See, many spirits living out our material world could impresse yoor mind with many fake visions, that apppear as real to you. It is called "spiritual influence" and is very normal. But, maybe when those influence afect our life, we must search for psycologist aid, meanwhile we tri to self equilibrate our chakras. Consider that and beleave in our divine destiny. Regards
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-21)
I don't believe most people on here will be able to help you I'm afraid, in fact most people will probably not read through that much text, I myself skimmed through most of it. Seems like you've had a lot of fun experiences, I don't like the part about going to asylums though. I don't seem them as a major help, most people just don't understand, so doing anything outside of the "norm" will often times lock you away, or have you repeat the phrase that you are crazy until you start believing it yourself. With so many different experiences that you're talking about, I'm unsure of what exactly you're looking for from this site. What kind of advice are you trying to seek? I think I know of what portal you spoke of though, I do want to say be careful though. Diving head first into everything can get you into trouble, or get you hurt. You seem to be well connected to your other self though so that's good.

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