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Twinflame Pre-recognition Or Just Another Coincidence?


I needed a holiday. I was exhausted from my busy work scheds, health issues and as well as unwanted personal experiences.

I was planning my holiday and my top destination choices did not worked out, as well as with my bestfriends. After 2 months of planning and re-planning, going to Portugal was my last and impulsive choice. Seems like I was drawn there.

6 months before, I had this trip, I was seeing 11:11 all the time. In the clock of my phone. I even tried to keep the screenshots. I have even asked a spiritual friend as well. And it is somehow a sign.

When I arrived Portugal, the first night, I dreamt that I will find my "Prince Charming." I did not take it seriously, I thought, I was watching a lot of Netflix Series. I had a weird experience as I arrived there. Seems like I do not have enough energy. After, 5 nights of staying in Lisbon, I flew to the islands. I needed Nature. This was a coincidence again. I took this flight since, our Italian trip with my best friends was cancelled. As I arrived in the hostel, the bed I booked in a hostel was not available and the hostel staff moved me to another room. I had a feeling, I won't be alone in this trip. After my first night, I asked to move to another bed next to mine in the dorm. There was no electric socket where I can charge my phone.

The next day, I went hiking alone.

During the hike in a very beautiful hiking trail, I felt that I should let go of the past experiences that had really pull out a lot of good vibes. I did. I felt something beautiful is coming that I have to let go of the things that bothered me.

As I arrived at the hostel's dorm, after the hike, there was a guy sitting on the opposite bed next to mine. Before he have spoken any word to me, I knew his nationality, his profession. I recognize him like, I knew him. His face, how he looks like and I knew also that he has a girlfriend. And to my surprise, I was right when he disclosed the infos. But, the instant we met, we became inseparable. He follows me around and planned the next day with me together. The first thing I noticed, we had the same shoes and the same windbreaker. We both brought our art stuff so we can paint too. We did painted together. After getting to know him, he is like my mirror. He has the same hobby as I do, we wanted to study the same career path but financially we cannot afford it, we share the same passion in arts, he finish my sentences, he could read what I am thinking. Our professions is the same study but he is on the academic side and mine on arts. As we further talked, the most bizarre is that we both got sick on the same date with the same symptoms, we painted again in the same week after a long break of not painting. How bizarre! I have not met a person like him.

There were days when we decided to visit places apart but at the end of the day we meet at an unusual place in the city and we walk together to our hostel. I can somehow decipher his feelings and I knew that somehow in those days, he was trying to distance from me because he is committed to a relationship. But I knew that at the end, he will be pulled to me and he does. He would always sit close to me with our bodies touching. The silence when we do not talk is just beautiful and peaceful. We spend our evenings drinking local wine, and cooking together. We parted as well in the same day because we coincidentally both booked a flight in the same day going back to our countries. And to my realization, I normally book flights back on the end of the week but, I just booked this flight impulsively without thinking. He told me, he will visit me soon as we parted, though he said that my country was not on his lists of destinations but he changed his mind. Our flight home is just one hour apart. I knew he will communicate with me. I do not like to write at first since he has a girlfriend. I was thinking of him and the wonderful time together and I knew when I arrive home, I will hear from him. The first message when I opened my phone was his. His thoughtfulness and nice words. I knew we will be together again. Someday, in a right time.

I stopped communicating on his last message since I felt, his girlfriend is around. I would feel bad as a woman as well. I have never felt so at home with a person, knowing him for just a week. I did not feel jealous as well for the first time that he has a girlfriend. Seems like an unconditional love. Since we parted, I almost dreamt of him almost every night. I decided to keep a journal of the dreams. I feel also my crown chakra tingling every time I think of him.

I have never experienced this kind of experience.

Since we parted, good things happened to my career path. I am more happier and contented and whole. More inspired.

I know it is not a mere coincidence. I had a feeling I met my twinflame but he was not ready to recognize since he is involve in a relationship.

If someone could give me an insight and advice how to communicate in a spiritual level, I would be glad. I would love to hear your experiences as well.

Thank you very much and lots of love.

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JeccaN (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-06-02)
Wow it sounds like you have had a very special experience indeed. I would say that this man is almost definitely a "soul mate" to you and that most likely your meeting one another and having the experiences you have had with one another in this life (so far at least) was something that the two of you planned before either of you was born. This is why there is that destiny or fate feeling element to your meeting and experiences togehter. Without weighing into any debate about twin flames (do they exist, if so what are they, etc...) it is my belief that there are people we are instantly familiar with, who shape and alter our lives in some significant way who we just seem to be destined to meet and I would call those people "soul mates" and often there is an important lesson to learn through them and then they are gone. Meaning we are only meant to have them in our lives for a certain amount of time to learn something and then we move on. Then it seems that, in this life, some people find their very special "twin flame" soul mate or other half, whatever you want to call it- another soul who "completes" them in a sense and they can go on to have a very special, lifelong relationship together (although most often this does not happen right away after the first meeting with them). I admire your attitude, I think it is the right one to have, and certainly says that you are ready to have the experience of your twin flame coming into your life. One thing I read in reference to twin flames once has always rang true to me for some reason is "your twin flame will never lead you into infidelity, they won't "take" you from or have any part of you hurting someone else or break up a current relationship. They will continue on their own life journey, and accept that when the time is right, you will be together if that is what is meant to be in this life"
Enia (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-02-17)
[at] KiKiGirl wow thank you. Your parent's story is very inspiring. I am glad that this happen to them. I know that this is such a special, bizarre experience for me. But I do not want to get in between him and his girlfriend... But I knew him the instant I saw him. I am just asking for more guidance spiritually but, I have to keep the happiness I have in my heart and keep wishing him well either we will be together or not:) loads of love:))
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
6 years ago (2017-02-15)
Enia, you are so lucky! To meet such a wonderful guy and to know beforehand that you will meet this person that makes you feel such a way - so strong, and such a connection is rare in this world, so, so rare. I do not know how to help you, but, I can tell you that the way you describe this man is the way my parents are. They have been married my whole life, 35 + years and they still love each other, they have been through good times and bad times, and they will always stick together because they have that "special" connection.

The night that my Father met my Mother, they were not married, they just happened to meet out one night. My Father recognized my Mother straight away and knew, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever met and that she was so different to other people in a special way that he had been looking for. They had not planned to meet and were introduced through friends. When my Father walked into his house that night, his Mother/My GrandMother said, "That is the girl you are going to marry".

And that was that! They went through a lot before they got married, but, they did get married and they still are, today.

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