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A Warning From Another Dimension Saved My Sister


This happened about 10 years ago.

Me and my 2 sisters were all in our early to mid 20's and living at home with my parents. They owned a massive house with 5 rooms and to be honest after Uni it was just cheaper to live with them while saving money for a deposit to buy a place.

My younger sister was 23 and applying to medical school - having completed a degree in Pharmacology and I was older and working. To give some context my sister had her own room in this house, as did I and my other sister. My mum slept in her own room and my dad has his room too.

One night I was in my room with the door closed - I was getting ready for bed when I heard a voice saying ' mummy' twice, in a loud whisper - right outside my room. It sounded like my younger sister - though I could also have been my other sister - they sounded the same to me! I knew it must have been one of them - so I thought about it for a bit but didn't react - I just went to bed

The next day I told my sister I'd heard her calling for mum v late at night and she said it wasn't her as she didn't get home until the morning. I then asked my other sister and she hadn't been home either. This was creepy.

My younger sister thought it was odd but I have heard 'voices' calling my name before and have had other weird experiences.

The night after I heard the voice my younger sister was in her room - it was 2am - she started to think about the voice I'd heard the night before. Now my little sister in those days was quite superstitious and scared of creepy things like this... The more she thought about the voice I'd heard, the more scared she became. After a little while thinking she decided she was too scared to sleep in her room so she went into mum's room and slept there. She didn't do this often but it's not unusual for her to do it sometimes.

The next morning she woke and went into her room. The window was open (she hadn't locked it) and when she looked down at floor by her bed she found a drivers licence with a photo and name of a young looking man.

Her apple laptop (in those days v pricey and I guess coveted) was still on her bed. The police were called and came over and found prints etc

This guy had basically broken into her room / goodness knows to do what? Not theft certainly... But thanks to the voice I'd heard she had been too scared to stay there that night! Freaked out by me thinking I'd heard her outside my room

2 years later the police told her this man had been arrested for another crime and they took another statement from her

Her room overlooked the street so with the blinds open he wld have been able to see her and her bedroom window was accessible from the back garden

What I am wondering is what was this? Obviously had he found her in the room she wld have been fast asleep (she was and still is a v heavy sleeper) so maybe wld have stayed sleeping as he entered the room - and goodness knows what wld have happened? How her life would have been different (the following week she had an interview for medical school - which was successful)

Anyway - we were talking about this last night so I thought I'd ask this website for opinions?

Am I psychic? Sixth sense? Was it another entity or dimension? Whoever or whatever it was it knew my sister was a scaredy cat and wld have been freaked out enough to leave her room

Whatever it was it was NOT coincidence.

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-22)
I don't know who or what you heard

But thankfully you did... It would have been more frightening it seems if you hadn't

It seems your sister has an angel looking out for her

Though I would say fallow your instinks, I believe those with abilities know better of what they sence feel hear and so forth more than any one

Though good luck on your journey finding answers... Thanks for sharing I found it very very very fasinating

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