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Telekinetic Or Spiritual Powers


Tonight, I was sitting in my room and there was a battery on the floor and it just zoomed under my couch on its own so I was looking at the couch and then it came flying back out, no logical explanation, so I told my mum and she's always been a very spiritual and woke person, so she told me that I could have telekinetic powers and it used to happen to her when she was younger, she used to also study witchcraft and told me her and a group of her friends successfully levitated, so lately over the last few days prior to the event I'd been looking at telekinesis training and development, then this happens, and she tells me I could have telekinetic powers, so I looked it up and came across this site, I looked into some stories and heard a few encounters of people controlling weather and clouds, which reminded me of a few weeks earlier, I was sitting at a park just looking at the clouds and whatever animal or creature I imagined it looked similar to it started changing into that animal and a quite accurate depiction of it, then they basically all turned into animals and creatures with faces and they kind of of ate or killed each other and I just had bad vibes and bad feelings throughout my body, I kind of felt fear, and ever since then things out of the ordinary have been happening, things they can't be explained by science or physics, some sort of supernatural power or entity was evolved, and I've always been a skeptic, never believed in such things but lately I've been researching and all of a sudden these things start happening to me, my mum's been telling me a lot about it so yeah, anyone got any opinions? Cause I'm genuinely confused and scared but also pretty excited.

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