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Red Glitter


Recently this strange thing has been happening to me that involves red glitter. I have no way in the world to get red glitter on my body physically because there is no object or material made with red glitter around me at all. None of my artwork on my wall has red glitter not even any of my clothing. I've searched high and low for where it might be coming from but nothing was found, but I keep finding red glitter in my curly hair and it's always close to my scalp of my hair and I have really dense thick curly hair. And the area where this red glitter appears is always in the front of my hair close to my hairline. This has also been going on for at least longer than a month right about now. It is placed in a very visible spot where I can't miss seeing it if I touch my hair. I also do my hair like every other day so it make no sense why it would still be there and keep reappearing. Some of the things I've come across have been pointing that it could have to do with my inspiration being at a high. I'm a very imaginative person I've always been since I was a kid it's the one thing about me that hasn't changed and for my age I'm 19 but my imagination runs rapid like a young child still. One of the things that kind of stood out to me on here is that people have said their children have been interacting with these glittering red beings that shapeshift into people's faces but I doubt it has to do anything with my situation. So if anyone thinks that they might have an explanation or a encounter with something similar to this please feel free to reply.

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