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Red Laser Light Spirit?


Me and my grandma have recently moved into a new apartment and we have lived here for about 2 months. Recently we were both sitting in the living room at night and on the wall we see a tiny red flash of light. Almost as if someone had a laser pointer, but it's more of a flash than a perfect circle. It's lighter at the center and VERY tiny. It doesn't move, it is just a flash of light, it isn't consistent and there is nothing in the living room that would cause a red light to randomly flash on the wall. So that has happened a few times and we kind of brush it off, but suddenly I\'m starting to feel like someone is with me at all times. I have been scared and have been sleeping with a lamp on every night because I have been seeing the tiny red lights (they are also white sometimes)

Two nights ago my grandma was laying in bed and she saw the red and white lights again in her room for the first time, they were on her wall. There is nothing in her room that is lit up at night except for her alarm clock which doesn't face the wall and only has green lights on it. She wanted to be sure it wasn't maybe just something wrong with her eyes so she recorded it on her phone and we have a video of these lights. She saw them again in her room last night, on the same wall but a different spot. The weird part is when I sent these videos to MY phone from her phone the red lights do not show up in the video. But they do in her phone. And we have both seen these with our real eyes. I don't feel scared anymore, I don't feel anything evil, I have been researching and researching for answers and it is driving me mad, I just want to understand this

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varg (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-19)
Hello there! Listen I had experienced the exact same thing than you and I wonder if you get any extra info... In any case its interesting to know that I<m not the only one (and my girlfriend) to see these stranges red lazer light! I can tell you my story if you want to exchange! (Sorry for my english I come from Quebec and I usually speak french)

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