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Red Eyes Of Misfortune Yet Luck


This is not just merely a story, but something that affected my whole life.

I don't remember how old I was when it started, probably somewhere around the age of 6-8 but ever since that day, or better said night, things have changed drastically. I earlier read something about a person who at the age of 6 dreamed a shadow with red eyes looking at them. Something similar has happened to me and that's why I am submitting that on this page now. Around the age of 6-8 I was casually sleeping in my bed like a normal child, then all of a sudden in the middle of the night I woke up, I didn't have a strange feeling or anything, at least not yet I didn't know what time it was then, but my mom was already asleep which meant it was already past 1am.

Back to the topic, when I woke up I sat up to see a pair of red eyes in front of my bed staring into my eyes, I was scared yet confused, not a single tone came out of my mouth, I couldn't look away from it, I was somehow fascinated and kept looking at it, I closed my eyes for less than a second and the red "lights" in front of my bed were gone, I had no electronic device in my room back then since I wasn't allowed to have them in my room, I went back to sleep, but I wasn't able to stop thinking about it throughout the rest of my life. Not a long time later, I woke up too late to get to school, we had gym class and I really didn't want to miss it, so I took my bike and made my way to the school, on the way there was a short traffic cross-walk with a car waiting to pass the stop sign, however this car was right on top of the traffic walk and I didn't see any other car so I wanted to drive around the car and that's where it happened, suddenly a car came and crashed into me with quite the amount of speed.

I flew over the car but landed unharmed with just a few scratches on my hand (the usual falling scratches that burn as hell) A postman who knew my mom witnessed it and helped me up, he took my bike and said he'd drive me back home, but I just got up in such a rush because I didn't want to be late to school and ran away. The next day the woman that hit me with the car went to the store my mom was working at and asked her if I was her son since we lived in the same neighborhood, my mom obviously said yes and the woman told her what happened. She said that she never has seen something like this, she said that when she hit me with the car, it looked like I was being carried over the car and softly put down on the floor again, also maybe worth mentioning is that it was her birthday when that happened and she started to debate to stop driving.

From that moment on I started to have many different accidents, I broke my right wrist about 4 times at almost the same place, I almost got hit by other multiple cars including a few trucks, I almost broke my neck two times while snowboarding but ended up being okay every time, I got scars no one was able to explain where they came from and a few of them are burn scars, I started to realize that every time I tried to cross the street, either a single or a rush of cars suddenly drove by, no matter how quite the streets were, sometimes my head started to feel dizzy or it started to ache really bad, whenever babies were crying or just in general whenever I approached a baby they immediately went quiet and just kept on staring straight at me, those are the things I am able to remember that happened to me.

About one or less than a year I was at a festival with my parents, some things happened and me and my stepdad got into an argument that later on almost evolved into a fight if that one thing didn't happen. My stepdad took me by my neck and was about to choke me, I've never seen him that angry and all because I stepped on the back of his shoes accidentally a few times, that's when I got angrier than I've ever been. I lost all control of my body and mind and from that moment on I didn't know what happened, all I knew was that I came back to myself realizing that I was crying and somewhere walking in the city with the intention to go home with the train.

When I got home my parents tried to talk about that incident and I told them that I can't remember anything that happened, so they explained it to me. They said that I went completely crazy, that I started laughing maniacally and said things like "come on, go ahead and choke me, come on and do it, you know you'll regret it" They said that I had that huge grin on my face and tears were streaming out of my eyes, she said that the person she looked at was no longer the child she knew anymore but a whole complete different person, not only her but every single person that witnessed this were scared of me.

That's where I started to question myself in general. I don't know what that is that happened to me, but I think it all comes together with the day I saw those red eyes. If anyone knows something or can help, please do so, I want to know what that is and why those things are happening to me because when my mom told me that I was even scared of myself.

Maybe worth mentioning is that before I saw those eyes, when I was still in preschool I once drowned, I was brought to the hospital unconscious and I woke up the day my great grandfather died.

The reason I chose the title "Red eyes of misfortune and luck" was because so many things happened to me where I could've died but still survived.

Sorry for potential grammar mistakes or typos, I'm from Switzerland and wrote this on an IPhone ^^;;

And for all the people that don't believe me, please, lease believe me, I don't see a reason why I should write such

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-26)
Angyos, I do believe that this happened to you. But I do want to talk to you more about your experience and help you with what happened to help you gain more control.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]

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