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The Gypsies And The Mayor


My mom (now deceased) was a 100% authentic Hungarian. My maternal grandfather came over "on the boat" from Hungary when he was something like 7 years old, and my maternal grandmother was born in the USA, but some of her older siblings were actually born in Hungary. When I was a younger child, I remember my grandparents going back to visit "the old country" several times. They were very proud of their Hungarian heritage, and as an extension - I was (and still am) as well.

Because of her background, my mom and my aunts used to tell me I had "gypsy blood" in me and explain how special it was.

As I got older, it seemed to be true. I would have dreams that came true, and my intuition seemed to be stronger than average. Lately I seem to be able to speak things into existence (but that's for another story). My mom and I also had a very strong connection. I would think of her and she would call me - and vice versa. I would have this sudden feeling of panic and find out later my mom injured herself. Stuff like that happened quite a bit.

One of the most random moments of "ESP" (not sure if that is the correct term) came one day at least 15 years ago when I was living with my parents. My mom and dad had gone out for lunch and to run some errands. When they got home, my mom came in the house while my dad was unloading the car.

My mom said, "oh, you'll never guess who was eating lunch at the table next to us today."

Without even thinking, I blurted out, "oh, the Mayor?"

My mom said, "when did you talk to your dad?"

I said, "what do you mean? He's still outside."

My mom - "oh stop it - did you talk to your father?"

Confused, I said "No - I didn't talk to dad! What are you talking about?"

My mom - "We ate lunch next to the Mayor! How did you know that? Your dad didn't tell you?"

I have NO idea how I came up with that. It's not like we talked about the mayor or I ever really thought about the guy. It just popped in my head and I blurted it out. My mom even had to confirm with my dad that I wasn't joking around and somehow talked to him outside first.

That was the incident that cemented "gypsy blood" going from a bit of a joke to a real thing for my family. My brothers, who are absolute skeptics, couldn't explain that one away. All these years later, I can't either!

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Notyourmama4 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-07)
This is my first time on this site.
[at] destinygirl our family is also from Hungary. I have 3 biological daughters, 2 daughters have the visions as I do. I know for a fact my biological grandmother had the same visions. I just thought we were all crazy. I know for a fact we are not crazy. Thank you for putting all your stories on here.
One of my favorite stories is my grandmother telling me she dreamed of a fire in our apartment after she had that vision she purchased us a fire ladder. Two months later we had an apartment fire in our second building. I was not there at the time but my current husband and my two youngest daughters were. They didn't need to use the ladder. My current husband remembered what my grandmother said about the fire. He got my daughters out in time and then put the fire out himself. Then he called the fire department. That is just on of my stories.

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