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Keep Grounded In Truth As You Go


I encountered my new "sight", my spiritual awakening as a result of being naïve, ignorant and very unprepared. I have always believed in God, always since I was little I was aware of who God was. I also believed that there was an opposite to Him, by encounters of different sorts I knew there was an adversary to holiness. Now before I write any further I want those of you who are reading this not get turned off by the fact that I am already involving these two forces because I am not speaking of God as the old man with a beard or the devil as the guy with a pitch fork, I am speaking of Light and dark, positive and negative energy, karma that flows both ways. I just never had a real "clear" insight as to how these two sides really operated before the awakening. So a little over a year ago something crash landed into my life, it turned everything I knew and understood on it's axes like a floating magnet using my decisions as the attracting magnet. What started off as what I thought were "aliens" that had invaded my life and it's privacy soon led me into a never ending circle of wasted time, dead ends and useless information. I started documenting a lot of happenings around me, many times when I go back and review the photos or videos I had captured I noticed that they seemed odd but nothing stood out until one day at work. I went on lunch break and as I sat in my car in the parking lot I decided to look over some of the footage I had been capturing on my phone, this is where I became aware that something was really happening and it was no longer just a terrifying intuition or random event. While watching any video I had recorded I usually would slow it down quite a bit so that I could catch anything auditory or visual that might not have been noticed on normal analysis. This particular time I noticed while I was watching what seemed to be an ordinary recording with an unusual vibe, I watched as somehow unseen and hidden footage began to visualize in front of me. In this particular video I was recording myself in front a mirror but the scene seemed to almost pan into a different dimension but still interwoven with the setting I was in. First there was a feeling that I was in a medical place, the lights that were above the mirror in my bathroom were now lights shining down in a medical room of sorts, even the color of the medical room blended in with the color of my bathroom wall. I then saw a curtain and a human doctor approached the curtain and pushed it aside to then examine me very briefly. I couldn't read what he was feeling but I did feel as if though this examination was very routine to him, as he left nothing was said. I saw and felt more in this video, waiting rooms and people who seemed robotic, disoriented. Some were unclothed, halfway clothed, laying on there side, in shock but somehow controlled. So when the video was over I became overwhelmed, what had I just saw? How could I explain it to others and what was I going to do? I was in a sort of shock and disbelief so much so that I couldn't work so my boss asked me to go home that day. From then on I would slow down my videos, get into a zone and watch what would unfold. I would see hieroglyphs, flashing lights, awful unnatural things, noises and much more. At the same at my work place I made friends with a coworker who never really mentioned anything supernatural until I started bringing it up, similarly he was having some of the same problems I was having but more on a physical level, I forgot to mention that along with what I have told you I was also having some very uncomfortable and at times terrifying physical symptoms. I had grown rashes on my arms and a fungus like infection on my hands, I felt as if bugs were crawling through my veins and through out my body. One day I woke up and I had a big obvious bruise on the temple of my forehead and on closer inspection I could see a hole. One day as I was sitting on my lazy boy I had a tingle around the middle of my back and then what felt like a bunch of crawling bugs came out, I thought it was truly physical bugs so I full on sprayed my back with raid bug spray. I at one point even considered having morgellons disease since I was having symptoms of it such as hair moving and receding on it's own, different colored fibers that would seem to have some sort of intelligence and so on. There were so many more symptoms and so much more to this experience but I want to get down to my point and what you have read will play a big part in the outcome. So one day my coworker says he wants to talk with me but only at my house, so I agreed. When he showed up he insisted that I block the cameras on my cell phone because they were watching. He then proceeded to tell me how he had witnessed a ufo in another state and that he had reported it to MUFON, he even showed me the a video on youtube from a person who had captured the same ufo but from a different angle. He said that after he reported this UFO he began being harassed at work until he was driven out and that his life had basically been turned into a living nightmare. He told me not to mention what I was seeing to anyone at work unless I wanted the same to happen to me, not a threat but a warning from personal experience. This friend of mine was also the first confirmation that I was witnessing things in the videos and photos I was capturing. With photos while in what I called the zone I was able to take an odd looking picture that was whited or blacked out in all or certain areas and somehow uncloud or literally lift and remove the "amnesia" as I used to call it to reveal what was behind it. I remember one time at his house we were looking at a photo which contained "aliens" and I was able to uncloud the white which covered a being and also bring into visual focus a being that was covered by blur and texture, he was also able to see exactly what I was seeing and as I stared at the photo I was able to witness his revealing exactly as he explained while he was doing it and vise versa I would do the same for him, so this was grand confirmation that this was really happening. One day he when we were sitting outside of my house I noticed what I perceived as an entity on someone's roof, this entity was huge and I pointed it out, he immediately told me to stop pointing at it, I could tell he was scared. The last time I spoke in person with this good friend was new years eve, he told me how he cannot park outside of a gas station because he will get the cops called on him, he believed he was black listed, we spent that night being witnesses to some of the most unbelievable supernatural happenings that still to this day have me emotionally traumatized. The last time I spoke with him on the phone this is basically what he said to me, he said the best thing for me to do in my life is to erase all of the pictures and videos, forget about what happened and move towards the light. He said the "boys down here" know what\'s going on but that for some reason I was able to see these things which humans are not supposed to see and he was at a loss as to why this was but that I needed to move on. He left me with one more warning, he said people that go on talking about this stuff eventually end up with a wire around there neck. I haven't been able to contact him since. So even after that I did change some of my thinking but I still felt I needed to search more but I ended with just more of the same. I had started being harassed at this point in different ways, one of my coworkers began stalking me, bad mouthing me and had become almost vicious around me and yes I was eventually fired. I began receiving threatening phone call, such as a person would call and in a very angered tone tell me to stop using his wifi or else, another type of call I got was a about a job cleaning sewers and when I didn't respond they said they were going to send me a uniform the next day so I could start cleaning the sewers immediately, a job I never applied for or even had thought of. Constant wifi malfunctions, loss of friends and family. I mention all of this because it is part of what my actual point is. Fast forward to today, I have learned this, our minds, our energy and our imaginations are very very very powerful. They can create so much, they can alter how our environment reacts to us sometimes. At the time this was happening I didn't realize it but I had not yet grown up, awoken to truth and reality, I was hiding in my own construction of what I thought the world was like and unfortunately even unknowingly I was harboring a lot of negative energy and I have my ideas of how these negative doors were open. Now I'm not saying that this is exactly how it works but this is how I experienced what you have read. In my experience, I do believe in negative spirits and entities but I also believe that how we perceive them is often dictated by many different factors, our surface and subconscious beliefs, sometimes I believe that the mind doesn't know what to do with the information it is receiving so it just paints s picture. I say this because the behavior of this and other paranormal activity changed faces, tones, environments and stories many times. Whatever would draw me in I guess you could say. I don't say that I didn't witness something strange, I know I did and still do but in the end the searching as to why has led me know where, whether it was aliens, ghosts, disembodied voices or screams, lights in the sky etc... Those things have done nothing for me, nothing at all in the context of searching them out for any truth BUT what the experience has done for me is this. To realize that life isn't complicated, you don't have to search very far for truth, it's in you my friends, it's been with you all along and I believe that the God of light has allowed me to go through this torturous hell so that I could finally realize that I was looking in the wrong places for answers. I wouldn't speak on this unless I believed I had truly gone through and am currently going through some spiritual experiences. I have seen the power of positive light, it has the ability to diminish the power that fear, anxiety, uncertainty, negative spirits all bring. This positive light which is the truth deals not only with the paranormal picture but also with our every day happenings. The same light that gives you confidence to get that promotion you wanted or ace that test is the same light that will give you the confidence to tell any negative spiritual influence to get the heck out of your house, your mind, your friends and your life. It's this light that illuminates our minds to truth and absolute truth, it's the same light that was trying to get my attention back then, it was trying to tell me the opposite of what the negative side was pulling me towards. Now I know that when bad things strike, counter with positive thinking, positive prayer and actions. Trust me I'm not discrediting pk or tk or any psychic phenomena, to this day I know telekinesis works, these are all very real but I've learned in my experience that it's what we use these things for. These are gifts we should use to help others, what's the point of being to move things with telekinesis if we aren't helping people out spiritually. This whole spiritual thing that we have encountered is very powerful but it is up to us what me make of it. I pushed away those entities, I have fought so hard and am still fighting to get these negative forces out of my life and I would have gone to the psych ward were it not for the God of the true and holy light to show me what's real and what's real is that somehow a door opened, these things entered and they fed off my interest and negativity. What's real is that I had a choice whether to continue to look for answers on that darkened road or turn away from it, ignore it and live my life in a bubble of light. What's real is that I have a life to live rightfully so, I have family, friend, a job and so much more to live for. Don't let anyone fool you, there are sides to this phenomena we have encountered, you team up with the side who promotes truth and light or the side that uses this bring personal gain or harm. Those in the middle might find themselves open and prone to some unwanted activity. Sometimes we create our own hell, our own negative experience but we can also do the opposite. In closing, I've seen what the power of the mind can do, I've seen and heard sounds from the battle field out there literally and without truth, real truth a person will be deceived and turned inside out with all the pointless nonsense that we encounter in this spiritual world and only Truth can help us truly discern what is good for us and others.

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lexylemons (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-27)
I think the light so should have it that you'd write this experience and I read it. Thank you. Truly. I believe you have saved me a great deal.

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