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Suspicious Events Keep Happening Relating To This One Moment


I told this story to my best friend in real life, but I feel like I need to share it somewhere else because I don't know what to do, please feel free to respond!

Ever since I was little, I've always been able to specifically tell the exact moment I did something that would trigger something greater. I don't know if everyone gets this or not, if a few other people do, or if it's just something coming from my OCD, but I would do something, and then I would get an overwhelming feeling throughout my entire body-- sometimes I would even start shaking-- that something would happen. It could be something small, like buying tomatoes, or something big, like signing up for a competition. The point is-- I wouldn't feel nervous, but I would start shaking. And I'd get this thought repeating in my head-- something is going to happen. Something is going to happen. Sometimes I knew if it would be good or bad, sometimes I had a basic idea, a few times I literally got a vision of what was going to happen, but most times I didn't know, I just felt it, and that's as much as I could explain it.

This time, though, was the biggest and most intense I've ever felt it-- yet it was still hard to tell, because it was at a concert. I was mixing my feelings of the excitement of the concert with that something is going to happen feeling. I brought my three best friends with me, which wasn't the original plan, but it was exactly what I wanted. My favorite band was the opening act. They are not very well known, and it was surprising to us that they visited our town at all, since only about 4 good concerts a year (in our opinion) happen, and only about 2 big mainstream artists a year come.

There was one song in particular by that band was mine and one of my best friend's favorites (let's call her Meredith) -- it was the song that brought us together, made us talk more and realized we shared the same tastes. It was the song of our friendship, it was the song of my 8th grade year. We were dying for them to play it, of course, and when they announced their very last song, the first chord rang out. Literally, just the first chord, and I knew that was it, I knew that was the song-- and honestly, the audience was very dead, sitting down, but her and I screamed. We were the only ones screaming, and we were close, so they turned to us and smiled. And then I felt it. That was a big, huge moment...

Now I know this sounds really weird, maybe not that big a deal, and it wasn't at first. But then things kept happening. I quickly fell in love with the band, and followed all the members on social media and the official account, and when I messaged them they responded, saying that they (apparently) noticed us in the audience.

At school, Meredith told me, and I know this is so stupid-- but she told me I should go hug one of her friends because he strongly resembled one of the band members. I started talking to him after that.

So I kept up with the band, and talking to that boy, and I started focusing on figuring out who I would be with in life over break the next month. I focused on whatever feelings I got, wrote down ideas, talked to people about it, and I was on a long road trip, listening to my music on shuffle.

Suddenly, that song came on again. I was already sort of manifesting, I guess, being really open-minded or something, so maybe that has something to do with it. But the first chord played again, and I got an overwhelming feeling, and I got some weird sort of vision. An overwhelming feeling of this vision.

It's so stupid, I keep telling myself this even now, that it can't happen because it's ridiculous. But I imagined that the boy I would start talking to would be my boyfriend, and then later I would meet the band and something would happen, something big. I imagined myself in a room with them, laughing with them, and telling them about the time I dated that boy. And I lived over there in their country.

I kept telling myself it was impossible, but I ended up dating that boy, and I still am right now. He used to hate me, and we're dating. Some other little things happened as a result of that concert and this band too, but HERE'S THE REALLY WEIRD PART:

You would think it's impossible. I mean come on, this is just a fangirl dream, getting to be with the band. But get this, okay, I started messaging one of the members on social media, just about band stuff, sometimes about other music stuff. He started responding sporadically and he still does. And I always send them things and they like it, which isn't that unusual, right?

But then JUST when I think-- oh, this vision, this dream is so weird and impossible it can't happen, they'll message me, or they'll like one of my things. But recently, the band's family members started liking my things. One of the people's brothers went and liked EVERY SINGLE ONE of my posts. Then one of their fathers did too, and then another person's little brother. It was so strange, there was literally no reason for them to do that, and I go and check their accounts and it's real, it's really them, and they're really related to them. They live SO far away from me. We don't even speak the same first language.

I literally only brought this up once like last week, but yesterday one of my friends told me, "You know it's weird, but I feel like they talk about you. I mean, you've messaged them, and some of their family follows you," and she told me that she has this weird feeling about it, and she's an extremely religious jesus-only person that doesn't normally believe in all my psychic stuff. And today another one of my friends told me "I feel like you're going to meet them," literally out of nowhere, and this person I'm not even that good friends with.

I don't really know if this makes any sense. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen but I keep getting this stupid feeling, I keep seeing small glimpses of things related to them. It doesn't make sense because they seem really unattainable. But then they actually, for real, talk to me sometimes, and then their family likes all my stuff. What is this? Is there anything I can do to figure out what this is? I've gotten this feeling and these 'visions' or whatever they're called about certain things before, and my mom tells me it runs in the family. I'm so caught up with work I'm not even thinking about it as often as I did a few months ago, but I keep having dreams, keep having feelings, visions, whatever, everything. Everything points to them. I do not know why. I even keep seeing signs related to their BAND NAME over and over. Why is this happening so much, what do I do about it? Am I just over-reacting? Is this real? I can't tell. Please help.

By the way, I am a teenage girl, Junior in high school.

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scarlette (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-31)
update: 1) plans are being made for me to go to their city next year
2) that religious friend I mentioned told me she had a dream about me and them, and the dream sounded a lot like the vision I imagined?!?!?!?!
3) there's a small chance I might meet them THIS year, like I could if I wanted to and they told me, but for some reason it doesn't feel like the right time

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